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Volvo V50

Updated on January 14, 2016

A great little wagon!

If you are looking for a small station wagon or crossover, the Volvo V50 2.4i is a must-see. There are plenty of things to love about this car. If you already own one and have a question about it, you may just find your answer here. The particular year and model being referenced for the purpose of this lens is the 2010 Volvo V50 2.4i.

I have owned one of these, and have considerable experience driving it around town and on road trips. Visiting my in-laws requires a 10 hour drive each way, plus we have been on numerous vacations in this fun little car. It's just the right size for our small family and gets incredible gas mileage on the highway. The Volvo V50 is versatile, zippy, fun, smart, upscale, and probably my favorite car I have ever had.

Cargo Space
Cargo Space

Considering a move from SUV to wagon?

If you have been driving at least a medium-sized SUV, you may wonder whether sizing down is a good idea. There are plenty of reasons the V50 is a great move from a larger SUV.

1. You will most likely save money on gas.

2. You will save money on car insurance by moving from SUV to wagon, and also due to Volvo's unmatched safety ratings.

3. The V50 is sleek, zippy, and fun to drive, unlike a truck.

4. Your small child won't need a leg up to get in the V50. Children can reach and open the door and get in by themselves.

5. Being lower to the ground makes it less likely that your car will roll over in an accident.

6. Smaller car = easier to drive and easier to care for.

A couple of years ago, I switched from a Nissan Pathfinder to the V50. I loved my Pathfinder, and we still have it. But Lordy, how much have I saved on gas?! When we bought the V50, it was about $48 to fill the tank in the Pathfinder, and about $33 to fill the V50! The gas lasts longer in the V50, too . . . meaning it takes me longer to run out of gas in it than it did in the Pathfinder.

Driving it reminds me of my old Acura Integra, which is anything but a station wagon. The Pathfinder is a great truck, but it is still a truck. The V50 is so much easier and more fun to drive. Zip, zoom, zip!!

When I used to wash the Pathfinder myself before I got married, I would have to use a step ladder and a brush with a long wand on it to wash the roof. Climbing up and getting wet were unavoidable. But I can stand on flat feet and wash my WHOLE car now . . . the whole V50, that is!

Caring for your car's interior

Lexol is a favorite among most Volvo owners for leaning the leather and interior of the car.


Facts about the 2010 Volvo V50 2.4i

1. The sticker on a brand new V50 will tell you MPG is 20/31. But some Volvo V50 owners say that they get even better mileage than that. Average tends to be 25.

2. Rear door and cargo space give the same type of storage as a small or medium SUV.

3. Head room and leg room are ample for the driver and passenger. A tall man can be comfortable driving this car. Head room: Front: 38.1 inches, Rear: 38.1 inches; Leg room: Front: 41.6 inches, Rear: 34.4 inches

4. Volvo’s excellent safety ratings will most likely save you money on insurance premiums.

5. The leather interior is soft and luxurious. It smells good, too, like riding around in a giant Coach purse.

6. For fans of Japanese-made cars, you will appreciate this Swedish car’s Japanese parts under the hood.

7. While they are pricey when they are brand new, you should have no trouble finding a deal on a used model, just a few years old. Check Autotrader.

8. The unique floating console makes a great place for a lady to hide a small purse, or a gentleman to tuck away his wallet while driving.


Road Experience

My observations on long trips.

We have now driven our Volvo V50 wagon on several long road trips. For two adults and one child, the luggage/packing space seems to be exactly what we need, and no room to spare. This is partially due to the fact that we always take lots of food and toys with us everywhere we go. Leg room in the back seat can be really tight when the front seats are pushed all the way back, but our son is still small so that's okay for now.

There is a built in booster seat on each side of the back seat. If you have two children who are still of the age and size to ride in a booster seat, you can just use these built-in numbers!

Three people and their luggage (with one of those three people being of the short-legged variety) seem to be about perfect for this car on a long road trip. We don't travel light, either. We take plenty of extras and a cooler with snacks and drinks for the haul.

When it comes to driving in a new city where I am not familiar with the streets, I love the smaller size of the car. Parking is easier with a smaller car, too.

Don't just take it from me . . .

See what the experts have to say.

For the Children in the backseat . . .

I said I would never do it . . . I said I would never buy one of these dvd players for my child. "He should look out the window and observe his surrounding like I did. He should be talking to us instead of plugged into headphones and watching a movie he has already seen." Yes. Well. I don't recall my parents taking me on any road trips that were in excess of 5 hours when I was a child, either. And we do that periodically, so the dvd player has come in really handy!

Need something to read when you're the passenger? - Try my collection of short stories!

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Do you have a Volvo? What do you love about it?

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    • Pat Goltz profile image

      Pat Goltz 4 years ago

      Yep! I have an old Volvo. '92 station wagon (240). I like it because it's sturdy, handles well, and gets me where I want to go. It turns tight, and is easy to park. It's slender, but still roomy. And I wrote a lens about it. I'm not so sure about the new Volvos. I'll have to wait and see.