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Bed and Breakfast 5, Taking a Booking

Updated on August 15, 2014

Providing traditional bed and breakfast accommodation, as always been high in U.K. home business opportunities.

It’s really quite easy, if you fancy a day off tell everyone who phones you're fully booked.
If you don’t like it, remove the sign.
Easy to start and easy to stop, without loosing vast amounts of money.


Be Ready to Take a Booking for Your Bed and Breakfast

My wife and I having been running our bed and breakfast accommodation in Manchesgter U.K. for quite a few years. So with hindsight I can tell you that just picking up the phone to take a booking off the cuff is not an ideal situation. You have to be ready before you take a booking so make sure you have a station with everything in place to take it.

It must be said that things are looking towards on line booking as people using the Internet want bookings sorted out immediately like their shopping habits; so if you go for an online booking system make sure you have as much control as possible without going to the extent of making it unfeasible.

All you really need is, open, or Google docs, any spreadsheet will do, a pen and a pad. Don't try to type in all the information unless you are a red hot one handed typist, use the pad.

Have your Spreadsheet on your desktop and your computer on, if possible have your spreadsheet open ready to use.

You Are Your Bed and Breakfast

Your phone manner should be happy and light; try and make the person on the other end feel at easy, they may not book a hotel room very often but you will be taking bookings on a daily basis, I hope.

While being light and happy you must take control of the situation with a set of questions you need to ask, people will go on at length at what they want but you must keep going back to your set of  questions.

Bed and Breakfast Guest Information

Date & Days

  • The first thing you need to ask is what date their thinking of. Weekend guests tend to book in advance while business men usually book the week before they need the accommodation, and work men are 50/50 in booking the week before or leave it till the last minute to book.
    So you have the availability and the price as been agreed.

Name and Phone No of the person who is making the booking.

  • You need the name of the person who's making the booking even though it's not the person who may be staying; just in case there are any complication with the booking at a later date.

Name and Phone No of the person who is the guest.

  • It's quite possible that the person making the booking may not have the phone number of the person who is staying.

Male or Femail.

Most Important is there Credit Card No

  • “And could we have your credit card to confirm your booking”
  • There's a number of things that can happen when asking for a credit card and a couple
    of exceptions that I will go into later, for now I'll just say that if I ask for credit card information and the person does not want to give it, I will not take the booking, very plightly saying.
    “I'm sorry I can't take the booking without a credit card”

Time of arrival

  • You may need to pop out.

Anything you should Know

  • Deaf, Blind, Vegetarian, Old aged, all good to know to make your guest stay as comfortable as possible

Last of all

  • A email address to confirm the booking and more important to add to your contact list.

Turn Your Home into Your Business

You must have seen the adds on the Internet, 'Work From Home Business'.
There's some really good one's out there you just have to do you're research but most of the time it's;

  • Stuffing thousands of envelopes.
  • Sewing 100's little dresses.
  • Telesales.
  • Putting thousands of little items in little boxes.

A little boring to say the least

How about tweaking it a little, instead of 'Work From Home Business' how about
'Turn Your Home into Your Business'

Your literally seating on it, with what must be one of the lowest business start up costs there is.

Could You Turn You're House into a Guest House

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