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5Ways to Get Rid of Public Speaking Fear

Updated on April 15, 2015

Things to do get rid of public speaking fear

Starting speak is the main challenge, once you decided or have to speech in front of audience. Normally fear is a common matter and this is come with the fear of rejection. Fear of public speaking is a kind of common phobia and once you get rid of it this can useful create better confident in yourself. Even if you are totally prepared for the speech you may get fear that you don’t know what shall happen in podium. But get prepared and practice very well will reduce fear of public speaking and improve confident of you.

Hurrying and reedy to stop your speech, Ignoring your audience and battle to hide your fear with emotions are various factor that lead to increase fear in podium. Apart of mentioned facts there are other several Public Speaking fear increasing factors that if I will plan to explain deeply in future of this site. Following are several tips to improve which will helpful for you to do better public speaking without fear.

1. Practice... Practice... Practice…
2. Join Toastmasters Club
3. Recording Your Speech
4. Relaxing
5. Visualization

I have briefly described the tips in bellow so you can get some idea to perform your speech without any fear.

1. Practice... Practice... Practice…

First practice with you for example Speak in front of mirror is one of good method to practice speech and it is also a better way to over come fear of public speaking. Practicing more and more will helpful to improve your confident. Some of armature speakers sometimes practice more than 20 times before their speech.There is a popular sayings that Patrice make man perfect and likewise speak Patrice is essential for better speech. Ther more and more you Patrice the more and more you become confident on your speech. So get Patrice is one of the necessary requirement to perform a better speech.

2. Join Toastmasters Club

There are many organizations such as Toastmasters that will helpful to improve speaking with confident .Recording your speech and later listen to them also will create greater improvement for public speak. Find your nearest toastmaster club and get join the club. Toast masters club are one of better way to get practice speech and this will also helpful to improve your public speak and leadership skills. So find the nearest toastmasters club and get the information on it.

3. Recording Speech

Recording speech will also provide better feedback about your speech and this will also useful for better improvement of your speaking ability. There are so many software’s compatible with your personal computer or mobile phone to record speech and there are also several equipment which specially design to record speech.

4. Relaxing

There are several things to do when you are facing the audience and get ready to speech. Relaxing is one of the great method for reduce of public speaking. Breathe deeply is one of the good relaxing method when you at podium. Breathe deeply will helpful to relax your mind and body and create confident. There are various relaxation methods which I will explain deeply in future. Relaxation create a good mentality and this will definitly helpful to become more sucess during speech. You may get reduce unneceasary hesitations and stress while you do some relaxations methods. Yoga, Meditations are some of the best relaxation methods which you can use to relax yourself.

5. Visualization

Visualization is another great proven trick to avoid fear of public speaking. Visualize that you present your speech in front of audience and they are giving good respond to your speech. Doing this visualize techniques for several times and this will definitely reduce the fear of public speaking. There are several visualization and self improvement audios and videos available on market to reduce your fear. Visualization is also good to make your wishes to become true. Visualization is best tip can use to achieve any other goals and you can use this method to achieve anything.

Info-graphic of Public Speaking

Another 3 Tips to overcome public speaking fear


Confident is one of the attitudes you must develop and confident is the best weapon to fight with fear. This is my second article regarding public speaking and hope to post more articles regarding public speaking and tips of public speaking in near future. Mentioned methods are some better ways to creating confident in public speaking and there are several other fear reduction method which use to reduce fear of public speaking which plan to explain deeply in near future.


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