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Updated on August 13, 2015


To step into a brighter future, our country must be capable of managing success, and firmly and effectively address the various weaknesses and shortcomings. Major challenges to address in this endeavor is the strengthening of ethics and integrity.
Ethika culture and integrity are in accordance with the fourth challenge of Vision 2020 is to create a society strong moral character and ethics, which citizens have religious and spiritual values ​​intact, and anchored by noble character.

Is the set of values ​​and morals which sets standards for the behavior of individuals, organizations and professions.

Generally the superior quality of the overall shape and volume of the individual and the organization. Integrity is closely related to ethics. It is based on ethics in action in everyday situations.

Workplace culture

Refers to values, beliefs and attitudes of values, beliefs and attitudes of workers towards work.

The issue is not just the integrity of Corruption
The issue of integrity is not only focused on the issues of corruption alone, but it is a larger concept. Cultural practices are also demanding the integrity of the work. Integrity in timeliness, integrity in delivering the information, integrity in providing excellent service, integrity in relation to the head of the department, colleagues and support staff.

Work Culture in Organizations
Culture of ethics and integrity are very important in any organization because it ensures the implementation of any program and the goals achieved by good and ethical. Among its objectives:
1. Provide direction and guidance of the various sectors so that they can work together in order to build a united, harmonious, moral and ethical;
2. Increase awareness, commitment and cooperation of various sectors in order to improve the integrity of that of a culture and practice in all areas.
3. Promoting the spirit of responsibility among members of society and to encourage the development of civil society that upholds the principles of integrity and actively uphold integrity;
4. Contribute to strengthening the moral basis of society and the state, and increasing the well-being of the community; and
5. Improve the competitiveness and resilience of Malaysia in order to address the challenges of the 21st century, especially the challenges of globalization more effectively.

Quality Work Culture

To form a quality culture in the organization, some features have to be addressed;

i) Orientation employees must travel on the right track as a prerequisite for the success of excellent work culture which must be committed, quality conscious, willing to accept change and there is no time limit to excel.
ii) commitment from all levels of employees to enhance organizational excellence is demanded.
iii) Work to be carried out should be done with a vengeance on the organization's needs by setting aside all other interests, particularly personal interests.
iv) An organization created 'mind-set' excellence oriented so that employees are more committed to the ultimate goal post.
v) Always encourage employees to live and practice management practices that can improve organizational excellence.

Excellent work culture and excellent fundamental to improving the quality and productivity of the organization. The establishment of quality culture is achieved only if the citizens and organizations practicing work ethics integrity character comprehensive and positive.


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