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Some Turtles Have Nice Shells

Updated on September 11, 2014

A Visually Stunning Presentation of House Bus Conversions and Other Hand-Made House Trucks

I recently purchased a 1955 International School Bus conversion, which my husband and I have been working diligently to restore. So far my husband has refused to taint his ideas by looking at books about bus conversions, so I have held out on buying any books that were not manuals. Id like to call it one of the those fate moments, when I found this book, because being the turtle lover that I am, I was actually searching for turtle products. The fact that it says turtle in the title made it instantly collectible for me, and I had to have it. (I really am that big of a turtle lover) So much for never judging a book by its cover.

In this book, Roger Beck puts together a visually pleasing photographic log of bus conversions that have gone through extensive remodels. While this book may be light on the reading, the stories told are of lessons about tiny living, as well as structure and aerodynamics tips that Mr. Beck had learned along the way. It was a really cool timeline of history to see how far bus conversions have come. The pictures in this book are unique and really show a whole new level of bus living. This book was different from others, in that the pictures depict stories about bus life, rather than instructing you on how to build your own bus conversion. Roger Beck really hammers the point across that the possibilities are endless when it comes to building your own home conversion.

About ten pages in, I found myself wondering if I would find a picture of my old bus and its original owners, however, she was not in there. I was also hoping that I would see a conversion with an "actual" turtle shell; but the closest I came to that, had the top of a jet plain cockpit, which was mounted on the roof of the bus and served as a skylight. I guess our turtle shell idea is pretty unique after all.

The best part about my book is I went directly to the authors website to buy it, I actually paid more than the amazon listing price, but when I received my copy it was signed by the author with the note "keep on truckin". There was a little shake in Roger Beck's penmanship, that reminded me of my grandfather. I found this rather inspiring. Maybe someday Norma will be featured in a cool book.

Wanna know more about my personal bus adventures? Check out my blog : Norma Wanderlust: My 1955 International School Bus .

When you have the freedom to travel with your home

the world is always at your doorstep

~ Roger Beck

Essential Books For Building A House Bus

Now that I have broken the seal on looking at bus books for my husband, we have put these books on our wishlist. We are about to embark on the wiring here in the next week, then plumbing is the next step. After that we will work on the roof and outside of the bus cosmetically. These books would all be significantly helpful and great additions to our ever growing library.

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Do you know of any good books about rolling homes? Do you have a bus conversion you want to tell me about. Leave me a comment! I love to hear from my readers.

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