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Xoom Car Mount Holders - Motorola Xoom Auto Dock Brackets and Stands

Updated on August 29, 2013

In Car Mounting Docks and Stands For Motorola Xoom Tablets

The wide array of useful apps and entertainment features of Android tablets like the Motorola Xoom make them ideal in car companions especially for those who drive regularly. Xoom automobile holders and bracket stands allow you to securely mount one of these tablets inside your vehicle for either your own personal use as the driver or for the entertainment of your passengers.

Front seat automotive mounts for Xoom tablet computers come in a variety of different formats, from cup holder and seat bolt mount stands to in dash and windshield suction cup holders. Car mounts for Xoom tablets allow you to make use of its GPS and mapping features for example, or let you check out local restaurants and services when you are in an unfamiliar area or video chat with family when you are away from home.

A Xoom vehicle mount also allows you to charge the device using your in car charger without having to worry about it sliding off the chair or flopping around on the floor. Whilst it is inadvisable to use any device such as this whilst driving, they can be invaluable when used for work purposes whilst stationary, like looking up a client's address and getting GPS directions, or simply for checking emails or playing games whilst waiting for your kids to get out of school, or when waiting to pick someone up.

For the back seat passengers, the Xoom can be an excellent entertainment system for those more antsy and fidgety passengers like children or for adults on long journey's where everyone gets a little bored eventually. Better than a car DVD system, car seat head rest mounts for Xoom tablets allow you to securely hold the tablet onto the back of the chair at a comfortable viewing height for the passengers and it gives you peace of mind knowing its not getting tossed around and abused back there but is instead safe and secure in its mounting bracket.

Car holders for Xoom tablets make sense for a wide range of reasons and are suitable for professional business and personal use alike. Popular versions of the different types of automotive mounts and docking stations for Motorola Xoom tablets are shown below.

Chargercity Exclusive 18"-Inch Steel Gooseneck 10"Inch Tablet Floor Mount & 10' Feet USB extension Cable Kit for ASUS Eee Pad Transformer Acer Iconia Blackberry Playbook Samsung Galaxy Tab HTC View Flyer Motorola Xoom Sylvania Magni Ican Coby Kyros Tablet Device

A popular way to mount a Xoom tablet inside an automobile is using a seat bolt mount. These typically consist of a Xoom cradle mounted on an adjustable gooseneck which attaches firmly to your car's seat bolt. You can then swivel, twist, turn and adjust the flexible neck and (in the better models) adjustable caddy to different angles and from from portrait to landscape and varying degrees in between in order to effectively view the screen comfortably.

The nice thing about these is, unlike some of the other options for front seat mounting like windshield, or dashboard mounts, these do not obscure the driver's view or have the potential to distract them whilst actually driving. Xoom floor mounted stands bolt onto the passenger seat and some may therefore block the passenger's leg room a little which depends a lot upon the vehicle design as much as it does the stand itself.

There adjustable Xoom stands for cars are a popular choice because they do not obscure the dash or vent controls or get in the driver's line of sight and potentially offer unwanted distractions (or distracting temptations) whilst driving.

Motorola Xoom Dash Mounts and Holders

An Android tablet mounted on your vehicle dash not only looks super cool but is also highly useful. If you use GPS on a 3G Xoom then a dash holder makes more sense than a cup holder or under seat mount. Even if you don't, the dash area is the most comfortable area to both reach and view the tablet when you are stationary waiting for someone in your vehicle, checking up on emails or finding the location of your next job, pick up or delivery location - yes, a dash mount for Xoom is great for work purposes.

There are several different ways in which these are mounted on the dashboard. There are in dash Xoom mounts which are custom made for each vehicle but these are the expensive option and often require getting behind the dash or drilling in place. Better and less invasive products include Xoom mounts for car vent attachment and bracket arms which attach firmly to the dash with adhesive or suction.

This device firmly mounts to the dashboard using a locking suction cup to attach to the surface of the dash and another clamp the tablet in place. It attaches surprisingly firmly and does so without the need for drilling or otherwise engineering your dash.

Although this mounts to the top of the dash it keeps a low profile so it doesn't obscure your view or otherwise catch your eye and leaves the tablet hanging down over the dash. It can be tilted to adjust the angle for better viewing.

