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Undercover Tonneau Cover

Updated on March 29, 2013

Using Undercover Reviews like this to set the record straight

This Undercover Tonneau Cover Reviews type article is created because of the lack of knowledge out there with people who are wanting to purchase a truck bed cover but are not sure what they want. Not only should they be wondering what they want but they should also should be concerned about which cover will be best for their particular needs. Lets dig down deeper to understand more about this cover and if previous customers have found it any good.

Undercover Models

If you are looking for a hard cover for your pickup truck bed, then one product not to be missed is the Undercover Tonneau. Undercover is the best-selling brand of hard top tonneau covers in the United States, and is incredibly strong and sturdy, while remaining surprisingly lightweight and easy to install. These covers will keep your valuable cargo safe and secure and prevent it from being damaged by the weather. They are easy to open and close due to their lightweight construction, but are still strong enough to ensure that nothing is allowed to damage whatever is in the bed of your truck. Still, one thing that most of the Undercover tonneau cover reviews fail to mention is the different options you have. They produce a number of different covers so you can choose which one is right for you and your needs.

Undercover Classic Tonneau - Original Undercover

Undercover Tonneau
Undercover Tonneau

This is the original Undercover bed cover and the one that started the companys dominance of the hard tonneau cover market. This cover is incredibly lightweight, while remaining sturdy enough to withstand even a large amount of weight. Both of these features are due to its ABS Composite Material which ensures strength and structural integrity and allow this to be one of the best fitting covers available. Plus, the Undercover Tonneau Classic comes with quick release hardware, which, combined with the lightweight construction, make removing the cover a breeze. It takes only a few minutes to take the cover off and the same to put it back in place, meaning you won’t always be stuck with the cover should you encounter a situation where you either do not need it or it gets in the way of oversize cargo. You will quickly be able to install the cover without having to drill any holes in the bed of your truck using Undercover’s clamp bracket system. Another advantage is that it comes with wall mount brackets to store your truck bed cover when you don’t need to use it, and of course, it is one hundred percent water and weather tight so you won’t ever have to worry about your valuable cargo being damaged.

Undercover SE Tonneau

UndercoverSE Tonneau
UndercoverSE Tonneau

The Undercover Tonneau SE is an improved version of the classic, but with a new, more sleek and stylish look, while still keeping all of the benefits of the original. The Undercover SE also comes with a center point locking mechanism that controls the latches on both sides of the cover. So you can latch and unlatch the cover with a simple twist, allowing for easier operation. The Undercover SE also comes with a hidden hinge system which provides an even tighter more secure fit. This particular cover is only available in a black finish, so if you want a colored cover then you should check out either the SE Smooth or SE LUX.

Other Undercover Tonneau Models

Undercover SE Smooth

The Undercover SE Smooth is almost exactly the same as the Undercover Tonneau SE, except that the SE Smooth comes with a paintable surface. This gives you the freedom to paint the cover whichever color you wish so it will match your truck. When ordering the SE Smooth, it will be delivered to you unpainted and you will then need to take it to be painted. However, this allows for the auto paint technician to perfectly match it to your trucks paint, unlike factory painted covers which often do not match completely.

Undercover LUX

The Undercover SE LUX still maintains all of the great features of the original. It is completely water tight and lockable, plus contains three small LED lights inside the cover to make it easier to see what you need in the dark. The only main difference between the SE Smooth and the SE LUX is that the SE LUX comes factory painted, so you will need to choose a color that comes as close to matching the color of your truck as you can. If you are quite concerned about the cover exactly matching your truck and want to make sure that it does so, you would be much better off purchasing the Undercover SE Smooth and then having it painted locally, as this is the only way to ensure a perfect match. Still, Undercover has a state of the art factory painting facility that should ensure you get a very close match to the color of your truck.

Undercover Flex

Unlike the other Undercover covers, the Undercover Flex is not a hard top tonneau but instead is a folding tonneau cover. With this type of cover, you have the ability to choose whether you want the cover open or closed, without having to remove the cover if you do not need it. This gives you much more freedom than with a traditional hard top tonneau cover. However, the Undercover Flex still retains all of the safety and security than are normally only associated with hard tonneau covers, in addition to the flexibility that comes with having a soft cover. This cover is incredibly easy to fold and unfold, and it can be done in just a few seconds, making it incredibly versatile and functional. This cover rests inside the bed rails, making it incredibly low profile. It also comes with built in prop rods to secure the cover, making it possible to drive when the cover is open without the risk of it falling back down. Still, if you need to take the entire cover off, it can be removed in a few seconds and without the need for any tools. The install is also a breeze and doesnt require you to drill any holes in the bed of your truck. The cover contains three separate panels constructed from FRP composite material, which is lighter and stronger than aluminum, meaning that you know the cover will last and protect your cargo from damage. Finally, you can be confident that your cargo will be protected from water and the elements, as the cover has a built in tube and drain system to channel water out and away from the bed. Overall, you will not find a better bed cover than the Undercover Tonneau.

Get More Information and Prices by Visiting Undercover Tonneau

What do you think about the Undercover tonneau covers?

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