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Why are most people not happy at their job

Updated on March 14, 2016

Before I get into this subject, I want to say to all readers that I'm firm believer that every person who is employed should be grateful for their job.

Too, people should be grateful for their jobs because they never know what could happen on their job. These things could be unexpected layoffs from supervisors, which leads to the company's money is short.

However, I am a firm believer that it's important to be grateful because one might not know if a layoff will happen to him or her ! While writing this article, I want to get to the a question -"Why?". I will say this subject is somewhat tricky.

One of the main reason why most people are probably are not happy at their good paying job or minimum wage job is because most of them have not discovered their true passion in what they love to do in life.

Usually, this could be a talent! I will say that there are some people who are happy with their job, which their job connects with their passion of what they love to do.

Due to so much work, it causes them to be burned out at the job, which can lead to a person not being happy there.If that job is not their passion.

Contrary from that, most people have good and high paying jobs, and probably have a lot of money, which doesn't make them happy.

The reason why most people are not happy at their job that pays well because that job doesn't connect with their passion of what they love to do.

The stress of that particular job can be so great until it causes most people to lose the mindset of being grateful for their job no matter how much money they're making.

Even though most people might have a good paying job, some of them have a fear to leave that job they hate and not search for another job.

This leads to a mindset from most people to believe there isn't another job out there that pays well.

Now, I will speak that most people have discovered their passion what they love to do.At the same time, most people are stuck at a job where they are unhappy to be at.

This is because they desire to move on with what they love to do. Even though they use that job to get what they are going, but they desire to leave that job very soon! This could be a good or low paying job!

This other reason can be sometimes tricky! Why most people are not happy at their job is because of how they are being treated by other employers or the supervisor, or the customer to which causes them not to be happy at their job!

Their mindset is to be angry and bitter at the job due to how they are being treated. In other words, they are in a workplace that they have to deal with difficult employer or a boss.

Sometimes, they had to smile a their supervisor,but deep inside they hate nor don't like their boss, but most of them know that it's important to respect their boss.

The reason why I say that it is tricky because a person might have found their dream job, but they might have to deal with some difficult people.

Even though most people don't want to deal nor fool with the difficult person, it causes their focus to move away to be grateful towards their job, and focused be angry at the person who is not treating them right. Sometimes, this leads to certain thoughts of quitting the job.

However, certain reason can be different with other people of why they feel unhappy. If one feels unhappy at a job,that individual doesn't have the fear to find another job.

Too, one can take the time to discover what they truely love to do! Try to discover what you truely love to do. What is your true passion? What is your passion in what you truely love to do?


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    • dreamer32 profile image

      dreamer32 7 years ago from Mississippi

      I really agree with you in what you have spoken! We should ask ourselves in what we enjoy in life! Thanks!

    • Ms Dee profile image

      Deidre Shelden 7 years ago from Texas, USA

      Great hub! "What is your true passion?" is a question each one of us should ask ourselves :-) Appreciate your reflections, dreamer32!

    • msopinion profile image

      msopinion 7 years ago from Texas

      How very true!

    • dreamer32 profile image

      dreamer32 8 years ago from Mississippi

      Squarix I don't blame you! I am a very firm believer that one should be grateful with their job! Sometimes, I don't know why people complain because they most have something to be grateful about! Unemployement is far worse than being employed.Thanks Squarix

    • Squarix profile image

      Squarix 8 years ago from Illinois

      Great article. Whenever I hear someone complaining about their job, I'm like "me! me! I'll take it!"

    • profile image

      simone hardy 8 years ago

      Excellent article. I do believe what francisfour says that our greatest obstacle is Fear - False Evidence Appearing Real - and it stops us from taking that leap.

    • dreamer32 profile image

      dreamer32 8 years ago from Mississippi

      Francis four I agree with you some people have that fear to leave the job that they hate in order to pursue what they love to do! Thanks for your comment!

    • profile image

      francisfour 8 years ago

      Our greatest obstacle is fear. Fear of running after the very thing you've always wanted and the only job that you can do well because you love it. You just can't wait to get up in the morning and can't wait to quickly close your eyes to start all over again. Great job all around!!!

    • profile image

      kims3003 8 years ago

      GREAT JOB A+++!!

    • dreamer32 profile image

      dreamer32 8 years ago from Mississippi

      Dear dikan, I agree with what you spoken, but that's due to being burnout by which it causes them not to be happy there!

    • dreamer32 profile image

      dreamer32 8 years ago from Mississippi

      Thank you so much paulo for your beautiful comment!

    • dinkan53 profile image

      dinkan53 8 years ago from India

      i think stress plays a leading role in why people are not happy at workplace.any way problems occur when stress is so overwhelming and try to solve all problems is important to keep us moving.

    • profile image

      Paulo Oliveira 8 years ago

      You've got a wonderful and uplifting information to share with us here. Great job!