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Top 7 Best Wireless Bicycle Computers / Speedometers

Updated on April 10, 2013

Bike computer reviews of the top 7 best cycling computers

Long rides leave most bicyclers wanting to know the vital statistics about their travels. That's where the best wireless bicycle computers come in. Speed, distance and locations are all important functions for a bike computer to be able to measure.

Ease of use and no-hassle set up are also great features to have to become one of the best cycling computers. Below are seven of the best budget-friendly bets for wireless bicycle speedometers.

1. Knog NERD Wireless Best Bicycle Computer – 12 Functions

The Knog NERD won points for easy installation and fuss-free reliable operation. Users can quickly access the information they need even in full. The unit rotates for use on either handlebar or the stem of the bicycle. It has rubberized mounting material for the computer and the fork sensor, keeping it protected during even rough rides.

It features a backlight for night riding which is very popular with bicyclists training after dark. Read-outs on the Knog NERD include a variety of speed-readings such as current, average, maximum and relative speed. These are shown on a graph so the user can compare them to the average speed of the ride.

The NERD has the multi-bike selection to allow use on up to two bicycles. It has an on board time clock, trip distance and distance per day function, as well as odometer and total ride time. All the statistics scanned by the computer will repeat the display in a looped sequence. All installation hardware is included with the Knog unit.

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2. Cateye CC-RD300W Strada Bike Computer

The Cateye CC-RD300W Strada wireless computer comes in a close second in our reviews. This 8-function unit has universal handlebar and sensor mounts and is made for easy use even on rough terrain. The monitor displays average, maximum and current speeds, trip distances for two trips along with total distance traveled, elapsed time and a clock.

The screen can easily be toggled through all modes available, and users can easily use the up and down arrows to compare current speed to average speeds. The Cateye is accurate and easy to use with clear installation instructions. It is water repellent, a bonus for those who occasionally ride in the rain or bike through a puddle on the trail.

The unit is accurate to the 0.001 level according to most users, and it can be synced with the Atomic clock for the maximum time accuracy.


3. VDO X1 Bicycle Computer / Speedometer

Unfortunately this unit lacks back lighting to assist the night rider. Otherwise this versatile and durable bike computer has a simple, straightforward easy menu control capability, as well as the ability to display text in seven languages. It is durable and versatile, with common functions needed in a bicycle computer already on board.

It is easy to install or remove, easy to use and stays put even on rough trails. With standard bike tires, the distance readout is accurate to within 1% of the actual distance ridden.

4. Sigma BC 1609 STS Wireless Bicycle Speedometer

The Sigma BC 1609 STS computer is a double bicycle computer ideal for cyclists in training. It displays the usual speed calculations and ride times and adds a countdown timer and stopwatch. The Sigma even incorporates optional cadence measurement, temperature display and is PC-compatible.

For bikers who find themselves caught in the occasional shower, or who enjoy trail riding and splashing through creeks, this unit is water resistant. Bicycle headlights do not appear to interfere with the computer signals as some LED lights can. It has a backlight and a large easy-to-read display. The controls are a bit tricky to master at first but can be managed. It is designed for serious cyclists in training.


5. Planet Bike Protégé 9.0 Wireless 9-Function Bike Computer with 4-Line Display and Temperature

This wireless computer for the bicycle features 9 functions including a dual odometer for use with 2 wheel sizes. The LCD screen can display up to five data streams at a time. All weather bikers will appreciate that the case is ultrasonically welded to be completely waterproof.

Some users have reported it will turn itself off when it is wet, and question the waterproof claim made by the manufacturer. The lifetime warranty allows serious daily cyclists peace of mind with this computer. It has a buttonless design that is easy to use during a ride.

Negatives include a temperature gauge which is routinely inaccurate according to regular riders. Certain kinds of headlights on your bike may interfere with its operation and battery life is problematic according to some users.

6. Cateye CC-ED300 Enduro 8-Function Best Basic Cycling Computer

This model of Cateye features only 8 functions compared to the Strada model with 12. It does have automatic power saving and automatic start/stop modes and can handle two tire sizes and two trip distance calculators. It is suitable for trail riding and is water and cold resistant.

This makes it good for year-round riding unlike some of the other models reviewed here. The auto start/stop modes are ideal for in-city riding with frequent stops. The instructions are somewhat confusing, and the unit is rather basic overall except for the heavy duty sensor wire that allows it to function well in harsh riding conditions.

7. VDO X3DW Wireless Bicycle Computer

Plain-English controls and large easy to use buttons are popular features of the VDO X3DW computer, along with the usual wireless bicycle computer features. The screen is larger than other units, but not too bulky for easy use. Instructions for set up and installation are complicated and difficult to follow, which makes it risky for those who like to improvise on set up. It does have two bicycle options and is a brisk seller on line. It uses digital, encoded wireless transmissions for speed and the optional cadence features. The VDO, made in Germany, offers display text in seven languages as well as a sleep mode to switch off the display.


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