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Vehicle backup parking sensors reviewed and compared

Updated on April 27, 2013

Parking sensors to make backing up that much easier.

Vehicle backup parking sensor kits are an excellent product, fact. Regardless of what other people say or regardless of how much they say "why not learn to backup and park properly" vehicle backup parking sensor kits are something that all drivers should have in their vehicles.

When backing up and parking it is all too easy to have a lapse in concentration and make a sudden or rash move, which ultimately winds up being very expensive. Having a bumper repaired and sprayed or having to buy a new bumper , and get it fitted, is expensive and can end up costing hundreds of bucks. And if you back up in to another vehicle it is going to be even more expensive, not to mention backing up in to cyclists or pedestrians.

The simple answer is to make sure we are one hundred per cent focused when backing up and reversing however it is all too easy to have a momentary lapse. We've all been there and all done it, it's just that we were lucky not to cause any damage or injure someone.

Vehicle backup parking sensor kits are an aid that helps to ensure we don't come to any harm when we do have those momentary lapses in concentration therefore they can end up actually saving us a lot of cash and hassle. For some of the different vehicle backup parking sensor kits currently available check out this lens.

Spy vehicle backup kit with LCD

The Spy parking sensor kit is an excellent product and one you should definitely consider if you are looking at buying some backup sensors for your vehicle.

The Spy kit consists of four sensors that are fitted to the rear bumper, which requires some drilling, and a camera, which also requires dome drilling. The sensors are then plugged in to a neat LCD screen that is mounted on the dashboard, like you would with a satellite navigation system, and an audio box.

With the Spy kit you can see exactly what you are doing when backing up and hear, via the audio box, when you are getting close to objects you really don't want to hit.

The Spy kit is expensive, but it is worth every single dime. The spy kit is difficult to fit and since it requires drilling the bumper it is recommended you use a professional fitter unless you are a dab hand with some tools.

Overall, the Spy parking sensor and camera kit is a quality product that will provide many years of service and is well worth a look.

Pyle PSPSE4p kit with LCD

The Pyle PLP4SEP is a reversing aid and parking assistant that consists of four sensors that need mounting in the bumper, an audio box and a small visual display unit consisting of some LED lights.

Once the sensors are fitted they are connected to the audio box and display unit, both of which need mounting in the cab. The audio box provides a bleep that changes when you get close to objects behind you and the visual display gives you something to watch to see how much further you can go back.

The Pyle kit is neat, simple to use and works very well. The audio box is exceptionally loud and the visual display bright, which makes them both easy to use.

The Pyle PLP4SEP isn't the cheapest set of reversing sensors available but they are not too expensive either. Besides, the amount of money this parking system could save you more than makes up for the cost of buying and installing it.

Vehicle backup parking sensor - Licence plate rear view back up camera

Fitting parking sensors involves cutting holes in your bumper, which you can easily mess up if you decide to do the job yourself instead of using a professional engineer. Parking sensors do alter the look of your vehicle and are clearly visible, even if they are color matched to your vehicle. Because of this many people don’t like conventional parking sensors.

Fortunately, there is an alternative type of vehicle backup parking sensor that doesn’t involve any cutting of the body work and doesn’t involve any visible sensors and this is the license plate parking kit.

Koolertron License plate CMOS camera

The Koolertron licence plate rear view backup camera isn't a parking sensor system, however it is a great reversing aid that will help you backup where you want to go without actually hitting anything and doing your vehicle some damage.

The Koolertron is a camera system that is mounted on to the rear licence plate, obviously pointing backwards. The cables are run in to the vehicle cab where they are plugged in to an LCD, which you watch whilst backing up.

The Koolertron is a simple system that works well. The camera is not the best quality, but given the cost of the Koolertron what more can you expect? The picture quality is more than good enough to ensure you can safely backup and that is all that matters.

If you want a cheap and cheerful reversing aid that s simple to install and use the Koolertron licence plate rear view backup camera may be just what you are looking for.

Vehicle backup parking sensor - Rear view mirror monitor

Rear view mirror vehicle back up parking sensors are a relatively new invention however they are very effective. If you want a parking sensor that is small, discreet and neat a rear view mirror parking aid is the way to go. Some rear view mirror parking aids have cameras which allow you to actually see the rear of your vehicle and how far you have left to go.

Absolute MIR77PKG rear view monitor

The Absolute MIR77PKG 7 inch rear view mirror monitor with parking sensor combines parking sensors and a backup camera in an all in one and neat package. The parking sensors are fitted to the rear of the vehicle and then hooked up to an audio box located in the cab. As the sensors get close to an object the audio box will bleep, the tone of which will change the closer you get to the object.

This package also contains a camera which is fitted to the rear of the vehicle and then hooked up to the 7 inch LCD screen that is fitted below the rear view mirror, allowing you to see exactly what is behind you whilst backing up at all times.

The Absolute kit is a cool package that works well and is of reasonable quality. Fitting the parking sensors takes a bit of time and effort and if you aren't confident I would suggest getting them fitted professionally. Once the sensors are fitted they will not come off and will continue to work well.

The Absolute system isn't the most expensive system on the market, but it isn't cheap either. It is aimed at the mid market and is a very good product that makes backing up a breeze.

Remember, the best vehicle backup parking sensor kit will avoid situations like this!!

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    • geosum profile image

      geosum 4 years ago

      Great lens. I'll be installing backup sensors on my car this spring.