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vw beetle aftermarket parts and heads

Updated on November 27, 2011

 Part of the VW Beetle heritage is the fact that the market is saturated with an assortment of aftermarket parts equiped to boost the overall horsepower of the standard 30 HP traditional engine configuration of the VW Beetle. So what is the best approach to use?

 The standard VW Beetle engine casing has a combination strength of magnesium and aluminum moulding that allows for good VW Beetle aftermarket parts to be incorporated into the original engine casing with little to no modifications to the engine casing.

You will need to remember that the VW Beetle aircooled engine is designed to behave like a big air pump in essence. The quicker the aftermarket VW parts can get the air to push the fuel into the combustion chambers and the quicker the exhaust gases can be pumped out via the exhaust valves, then the more power and horsepower the VW engine will produce.


 Depending on your budgetfor these aftermarket parts, the standard crankshaft in an AS41 or AS21 vw beetle casing is a strong component on its own and is not neccessarily in need of replacing with say an Autolinea waterboxer or Pauter machined version to start with in your modification process.

Starting from the outside of the engine and working your way in is the best method and approach whne you start to source your aftermarket parts for your VW beetle. Be it a cal - looker or a daily driver or show car. This means that a good set of aftermarket vw cylinder heads from Pauter, Gene Berg, Scat or Bugpack should be where you are aiming to start. Your choice will basically depend on the size of inlet and exhaust valves.

The 040 cylinder heads will usually have 40mm x 35,5mm valve sets,39mm x 32mm on the 041 heads, 42mm x 37 mm on the 042 heads and 42mm x 35,5mm on the 044 heads.

The 044 heads usually have more aluminum at the valve seat area which allows for easier machining to increased valve size sets and are less likely to crack from heat. This also allows for better machining and porting processes to hone the path for gases to a smoother surface which increases power.

Aftermarket cylinder heads are great, but of little worth in terms of horsepower if your carbs are not jetted to match the new combustion chambers in the new aftermarket heads.

Therefore by porting the inlet and exhaust chambers correctly before setting up the carburettors, your tuning will be easier and smoother for ideal air mixture ratios.


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