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Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

Updated on July 4, 2014

Best Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

Driving through inclement weather can be no good for you or the other drivers around you, especially when visibility is an issue. Snow, rain, sleet and ice can bring on a mismatch of humidity levels, leading to fog that can be extremely dangerous to drive through. Being able to see where you're going is a must for driver and passenger safety. If and when you find yourself trying to drive through dense fog, you want to ensure that you have the best yellow fog light bulbs installed your vehicle to increase your visibility as much as possible. Be proactive by having them installed on your car before you experience these conditions.

Using yellow bulbs is important because the contrast lighting (yellow vs. white) has been shown to illuminate what's in front of you better, making it easier to see more clearly and react as needed. When shopping for these yellow fog bulbs, make sure that you're buying highly rated ones and that you check for compatibility with your vehicle. Read the reviews online to see what other consumers are saying about their own purchases before you commit.

Images courtesy of Amazon

Hb4 Nokya 2500k Hyper Yellow Fog Light Bulbs

The HB4 Nokya bulbs are highly rated on Amazon. These halogen headlights are a fantastic upgrade to your current bulbs and the European style light helps to improve driver visibility and awareness.

Hipro Power Golden Yellow Xenon HID Halogen Fog Light Bulbs

An even more economic pair of bulbs on the market are the Hipro Power Golden Yellow Xenon bulbs. The bulbs are filled with xenon gas and have a 55 watt output.

Nokya Arctic Yellow Headlight Bulb

Another fantastic pair of bright yellow bulbs out in the market are the Nokya Arctic yellow fog light bulbs. Compatible with cars, SUV's and trucks alike, but some customers also boast about them for use on motorcycles. They are designed for all weather and use standard output wattage to provide the brightest light possible.

Nokya Arctic Yellow 9005 Headlight Bulb (Stage 1)
Nokya Arctic Yellow 9005 Headlight Bulb (Stage 1)

These hyper yellow fog bulbs provide excellent viewpoint for fog lights, high beams, low beams or simply to help improve driving performance. They also come with a 30 day limited warranty.


Optilux Xenon Yellow Halogen

These Optilux Xenon bulbs receive a high four star rating on Amazon and rank highly in performance lighting. These Optilux Extreme Yellow bulbs are designed to give better visibility in any sort of poor driving conditions while looking trendy and sleek and boast giving your vehicle the look of GT series race cars!

Optilux H71070662 by HELLA XY Series H3 Xenon Yellow Halogen Bulb Set, 12V, 55W
Optilux H71070662 by HELLA XY Series H3 Xenon Yellow Halogen Bulb Set, 12V, 55W

The yellow tint provides better color contrast for optimal visibility when driving in rainy, foggy, or snowy weather conditions and are guaranteed to provide the driver with the right amount of light output. Note that these are for off-road use only.


Putco Premium Lighting Jet Yellow Fog Light Bulb

Last are the Putco Premium jet yellow fog light bulbs. Customers rave about how easy they are to install and the fact that they make night or dusk driving a breeze. They are made from high grade materials and designed to provide a low beam which makes penetrating fog and rain much easier for the driver.

Putco 230001JY Pure Halogen Fog Light Bulb - Jet Yellow - H16 (Pair)
Putco 230001JY Pure Halogen Fog Light Bulb - Jet Yellow - H16 (Pair)

With easy installation and long lasting durability, these yellow fog lights are some of the best offered today and pricing is very economic as well, at just around $20.


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