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Angry Customer Horror Stories, Could You Be A Disgruntle Customer?

Updated on November 5, 2014

Find Out Just How Crazy Serving The Public Can Be.

 "I Am Not a Nugget!"
"I Am Not a Nugget!" | Source

Who Can Forget Michael Douglas In The Movie Falling Down.

Could You Be A Disgruntle Customer?

  • The critical and outspoken nature of our Country often leads some people to behave irrationally at times which produces many disgruntle customers. Finding a diplomatic way to handle such incidents is not always easy.
  • The Customer Service Motto: The motto,"The customer is always right." made popular by groundbreaking and successful retailers such as Harry Gordon Selfridge, John Wanamaker and Marshall Field. These successful businessmen expressed that customer complaints should be handled seriously so that the customer should never feel ripped off or disrespected.
  • Research: Research shows that that customers who complain are likely to continue doing business with your company if they feel that they were treated fairly. It's estimated that as many as 90% of customers who believe that they were treated unfairly never complain, instead, they take their business elsewhere.
  • Working in retail: Having worked in retail for over 25 years I have encountered plenty of angry customers. In such cases the employee is never allowed to express their position. I have come to realize that even if though the customer could be right, does not give them the right to behave like a irritate monster. Yet, I have been on the other end of the situation as well. There are a couple of times that I did not behave like a suitable customer, with time I had to learn how to control my temper involving situations which stem beyond the employees authority.
  • Dealing with angry customers: Dealing with upset customers is a part of retail. How to deal with an angry customer is the challenging part.
  • The Big Picture: The big picture is that customers want to be understood and respected. Which could explain the little person shown in the picture above dressed in a chicken suit, protesting against McDonald's alleged slaughter practices, holding a sign which displays "I Am Not a Nugget!"
  • Brief Overview: This Hub Article will cover some horror stories surrounding a variety of incidents in which employees working for well- known restaurants and department stores have experienced.

Angry Customer McDonald's Horror Story.

McDonald's | Source

I Want My Chicken Nugget...Now!

Kathleen worked at McDonald's during her Sophomore year in high school, in which she encountered unpleasant event. Kathleen recalls one incident in which a customer threw a box of chicken nuggets in her face, claiming that he ordered a ten piece and only received nine in the box. Kathleen said, " The customer kept screaming over his missing nugget. I had to count the nuggets in front of the customer."

Kathleen's manager apologized to the customer and gave him a free coupon towards his next meal.

"My manger did not ask me if I was okay, instead he sent me out to go work in the lobby. Even though years have passed since that incident happened, I still get very upset.

A McDonald's Employee Caught On Tape Being Attacked Over A Chicken Nugget Order.

Angry Customer Taco Bell Horror Story.

Taco Bell.
Taco Bell. | Source

I Want My Cool Ranch Doritos Locos...Now!

Carlson worked as a manger at Taco Bell. On one occasion Carlson recalls an incident in which a customer threaten to punch his lights out if he didn't receive his order. "We were all out of the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos," Carlson says, "I tried to offer him another item off the menu free of charge but he was not pleased. He kept threatening to punch me if he didn't get his order. Luckily a policeman walked in and handled the situation." Carlson expressed, "I quit that day. I'm not trying to get knocked out over a taco. I don't think so."

You May Have Left Just In Time Carlson. An Angry Customer Attacks A Taco Bell Manger Over The Price Of A Taco.

Angry Customer Starbucks Horror Story.

Starbucks | Source

I Want My Crunchy Sugar Topping...Wench!

Anita worked at Starbucks in which she claims thats he encountered the worse customers ever. "A customer went off on me because we ran out of the crunchy sugar topping for the Caramel Ribbon Crunch." She continued, "She went hysterical. The customer called me a wench and told me that she was going to take her claim to corporate. Taking time to contact corporate over crunch sugar topping is ridiculous." Anita stated.

Things Can Only Get Worse. Woman Upset At Starbucks Over Change.

Angry Customer Horror Story Victoria Secrets.


I Want My Money Back...Bleeeeeeep!

Fast food workers are not the only ones who encounter angry customers. Department store employees encounter their fair share of abusive customers as well.

Ivory worked for Victoria Secrets, in which she can recall a customer who threw dirty underwear at her. "We are not allowed to take back garments that have been worn. It was obvious that the customer had worn the thong. As I tried to explain our store policy she began ranting and raving. She threw the stained underwear at me and called me a lot of things that I can't repeat." Ivory shared.

Victoria Secret Mob Goes Wild.

We have All Played A Part In A Horror Story Of Our Own.

There are many horror stories out there and sadly some of us have taken part in the disgruntle customer role. Luckily our rant was not caught on film for the world to see.

Try to stay patient and kind.

Emunah La-Paz.

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