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Ultimate Guide to Zebra Print Car Accessories

Updated on August 3, 2012

Best Zebra Car Accessories

If you or someone you know loves zebra print, then check out these Zebra print car accessories. Most of what you'll find here are interior zebra car accessories like, zebra steering wheel covers, seat cover full sets, floor mats, car shades and more. There's also exterior zebra car accessories like decals, bumper stickers and license plate frames. However, zebra print car accessories can be hard to find in regular stores, but they are in high demand by those who love the boldness of zebra prints. If you're looking for zebra print car accessories, check out this awesome list I've compiled of all the funky zebra accessories you can decorate your car with!

Zebra Print Steering Wheel Covers

Zebra print steering wheel covers are made by several manufacturers. They make the 'traditional' black and white stripes patter and you'll also be able to find this pattern in other colors like a pink zebra pattern. Look for covers that have a soft velour grip so the decorative cover doesn't interfere with your driving. Most universal steering wheel covers fit steering wheels with a 14.5 to 15.5 diameter. Some covers are also sold with a cushioned shoulder/seat belt cover pad. Look for brands that make zebra print steering wheel covers with fade resistant material.

White Safari Zebra Print Steering Wheel Cover

Pink Safari Zebra Print Steering Wheel Cover

Find the perfect Zebra car accessories

Looking for something in particular? Use this search tool to find the exact Zebra car accessory!

Zebra Print Seat Covers - Front Seat, Bench Seats

Whether you just want to zebra print seat covers for your front seats, bucket seats or you want a zebra print cover for a rear back bench, they make them! Some fit universally, others may require that you specify a make and model of car. A zebra print seat cover makes a bold statement, more so than the smaller accessories. If you plan to go all out with your zebra theme car, consider buying a full zebra print car seat cover kit. Many of the kits include other accessories like steering wheel covers and floor mats. You can also buy the zebra print seat covers individually.

Zebra Print Universal Bucket Seat Cover

Zebra Floor Mats for Cars and SUVs - For Front Seats and Back Seats

The thought of having a zebra print car mat might make you nervous because there is white in the print and that could get dirty fast. However, car mats are made to withstand foot traffic so fear not! Zebra print car mats are a must have car accessory if you love the zebra theme. These car mats are usually sold in pair or in sets of four. Buy extra if you have a third row seat, like an an SUV or van.

Zebra Print 4 Piece Floor Mat Set

Zebra Print Car Decals - Vinyl window stick-ons zebra print

Apply Zebra car decals to your car for a cheap way to add zebra print to the exterior of your car. Zebra decals also make a great little gift for that person who already has everything 'zebra'. The zebra print decals come in a variety of shapes, like hearts, stars and other stick-on shapes. Decals, depending on the size, usually cost under $10.00, but on average about $5.00. Simply apply the vinyl decal to a clean car window and you're ready to roll.

Metal and Plastic Zebra License Plate Frames

Zebra license plates are a cute finishing touch to a zebra themed car. The back of the car is often forgotten about! Zebra license plate frames are inexpensive and easy to install. Some are made of plastic, while others are metal. The metal ones are less likely to crack. These zebra license plate frames are sold both individually and in sets, so you can have one on the front and back of your car, truck or SUV. These are also available in a variety of colors, for those who like pink zebra print, purple zebra print, etc. A single zebra metal license plate cover will usually cost around $10.00. Sets cost about $25.00, depending on the brand and material.

zebra car shade
zebra car shade

Zebra Car Shades

Keep the sun and heat out of your car with a zebra print car shade. Not only will the sun shade keep the light out, but it will help keep your interior from fading. Who wants all their cool zebra accessories to fade? Car shades are easy to put up, simply unfold and cover your windshield from the inside. There are also car roller shades, like those you can put on a side window to keep sunlight from disturbing a sleeping baby.

Pink Zebra Print Car - (Video)

Check out this girls pink zebra themed car interior. She has pink zebra print car set covers, the matching steering wheel cover and seat belt cover,

How Far Would You Go With Your Zebra Print Obsession?

painted zebra car
painted zebra car

So many people LOVE zebra prints. When it comes to your car, how much is too much?

How far would you go decorating your car with a zebra theme?

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    • profile image

      moonlitta 6 years ago

      Look lovely!Angel Blessed.(Especially liked the license plate!)

    • profile image

      moonlitta 6 years ago

      Look lovely!Angel Blessed.(Especially liked the license plate!)