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Toyota Autos

Updated on January 16, 2014

Toyota Autos

Welcome to Toyota Autos, the latest lens in my growing army of informational lenses. This one, unsurprisingly, will cover automotive information concerning Toyota Autos.

That will deal with new and used automobile sales as well as servicing and repairs and anything else that might be of interest to anyone wanting to know about Toyota Automobiles!

Toyota Autos

Toyota is the subject that this lens is built for and is designed to cover. As its still fairly new, the information building process is still ongoing, but once it gets its nose off the ground there'll be plenty of informational resources to draw from.

It's my intention to gather as much information as possible about the subject of automobile manufacturer Toyota. Their cars and trucks are the centre of focus here, so I can bring a more localised data base to the reader here in this lens.

I'll also be highlighting one or two external resources but mainly the focus will be here on Toyota automobiles and their parts and accessories and just about everything else that you can think of for these incredible automobiles..

Toyota Salt Lake City - Dealers

Here are some prominent Toyota dealerships local to the Toyota Salt Lake City area:

1. Mark Miller Toyota Downtown.

Mark Miller has some good deals on both new and used Toyota across the full range of models. If you are looking for a Toyota Salt Lake City, then this is a great place to get started.

There's no point in going into too much detail about Mark Miller Downtown right here as they have a really niceand informative website of their own which you can find at

That website outlines the range of models you'll find at Mark Miller Downtown and their price ranges.

They can be found at 84 West 700 South, Salt Lake City, UT 84101

Toyota on eBay?

Hooking You Up with eBay!

One great way we can help you if you're looking to buy a new or used Toyota, is to put you in touch with the ever popular eBay.

Ok, eBay is maybe not that well known as a source of new and used automobiles, but when you think about it, eBay is perhaps the biggest marketplace on the web, so why shouldn't almost every local as well as international automobile dealer and seller advertise their stuff on eBay?

So we'll be putting up some good, useful links that will take you directly to the important pages on eBay that deal exclusively with Toyota automobiles. There are listings below that cover both used Toyota auto sales as well as a parts and accessories column that is pretty comprehensive and if you're ever having trouble trying to locate a particular spare part, check out the list because you may be pleasantly surprised to find it listed there.

Update 26th July 2009

Since eBay has now changed it rules, we can't display their ads on any domain not owned by us, so sadly, the eBay feed has had to be shelved. That's a shame as it was a big part of this Toyota based lens.

With the feed gone, I guess I'll have to find some other way to bring you news and resources from the world of Toyota autos. Stay tuned for developments!

Toyota Cars

Toyota make some exceptional cars, from tiny city runarounds like the Yaris to huge four wheel drive monsters like their Landcruisers and of course the popular four wheel drive puck-up truck the Hi-Lux which many a TV presenter has tried to break but these things are virtually indestructible - just ask Jeremy Clarkson!

He's the man who has a passion for cars and boys toys!

Toyota fun used to be a website that was building into a pretty decent knowledge base for all aspects of the company and the vehicles it produces. It also carries up to the minute news feeds from the world of Toyota, so if you want to know what is happening with the company, then don't bother going to check out the site, because its not there any more.

YouTube Toyota

Toyota YouTube Videos

A little more visual temptation for Toyota Salt Lake City fans and locals everywhere!

Other Interesting Automotive Lenses

This is an exercise on looking at one or two other highly recommended automobile related lenses together and giving the casual reader some alternatives if they're of a mind to go looking for more car themed lenses. So from here, I'll link to two other motor oriented lenses and spread the word.

First of all comes my other lens from the city of Salt Lake City in Utah where there is a less specialized but still interesting lens that looks at the Used Car side of the automobile industry there.

The second lens I want to mention here focuses on the more high end types of car that's aptly titled: Great Cars which is worth a look in if you like big, often old classics that time will hopefully never forget!

If you think this is an OK lens, give it some stars and sign my guestbook so I'll know you've been here! Thanks.

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