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How To Get Money For Your Staffing Business- When The Banks Say No

Updated on January 26, 2014

Fund Your Business With Alternative Finance Companies And Stay In Business

Small Business Owners Need Money Too

There are many professional staffing agencies are throwing in the towel before they have reached their glory. Not because they do not have great service but because they haven't utilized factoring as a financial tool like other businesses.

There are allied health agencies that use factoring as a tool to have needed cash for advertisements and larger recruiting facilities for a market that is in demand. As we all know there is a shortage of nurses and the baby boomers are straining the medical communities.

With the shift of the baby boomers becoming seniors the need must be meant and growth is the only possibility, this is where the finances are necessary . A business that can't meet a large demand can find their way out of business fast.

This has happened to thousands of distribution businesses,allied health agencies and other staffing businesses of all sizes because of the lack of knowledge about strategic financing that may have applied to their situation.

7 Benefits of Factoring Allied Health Staffing or Distributing Business

Most businesses have resources to depend on such as receivables that they could sell for a discount for cash (factoring). Factoring is a way to get money that doesn't involve a loan or a businesses personal credit history. What it does involve are:

  • credit card sales
  • receivables
  • seller financed business notes
  • structured settlements

If you have been running your business and think that you have no resources, look again. If you have been doing a service driven business and have clients that like what your do for them and they are credit worthy, they are your asset. A factoring company will buy your invoices (receivables) for a discount and pay you cash. Your benefits are:

  1. No specific use of funds.
  2. No Credit check.
  3. Unlimited resource.
  4. No strict banking rules.
  5. Fast turnaround.
  6. You can offer better terms.
  7. Protect your credit.

I know that many have never heard of factoring before but believe me this has been going on for quite a while all over the globe. Factoring is a way to receive a needed solution to your everyday business concerns.

Trying to convince the banks that they need to lend to you may be useless because of their banking rules and regulations, not to mention your credit. However, factoring companies only deal with the credit of the companies of the receivables are from which allows you to help each other. They want a great investment and you need cash.

Factoring Business Finance Services

Factoring companies are popping up all over the place because peoples needs force change. And needing to go around a bank seems to have made progressive investors meet you have way. What better way to grow your money but by helping those that need what you have?

Factoring is here to stay and if you or someone you know is in a business and have credit card sales and receivable invoices you can use them to help finance your business.

There are business financing services popping up all over to aid all types of service businesses that have to wait months for their payments when getting the cash they need ahead of time will decrease the squeeze on the company causing downsizing and layoffs to save the business.

These company mostly look at the credit of the clients making payments and aren't restricted by banking rules. This allows them to pay you cash. You have incoming business as your assets and they have the cash. This is a win win situation. Look into this type of business finance service for your allied health staffing, or distribution business and get the cash you need when you need it.


How Commercial Business Finance Can Survive With Asset Based Lending Find out how Asset Based Lending can help commercial and service business survive in this economy like other have been doing for years. Don't allow your business to fail.


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