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4 Attitudes You Should Develop to be Successful

Updated on November 22, 2015
With right attitude sweltering sun seems soothing moonlight
With right attitude sweltering sun seems soothing moonlight

While looking at dominant leaders from various arenas of life, one always wonders ‘what sets them apart!’ Prominent leadership experts may opine varying things that may be effective to certain degree of operations. But only right attitude will see you through your course for being successful. The mantra for having right attitude is ‘keep it positive and simple’.

Every time you are faced by a quandary which acts as a road block between you and your aim, review your situation and apply the mantra.

Change is the only constant, so challenge yourself everyday!
Change is the only constant, so challenge yourself everyday! | Source
Only positive thoughts are allowed.
Only positive thoughts are allowed. | Source

Nothing to lose

When you are just a toddler in a profession full of numerous connoisseurs and those others who will soon join them, you tend to become insecure about how will you manage to match their caliber. Even before you have begun, you have lost. You are just a novice with nothing to loose, so why not just give your best and let your work speak for you! Always challenge yourself to discover the veiled talents and capacities that you have. Only when you stand up to your expectations will the world appreciate you. Be Positive and give your 100 percent.

Grow up

If you do end up loosing a thing or two, push yourself to explore other unidentified pastures that can help you not only overcome your failure but also to learn from it quicker. They say ‘necessity is mother of invention’, when you fail your strong ‘have-to-succeed’ attitude will help you come out as a smarter and wiser human being. Just like when your blender stops working you fix it and use it more carefully; one has to accept the failure, analyse the situation, unearth one’s lesser known expertise and move on.

Success will run after you, pants down! :)
Success will run after you, pants down! :)

Run after excellence

Most of us evaluate our achievements on the basis of your competitors. Some corporate giants even set their visions based on their opponent’s strategy. I firmly name such act as paltry. Yes, you are here to compete and to be on top; but when you focus on others more than on yourself, you are sure to find yourself in the middle of no-where. Don’t work to compete with others, you are putting a limitation to your capability. If a child is told he has to run fast enough to beat fastest boy in his school, he will never think of running faster to set a new record for others to follow. Work for your excellence and success will be yours, it is that simple. This point is best explained in this year's latest Bollywood super hit flick-3 Idiots (A must watch)

A new journey

Just like each day is new, your successes will always wear a new façade. What is big today will look smaller tomorrow, NOW is what matters so simply work hard to be victorious RIGHT NOW. When you bought your first television 25 years back, it was a huge celebration as you had hard-earned it and were the first one in the whole society to own one. Today you have four LCD TVs one for each room and so do eight other flats in your building; but may be you are first one to have an iPad NOW. Point being, you have achieved what you wanted then (which was a ‘now’ 25 years back) and now. That is accomplishment! Hence, they say ‘road to success is always under construction’. Simply, a new journey begins with each conquest achieved.

Clichéd Conclusion: Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude.
Zig Ziglar


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