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Business Ideas - How to make money Online and Offline - 15

Updated on May 5, 2011

Squidoo – Squidoo works very similar to hubpages. Both the services allow users to create original articles full of useful content which you can publish for free. You stand to earn income through ads placed through Google adsense and other advertisers.

You can also promote your affiliate products here through reviews and is in general a little more lenient than hubpages when it comes to product promotions. But Squidoo shares revenue on a 50:50 model with article creators whereas hubpages gives the article writer 60% while they keep only 40%.

Again here the only way to earn a good income is to develop several useful lenses (articles) that create sufficient traffic for increasing your ad revenue and affiliate income.  And of course, setting up all the lenses you want is absolutely free of web hosting charges at all. So whatever you make is profit in the pocket.

EBay – It’s no secret that a good amount of money can be made trading on EBay. But how many of us are using it?

For the uninitiated here is how you can make a few bucks (or a lot more) on EBay. The concept is very simple; you buy things cheap and sell them for a profit on eBay. It would make sense to first find out using the tools on eBay which products sell well. It is also equally important to find out what kind of products you personally are passionate about and feel could be useful to a customer.

The products you sell can be sourced from either wholesalers or manufacturers directly. You could even sell your own stuff if you no longer use them. Whether you wish to maintain stock at your own warehouses or whether you will simply act to direct a customer to the manufacturer who will handle all warehousing and delivery is up to you and the agreements you setup. Credit terms also have to be agreed upon with manufacturers or wholesalers depending on the process you decide to follow.

Once you have developed a good amount of experience in selling on EBay and have a good portfolio of products, you also have the option of opening up your own shop on EBay.

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