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Yahoo Autos-Used & New Car Price Comparison Website

Updated on May 25, 2011
hyundai sonata gls 2011
hyundai sonata gls 2011

When I first came across the phrase “Yahoo Autos”, I thought that like Yahoo's partnership with Microsoft, they are also investing in the automobile industry. I love using Yahoo as an efficient search engine, but never looked at their other services. For those love to peep into to automobile market and compare auto prices, or just for fun, want to know new car prices, Yahoo autos can be great site to visit at least for once.

What features I found interesting about Yahoo’s Car Deal site is-they provide a very useful car comparison tool. You may find other useful information such as new car, used car, green cars, latest car etc.

How to compare auto price in Yahoo Auto?

To me comparing to cars is one of the most important deciding factors before buying a car and yahoo autos offers to compare up to 4 cars at time. Their auto price comparing tool address is: After enter the site select the brand, model, and year, and then click the “add “ button, now the same way select the second car and then click on the “compare vehicles” button.

Let me show you with an example that how I compared car prices with Yahoo Auto. For getting a sample comparison I choose two cars- Toyota Matrix and Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution, the following screen shots are the comparison details.

yahoo auto price comparison
yahoo auto price comparison | Source
yahoo auto facts
yahoo auto facts | Source

Yahoo autos comparison tool not only yield price and basic facts of cars, but you can have every details of each car you choose to evaluate before making final purchase decision. Feature, technical specs, reliability, total cost of ownership, reliability rating and safety statistics comparison between cars can be extremely useful information when you become double minded before choosing between two similar categories of cars.

Yahoo New Cars

If you are sure about the body type and brand of the car you decide to purchase then after going to Yahoo new car option, just select “make and model”. In case, you are sure about the body type of a car, but yet to decide which brand to buy based on price, fuel, seat capacity and year of make, then

Yahoo Used Cars

For buying used cars, you need to go used car section of Yahoo auto; it is pretty similar to new car sections. Here you can search for used cars by make, model, year, price, mileage, body type and zip code. You can also find useful information about new cars for sale.

Yahoo Car Finder

You can find this option at the top of yahoo auto site. It will help to find your car any or a combination of –price, model, make, performance, year and capacity. This is a recommended section to new buyers to get used to with the prices, features and performance of each car manufacturer.

Popular Sedan-2010 Volkswagen GTI
Popular Sedan-2010 Volkswagen GTI

Yahoo autos most popular car

This can provide a clue to buyers looking for the current market trend. When I visit this page I found that in sedan category the following five cars are most popular among viewers

1.2010 BMW 7 Series

2. 2010 Mercedes-Benz C-Class

3. 2011 Hyundai Sonata

4. 2011 Toyota Camry

5. 2011 Chevrolet Cruze

Latest Car Info

This is for trendy buyers. All the listed cars in this section are either redesigned or restyled than the previous year’s model. To be updated with the latest car models, this section of Yahoo auto is certainly a good place to visit online.

Yahoo auto is one of the reliable sources to look at for new and old car information, since it is run by Yahoo! What is good about this site is its auto compares tool, green car center and latest car information.

Green Car Center

Though we have been hearing a lot about green energy and green car, yet we lack proper knowledge about green car technology and its benefits. Yahoo auto has a rich section about green car technology and its benefits and for people considering going for green car can visit this section to get a comprehensive grasp about green technology. Present day green technology broadly divides green car technology into the following

  • Hybrid & Electric car: they use gasoline engine and electric motor. As far as green car efficiency is concerned, they are simply the best in the green car genre.
  • Diesel & bio-diesel: normally, bid diesel is used as an alternative fuel in diesel engine, since bio diesel is much environmental friendly than diesel.
  • Ethanol: this type of green car use Ethanol as 85 percent of its fuel
  • Natural gas: they used compress natural gas as fuel, much cleaner than gasoline engine.

Note: Buying a green car not only helps our environment, but you can get benefits like tax credits. And as the fossil fuel is soon to be an obsolete source of energy, using green car will help us to be more comfortable and adaptable with this future energy sources.

Green Car

2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid estimated market price-$27,272
2010 Mercury Milan Hybrid estimated market price-$27,272 | Source
2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid Total cost of ownership -$37,605
2010 Nissan Altima Hybrid Total cost of ownership -$37,605

Used Car Buying Secrets

Sell your car using Yahoo Autos

Not that Yahoo auto only provide both new and old car selling information, you can use this site as a vehicle for selling your own car. If you are involved in old car selling business, then you put you ads with then, ads will appear in Yahoo, and other 175 car selling sites. This car selling section of Yahoo is powered by and you can obtain their 90 day money back guarantee car selling ad, in case your ads fail to sell your care within the 90 days of placing your ads, you can have the full ad money refunded. To sell your car, you can go: yahoo car sale

Yahoo autos are not only for selling or buying autos, it is rich in tips with car maintenance and auto updates from all the famous auto brands. You may visit this site for both fun and learning about the current automobile market.

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    aslam bfa 7 years ago

    Hi, the hub contains a great source of valuable information. It is clearly suggested how to purchase a car. Certainly, we must know the car price before price negotiation. I learned some important tricks from this article to purchase a car. Thanks for the valuable hub.

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    ismiler3bd 7 years ago

    Negotiating for a car can be a little tricky. You must know how to haggle for the best price and use those tricks on your sleeves. If you have one, then be prepared to use them.

    If you don't know any tricks, check out Dr. Suzanne Gudakunst's Top Secret Car Secret and learn how to get 30% to even 90% of your new car