Car Cup Holder Mount with Expandable Cradle for Samsung Galaxy Tab, eLocity A7, Blackberry Playbook, Motorola Xoom, HP Slate, Viewsonic gTablet ViewPad, SuperPad and Others

Satechi SCH-121 Cup Holder Mount for Smartphohes & Tablets:

Kindle Fire, iPad, iPad 2, Asus Eee Pad Transformer, Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab, Galaxy 10.1, Viewsonic Gtablet, Blackberry Playbook, HTC Flyer, iPhone 4S, BlackBerry, HTC, Motorola, Samsung Galaxy Android Phones

An alternative to a seat bolt mounted floor stand for Motorola Xoom and other tablets is the cup holder mount. In most vehicles which have a cup holder between the front seats or on a pull out tray in the dash, a Xoom tablet cup holder mount puts the device at a comfortable height for you, or your passenger to use, but without obstructing your view of the road or causing a distraction.

A car cup holder dock for Xoom tablets fits directly into the cup holder or your car, truck, van or other automobile, or for that matter, into any other cup holder like those found on a treadmill letting you use your Xoom there too. Some are rigid, others provide an ajustable neck allowing your to swivel, tilt and turn your Xoom Android tablet to the most comfortable viewing angle.

Many of these feature an adjustable docking cradle which makes them compatible with multiple tablets and eReader devices from small 7" tablets to larger 10" tablets.

Xoom Seat Headrest Brackets

For the passengers in the back seat of your vehicle a headrest mount for Xoom tablets is the ideal travelling companion. It also gives you a little security too leaving you safe in the knowledge that your expensive gadget isn't being mistreated back there especially in the hands of youngsters.

A device like the Motorola Xoom is amazingly slim and lightweight considering all that it does but hold it in your hands for a while whilst watching a movie or playing a game and it soon starts to become heavy and cumbersome. For adults that becomes uncomfortable but for younger children in the back seat that's quite a weight to deal with.

Xoom car headrest mounts not only take the weight out of you passenger's hands and puts it on the much more accomodating car seat back but also put the device at a much more comfortable angle for general use. Craning your neck down to watch a screen sitting in your lap isn't comfortable but looking at a screen at head height on the back of the passenger or driver's seat is much more natural and isn't going to leave your stiff and cramped.

Automotive headrest mounts for Xoom tablet devices typically clamp onto the posts which raise and lower the rest but there are some slip over covers too although much harder to find. The main problem many of these have is that they are made from plastic and because they protrude out towards the passenger they tend to vibrate and bounce up and down. Some better designed models like the one below incorporate stabilizers to prevent this being quite such an issue and these are the ones to look out for when buying this type of in car Xoom mounting bracket.

Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount by USA Gear - TabGRAB w/ Secure Adjustable Grip, Rotating Neck, & Easy Installation - Fits ASUS ZenPad C 7.0, Premium RCA Voyager 7", Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7", more
Universal Tablet Car Headrest Mount by USA Gear - TabGRAB w/ Secure Adjustable Grip, Rotating Neck, & Easy Installation - Fits ASUS ZenPad C 7.0, Premium RCA Voyager 7", Samsung Galaxy Tab A 7", more

This head rest mount for Motorola Xoom connects directly to the pedestal poles of the padded head rest of the driver or passenger seat of a car, truck or van in order to allow back seat passengers to use the Xoom tablet hands free.

The caddy rotates from landscape to portrait mode with ease and the articulating neck allows you to tilt adjust the Xoom for a more comfortable viewing angle.

The holder features rubberized tab 'wings' which hold your tablet firmly in place and keep it there for your peace of mind. They can be adjusted to find multiple sizes and types of tablet too so if you own several or decide to buy a different one later, then this holder should work on that one too.

It also features a stabilizer to reduce vibration and make its use more comfortable still.


Xoom Windshield Mount Holders

I'm personally not a big fan of mounting anything on my car windshield because I'd rather keep my view unobscured and not have distractions in my line of sight. Two states, California and Minnesota, have already banned the use of phone windshield holders (and I expect tablet holders are included in that ban) and I would expect others to follow suit eventually so these may not be the best investment anyway.

However, if a Motorola Xoom windshield mount for cars is something you've set your mind too, or if you just want a suction cup caddy for sticking a Xoom tablet to a window elsewhere, then there are numerous available to choose between including those shown below.


5.5" Low Vibration Windshield Mount for Motorola Xoom, Samsung Galaxy Tab

Holds tight to the window and features a ball joint which allows rotation through portrait to landscape mode. Works with multiple different tablets.

Arkon Tablet Windshield Mount


Features a telescopic mounting arm which locks in place on the dash. Extends 16" to 24" and can rotate through landscape and portrait mode.

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