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Vintage Car Restoration Guide

Updated on February 26, 2013

Restore on a Budget?

Discovering how to restore a vintage car or truck only requires a few simple steps, however implementing them usually takes valuable time and money management. Time is an important factor in full rejuvenation projects because it will take around 1,000 hours to entirely restore a vintage car. You're going to require a number of parts which won't always be simple to come across which will cost you significant figures of capital. However, there are ways to achieve the job without going over budget.

Finding Your Car

To start with, you need an automobile to restore. You may reduce your the quantity of work and money you need to pay for the restoration by buying a classic car that's already to some extent restored, or a project that an individual hasn't had the time or money to complete. Still, you could pay more beforehand to do this. As a substitute, you can scout around for an entire project which will need a number of work but which won't set you back much on a preliminary basis. Speak with other classic car enthusiasts who may be aware about a possible project, look at magazines and check any online ads. Don't be in a hurry to make a decision. The extra work you have to do, the longer it will take and the more you'll spend on parts.

Vintage Auto Parts
Vintage Auto Parts

Locating Parts

You may need quite a few replacement parts if you restore a vintage automobile. If you're lucky, it will be possible to salvage a number of the parts previously on the car along with the motor. Nevertheless, there will still be a number of items that you'll really need to purchase.

Contact motor vehicle salvage facilities in your area to check if they possess a similar vehicle. If so, find what parts are available. Doing this will be the most inexpensive route. Furthermore, verify on the internet to see if anyone is parting out a similar vehicle for spares or repairs. This can be a great source of cheap parts.

You can also find a wide range of inexpensive parts online. The greatest places are through online car collector groups, where members provide parts available for purchase.

Vintage Car Part Spotlight

Vintage Parts 533080 Yellow 7mm 180 Degree Universal Cloth Wrapped Spark Plug Kit
Vintage Parts 533080 Yellow 7mm 180 Degree Universal Cloth Wrapped Spark Plug Kit

Cloth wrapped wire kits are an absolute must have for any classic car restoration project.

Vintage Car Restoration
Vintage Car Restoration

Restoring Your Car

The only solution to restore a vintage car or truck with limited funds will be to accomplish the work your self. This means that you may need a location to do the work, such as a garage, where the automobile is protected from the weather. Additionally you need a complete range of auto tools, the owner's manual and lots of knowledge. Speak with friends or other enthusiasts who have restoration experience and could be willing to help or teach you.

Undertake as much of the bodywork on your own as possible. The amount of money you need to do unquestionably is determined by the condition of the car, but there should certainly be a number of cosmetic work required. Keep money to one side for a professional paint job to complete the automobile, despite the fact that you are able to do the priming of the body yourself. This would cut down the overall paint costs.

Be prepared to spend 12 months to restore a classic car. Don't attempt to hurry the project. Definitely take the time to uncover the cheapest sources for parts before you purchase and perform the most of the work as possible by yourself.

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      Love the lens! I'm a classic lover too, and I'm glad you included restoration on the cheap!

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      Your lens is great I like it so much.