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The Best Welding Videos For Mig, Tig, and Arc Welding:

Updated on September 26, 2014

There's Nothing Like Having A DVD On Hand 24/7 As You Learn Basic and Advanced Welding Procedures...

As a welder with a modest amount of welding experience, and with little access or time to take classes or attend seminars held at our local fabrication shop, I have found myself purchasing MANY welding videos, and looking on Youtube (which is a huge waste of time!).

I have about 50 different welding dvd's on my shelf and a few bookmarked on my computer. Out of all those videos, I know what the best welding videos are for learning basic and advanced weld procedures. As a courtesy to you, my fellow fabricator, I am listing them all here for you to buy (because you should own every one of them).

I also have DVD's for other metalwork procedures not included here because they fall in the metalwork-artisan, motorcycle and auto fabrication, and gunsmithing categories to name a few. So if that interests you let me know. Otherwise, take a look at this list of the best welding videos (dvd's) money can buy - in my humble opinion :-)

arc welding dvd
arc welding dvd

Arc Welding 1 DVD:

I must say this DVD is the best of all the Wall Mountain series of welding instructional videos. Like the GMAW welding DVD, this one was produced very well with high quality visuals and set design. However, this video also has much better instructional advice and tutorials than the other one. This DVD covers SMAW welding, which is really Arc welding.

The DVD covers the equipment as well and does an excellent job in demonstrating the proper rods to use along with different techniques for doing everything safely. Plus, you can really tell the instructor loves what he is doing as he demonstrates these lessons.

That's probably why his instructions were so easy for me to understand. He just explains everything with such fascination that you can't help but pay attention and keep your eyes on the screen. I must say one thing Wall Mountain does is give excellent first person views as if I were behind the welder's helmet myself. I'm sure when I get started in Arc welding I'll sound as excited as this instructor!

oxy acetylene welding dvd
oxy acetylene welding dvd

Oxy Acetylene Welding Video - DVD:

This DVD gives great beginner lessons on oxy-acetylene welding. It explains the process of oxy-acetylene welding, like how the acetylene is burned with oxygen in order to produce a high temperature flame that fuses metal. What I liked most about this DVD was how there were close up shots of the welding pool as if I were right in front of it.

This first person image is great for beginners because they can see what they will be doing up close when it comes time for them to try gas welding. The only thing I didn't like about the video was the poor image quality. I realize this must have been a cheap production, but they could have at least invested in a camera with a few more megapixels.

Overall, I still prefer the process of arc welding over the oxy-acetylene process, simply because arc welding is more commonly used amongst welders today. However, the video is fun to watch for educational purposes for us welder enthusiasts.

But the educational value is excellent and the overall video quality is good enough, making this a DVD you must have and watch several times.

gmaw mig welding dvd
gmaw mig welding dvd

(MIG) GMAW Welding Video - DVD:

I have mixed feelings about this DVD. At first, it starts introducing the GMAW welding process but then it starts talking more about the equipment used. Now don't get me wrong, I think learning about setting up the equipment is important when transferring metals and shielding the gas and wires properly.

However, I was expecting some actual welding demonstrations that would show me a good GMAW weld versus a bad one. Unfortunately, the instructor just talks around the actual welding experience with the fundamentals of what goes into it.

I did go onto YouTube and found GMAW welding demonstrations there, but they were terrible, and I was hoping to have it saved on DVD. I will say this though; the production of the video is pretty impressive.

I've bought other welding instructional DVDs that looked like they were shot with a digital camera. This DVD, however, looks like it has studio quality visuals. But the overall educational experience and visuals make this well worth your purchase.

tig basics dvd
tig basics dvd

TIG Welding Basics, by Ron Covell:

Ron Covell seems to be an excellent welder with years of experience. You can easily tell he is experienced while watching this video; however, it seems he sometimes forgets that there are people watching him and trying to learn.

The basic welding demonstrations he gave seemed impressive, but he didn't explain himself very well when it came to the TIG welding. I mean the video is great for someone who has at least a little experience in TIG welding and can understand the terms he was using. For an amateur, you may find it hard to keep up with him.

As a novice you may find that this is video showing a guy welding different pieces of metal together without any explanation on technique or style. It may look like he was using freehand welding for everything and you may like to see him expand on why certain procedures were an appropriate method to use.

