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Used Car

Updated on August 10, 2015

Used Car

Welcome to the Used Car lens!

If you haven't already guessed, this lens is all about how and where to find a used car, online. We'll bring you some interesting ideas, as well as local information on used car establishments where you can find what you're looking for.

Happy Used Car hunting!



All used car dealers, companies or other connected establishments highlighted or featured in this lens are done so without any sponsorship, advertising contract or for any monetary gain on our behalf whatsoever.

In layman's terms, we feature them for free.

That way we are able to bring you unbiased features of used car establishments from our own researches and recommendations.

Used Car Hunting

Where do you go to find a Used Car? Well, here's a good place to start. This lens will be bringing you all the best data on where to get a used car, including recommended used car dealers and registered establishments as well as lesser known sources like eBay!

We'll be talking about that in a separate module, as well as the various sources of used cars, but for now, suffice it to say that there are a wealth of sources out there where you can find more used cars than you can shake a stick at. It's just a case of finding the best ones, and that's what we'll be doing for you right here.

Used Car Dealer #1

Buying a pre-owned or used vehicle is simplicity itself when you shop with Used Car experts: Mark Miller Toyota.

All you have to do is tell then what you're looking for in a car, truck, four wheel drive or SUV and their sales associates will handle the rest for you. Marl Miller Toyota is well worth checking out as they really do have some great prices. They sell Toyota certified used cars and have expert knowledge of the auto world.

Where can you get in touch with them?

Mark Miller Toyota

84 West 700 South

Salt Lake City

UT 84101

Phone: 888-308-7722

Used Car Dealers #1

Used Car Dealer #2

Sometimes, buying a pre-owned vehicle can be a bit of a nightmare, never mind a time-consuming event. So cut out all the hassle and check out used car dealer Hinckley Dodge Chrysler Jeep, whose goal it is to provide a hassle free buying environment that is both time and cost effective.

They normally inventory around 60 to 80 hand picked vehicles, so you'll always have a good choice of used vehicles from a range of manufacturers and models.

Where can you find them?

Hinckley Dodge Chrysler Jeep

2309 South State Street

Salt Lake City, UT 84115

Phone Toll Free: 800-292-9316

Used Car Dealers #2

A History of the Chevrolet Motor Company

For all the avid Chevrolet Auto enthusiasts, here is an informative yet concise history of the Chevrolet and General Motors company which I've published on one of my other websites.

I would have liked to have posted it here on this lens, but that would mean me running afoul of Google's duplicate content rules. As I want to keep all my lenses duplication free, it's better to provide a link to the webpage where you can read it for yourselves: Chevrolet History.

Chevy fans will, I'm sure enjoy reading this history page, all of which is generally and precisely all about the great US marque, Chevrolet.

Used Car via eBay!

That's right, you can actually source privately and commercially selling used cars from eBay if you know where to look.

If you don't, we'll give you the links right here so you can go straight there and see for yourself what's on offer. The great thing about using eBay to find a used car is that once you get to the page, you have all the details such as location and price as well as some history so you can then decide if you want to make contact with owner to take it further.

Check out the list of images below, and of which will take you straight to the page in eBay where you'll find hundreds of used cars for sale.

How easy is that!

YouTube vids Used Car Salt Lake City

Links To Other Related Lenses

This is simply a list of links to other lenses in the automobile section of my menagerie, of which there are currently six, although that number will surely grow.

This lens sits at the bottom of the pile currently, so it will give the most links and receive the fewest from my other lenses.

Ok, the way this works is this lens links to four others from this module, starting with Chevrolet Auto where you'll find information on that locality. Then there's a great lens that you can read all about Chevrolet Trucks and where you'll find a new or used Chevy truck, 4x4 or pickup.

Next up is a great source of Chevrolet based information at another lens with the name Chevrolet Auto and finally you'll find all you need to know.

So happy hunting for your chosen car or truck in those cities!

By way of a slight change, there is also a more general lens that deals with Great Cars, so do be sure to give that one a look in, won't you!

If you like this lens, please sign my guestbook and if you really like it please throw in some stars too! Thanks!

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