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Modern Marketing Skills and Channels.

Updated on September 14, 2015

Making your products reach consumers

Cloud marketing
Cloud marketing | Source

Achieving the goals of your business

Every business, new and old, small and big has one main goal; selling their goods or services to the targeted consumers. It is a world of competition and every business has to work hard to make their customers satisfied as and also open up new market opportunities. It is whatever that a company makes at the end of the day that matters most. That is why the sales department is the one that keeps the business “boat” floating.As I had already said, the market already looks saturated with everything that you produce. It is your marketing skills that will determine whether you are going to make any returns. The traditional ways of selling goods and products will not help you get a good share of customers.The best they can do for you is maintaining the existence but you will not achieve your business growth ambitions.

Marketing products in websites and social site


Marketing skills

There are many ways through which you can promote the consumption of your products in the modern digital world.Taking positively the high number of people visiting websites for information, entertainment and satisfying other basic needs.The number will keep on rising as the accessibility of the internet and necessary gadgets will keep on rising globally.

They include;

  1. Creating a friendly or easy to access website – This will offer you a good platform of continous interaction with your customers.Through the website, you can get to know the views of your customers e.g. through polls and surveys.The number of visitors in your website will also give you a good idea on the demand of your products.
  2. Social media marketing – The social sites will link you with millions and millions of your potential customers. The number keeps on rising as the affordability of phones and computers rises all over the world.
  3. Content marketing – People are visiting websites every day as the sources of information on day to day needs e.g. on healthcare, finance,clothes and fashion.They are the potential customers of your business products.Placing adverts in the popular information websites may work magically.
  4. Using email as a way of reaching the customers. It will also offer them a channel through which they can register their complaints, complements etc.

Products supply; A Distribution centre


Marketing Channels

It is the channel that will link you and your customers. The channel transfer ownership of products from the producer to consumer.You should always work to ensure that any hindrances to the interaction between you and your customers are eliminated.
There a number of marketing channels that you can choose from depending on the size or nature of your business enterprise
They include;
1. Selling your products directly to the consumers – It is actually the best marketing channel for a company or business that is new in a given industry.Your sales people have the opportunity to give information about the new product thus eliminating the fear of testing new products.If you are to cover a big area, It is good that you establish regional retail shops.Selling goods directly to consumers is however expensive in terms of the sales personnel that you will require but the returns are good if the sales team is professional.
2. Using intermediaries or wholesalers to reach your consumers – For established businesses with brand names, this is a cheaper and an efficient method of reaching consumers. You also have a role to play to ensure that the intermediaries are not exploiting the consumers of your product. You can achieve this for example by fixing the retail price of your products. Awarding competitive commissions to the intermediaries will motivate them to become marketers. You should always give ear to the concerns of the intermedieries as they represent the voice of your consumers.
3. A dual (two) way method of distributing your goods or services to consumers. – A business can sell its products directly to consumers and also sell the same products to intermedieries who avail them to other consumers. It is a good way of marketing your goods and services as it ensures constant availability.
4. Giving your products to a broker who then find a market .It is a risky method of reaching consumers as you may lack important information from the consumers.The returns can be good if the relationship between you and your broker is good. It greatly relies on mutual trust.

Consumption behaviour

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Interaction with consumers

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