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How to face Group Discussion Rounds in Interviews

Updated on July 4, 2012

Interviewing a candidate has become an easy part for today's professionals who just set up a lot of filtration procedures so as to select the candidate directly who survives all the filters.

They hardly spend time with a candidate to know about him or know his pros sides and cons. This is the era of bulk recruitment where the above said things happen.

So it is just written skills and oratory skills that matter to recruiters now-a-days. But this doesn't imply all recruiters do the same. As we all know there are exceptions like great MNC's which run a lot of background check on a candidate while he is being interviewed.

Now that you'd be confused about what you're gonna know by spending few minutes of your time here. You may think that this is another Soft Skills development assignment notes...But Wait...there are things more than that. . I'll jump straight onto it. .

A previous reference...

Participating in group discussion does not just involve talking about a topic in groups but it involves something more than that. It involves fearless talking. Everybody fears. Everybody feels nervous. But its just the way you overcome it that helps you at all times.

Overcoming the fear is cumbersome which i totally agree with. But success never comes without its own pay. . . Here is a link to a previous hub that may help you if you've got any communication issues on stage.

Assuming that you've learnt to overcome your terrible, misunderstood, misguided concepts about GD i'll now start this guide from scratch. .

Watch Out !!!

You'll be made to sit in a group and a topic will be given with at least 60 seconds time to think about it and a minimum of 5 mins to discuss about it.

3 people will definitely be selected in a group because they'll 3 play different roles. .

Role no 1 : Initiator

Role no 2: Defender

Role no 3: Summarizer/finisher

The initiator will be the first to start and he may talk against the given topic or supporting the topic. But it's always better to be an initiator. The observer(recruiter) will definitely be impressed by a starter. Being an initiator needs clear understanding of the topic given and good points to start a discussion. Do not raise your voice but be steady in your flow of speech so that others don't feel that you are nervous.

The defender is the first person who talks against the initiator's view. This defender also earns his impression because he is the first person to talk against the topic. The strength of the defender depends on the topic. Let us say you talk supporting "bribing is good". Here, you would impress the observer.

The summarizer/finisher as the name suggests is the last person who completes the group discussion in a significant way such that everyone agrees to that. This role is as equal as the initiator. This is a little easy task since the summarizer would have listened to all the points by almost all people who participated in the discussion. But his role involves much timing sense to decide when to conclude the discussion.

What do you need to know?

There are few facts you'd need to know in a discussion from an observers point of view. The purpose of this group discussion is to pick out the team players and eliminate the rest. So it is not necessary that what ever you quote should be exact or fact.

It is enough if you just quoted a valid point that impresses the observer.

Be calm and never keep rubbing your hands or bite your nails since they are all signs of nervousness.

Be confident with your point.

Try to know the name of people in your group so that you can mention their names during your speech.

Use words like "I strongly agree/disagree",

" I'd like to add to Mr.X's point" where X is a name.

Quote some leaders/authors.

Relate the topic to current trends or happenings.

Never be idle even if you weren't in any of the 3 roles mentioned above. Try to make a point.

If your unsure about the topic wait for the others to talk and learn from them. Then make your move in a confident way.

♫♫♫♫ Tadaaaaa ♫♫♫♫

So now you would have got some insight about group discussions.

It is necessary that you go through news papers, and prepare yourself for abstract topics that may be anything like "5", "april", "kite" etc. .

Last but not the least I have two golden rules to quote

Practice makes a man perfect

Failures are the stepping stones to success.


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