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What´s the best way to learn a language?

Updated on June 13, 2015

Learning a Second Language

Learning a Second Language
Learning a Second Language | Source

Learning a second language

Many people feel comfortable speaking their own native language. Others, because of their occupations, need to learn a second language. Many language institutes offer language-learning programs, where you will have to spend a few months if not years to function well in your preferred language.

Why pay if you can learn whatever language on the internet through reading, listening or speaking. Many sites offer audio books free. Applications such as Skype with which you can talk and listen to your friends from around the world. You don´t have friends from around the world? Then, it´s time to find some. They can help you learn a second language.

Making Friends!

Making Friends!
Making Friends! | Source

Online Friends!

Fortunately, there exist the internet, where you will find a bunch of learning resources. In anglaisfacil You´ll find people from around the world wanting to learn a language. When you subscribe to the site, you´ll find language resources for English, German, French, Spanish and other languages.

On this site, you can contact a person with whom to send and receive messages. Some people will contact you wanting to learn your language in exchange they will offer you to help you learn their language. Generally, when you send them messages, they will correct your grammar and ask you to correct their grammar, too.

This is great! It functioned for me. I had a friend on the site from Morocco with whom I send and receive correspondence. At the beginning, I had difficulty writing correctly, so, I was corrected every time. One year later, she told me about my progress in French. I was delighted by the fact that I had developed proficiency in the language.

Learning a Second language

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Reading your Favorite Novel

Novel | Source

The approach to learning a language

Learning through reading is another effective way to learn a language. Reading your favorite novel in another language can help you learn another language other than your own native language.

When reading a novel in another language, there are some basic techniques you will have to implement. This involves you already have a slight knowledge of the foreign language, but it does not imply the endeavor will not cause you headaches.

If you approach the enterprise with inventiveness, you will be gradually advancing up the learning ladder.

Livribox is a site where you will find lots of book titles. It´s probable that you will find one of your favorite ones there. Given that the book is in another language and could result difficult but not impossible to read, the advantage is that you already know the contents and that will facilitate the learning.

Grammar is Important!

When learning a language at ones own pace it is very important to assess the knowledge of the grammar of the second language. This may prvevent you from making speaking, reading or writing errors. The best way to assess the grammar is to practice it on a writing. You can then check it for possible grammar mistakes.


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