Overall, I was impressed to watch him but the educational value may not be there for a novice, however, you should get his Advanced TIG Welding DVD to supplement this one, and it will all start to come together. It do recommend this TIG DVD.

Advanced TIG Welding, by Ron Covell:

I have watched a few of Ron Covell's videos on TIG welding. I usually end up having mixed feelings about them. The last one I watched didn't seem to explain specific details of the process he used in arc control and welding thick objects. In this video, he seemed to touch on these areas more. Not only that, he didn't go so fast and he tried to do everything in steps so that the viewer could understand.

I think his instructions are very clear this time and he doesn't seem to rush anything like in his previous videos. Also, I noticed he talked about the newer welders that have waveform and pulse adjustments.

This came in handy to me because I just got a new electric arc welder and I was looking for detailed instructions on how to use them. Ron delivers this time around and I think anyone who was disappointed with him in his previous videos might want to check out this one.

tig fundamentals
tig fundamentals

TIG Welding Fundamentals:

Before watching this video, I thought it was going to be another boring tutorial on TIG welding. Afterwards, I was amazed in how easy David Bird's whole teaching style was. It felt like David was literally training me on how to be a welder and encouraging me to want to build something with the new skills he was teaching me.

It was also interesting to learn about the various TIG welding techniques, like walking the cup and freehand. Me, I always use a "walking the cup" technique when welding. It always seemed fast and simple to me. After watching this video, I realize that free hand TIG welding is better for more exact welds on smaller areas.

I appreciated David's demonstrations on how to steady your hands because it helps maintain a tight arc, which gives a quality looking weld. David doesn't expect you to be a master welder after watching the video either. He encourages viewers to practice, practice and practice until you are good at it. I couldn't agree more.

gas weld aluminum dvd
gas weld aluminum dvd

How to Gas Weld Aluminum Video - DVD:

Ron Fournier certainly doesn't hold back when he talks about gas welding. He covers everything from tack welding to joint preparation. He also demonstrates straight welds as well as corner and curved welds.

I've never been particularly good at fusion-type welds, but Ron demonstrated the use of lipping and tank corner welds to the point where I could understand what I was doing wrong.

When I saw how skilled Ron was while he demonstrated the process of his welding work, I realized my skills at gas welding needed vast improvement. However, if I keep watching this DVD and keep practicing on my own I am sure I will get to be at least half as good as Ron.

My favorite demonstration was watching Ron weld aluminum using a TIG machine because it showed how skilled and precise you have to be when gas welding smaller materials. It also proved I have a lot more practice to do to get that good. Overall, this DVD might not be for beginners but you don't have to be advanced to understand it either. Just common welders knowledge will be good enough to have while watching this.

Beginning and Advanced - Gas Welding Aluminum - 2 DVD's:

Now I know why they call Kent White the "Tin Man." He certainly knows every good and bad way to weld aluminum with gas. His advice has helped me out a great deal because I always used to have aluminum joining problems when I would gas weld and Kent really has the knowledge of explaining the right way to fix them.

I also appreciated how Kent took the time to talk about safety issues involving bottle safety and torch adjustment in relation to the thickness of the material.

A lot of other videos I've seen just assume that you already know these precautions, but Kent goes over the safety as well as easy to understand instructions on the whole process of gas welding. He even goes over the common "TIG vs. Torch" issue that many welders ponder over.

Kent basically points out the circumstances of how each system can work for you. Whether you're an advanced or a beginning welder, this DVD set will be easy to follow.

Which Welding DVD's Do You Think Will Help You Most?

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    • Custom Choppers G profile imageAUTHOR

      Custom Choppers G 

      5 years ago

      @anonymous: Thanks Leroy. Your comment is much appreciated and inspires me to write more.

    • profile image


      5 years ago

      I appreciate your time in evaluating the videos and sharing your opinion regarding who the instructors are talking too. I have seen a couple on line videos. Being able to ask questions makes a world of difference. I agree with your opinions. Thank you

    • Custom Choppers G profile imageAUTHOR

      Custom Choppers G 

      5 years ago

      @i Dia1: Thanks!

    • i Dia1 profile image

      i Dia1 

      5 years ago

      Very thorough review of the various DVDs on this topic. Most helpful.


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