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What can an Entrepreneur do, story of a farmer

Updated on December 4, 2015
our house
our house
school children walking bare foot
school children walking bare foot

Hard Work for a Living

ours is a very small village far away from city and urban living. I had to stop my education after intermediate as I got married soon. I requested my husband to allow me to continue my studies ,so that I could have a minimum degree of graduation for employment.

Ours is an agricultural family, full of farmers. so I always aspired to work after my education not by taking up a job for a living but to work for social welfare.

I first started a small primary school so as to use my education for the welfare of people in the village. we had no rains for that year.As it was a village full of farmers ,and who had to depend on farming for living ,people stopped sending their children as they couldn't pay their fees.

I didn’t want to trouble them and so, I stopped running the school.

Then I began to worry about my earnings. The small piece of land which we had was taken by the government for road widening. So whatever amount we got from them had to be used for buying land elsewhere. That was the only occupation we knew and so we bought a small piece of land in the outskirts of the village.

It looked like a barren land full of stones, weeds, which had to be cleared. It was almost a jungle. I had to work hard for a couple of weeks to clean it to make it fertile.

We dug bore wells for water and started cultivating sugarcane, onions and most of the land was used for growing paddy.

This went on for a couple of years and then on I thought to extend my business with a diary farm where I bought jersey cows which were hybrid varieties with good production of milk.

jersey cows
jersey cows
a poly house
a poly house
drip irrigation
drip irrigation

My Extended Business

They were very costly but I could get good profits out of my dairy farm. But the problem with them was they had low immunity and I had to spend a lot on their health checkups and medicines for increasing their immunity. I could suffice these conditions.

But later, the market value of cow milk went down which showed a great loss in my business. At the same time there was drought during that year which resulted in low irrigation. My earnings went down again and I had to sell my cows for half the cost price to cope up my living.

Cultivation of crops was now a big deal for me as there was no water for irrigation. I thought for cultivating crops which needed less water. I explored a lot on this and finally found people who guided me to start cultivating “Gerbera” flowers of daisy family which are commonly used for decoration on wedding, functions etc.

These needed a very small area for cultivation and very little water this was what I was in search of. Poly house method had to be used which needed a net as a cover and drip irrigation was also needed.


A markermehdipatnam -
Mehdipatnam, Hyderabad, Telangana, India
get directions

Beauty  of a  Buquet
Beauty of a Buquet

Never Step Back

These flowers usually start blossoming in 3 months but I had to wait 6months but not even a bud smiled at me.

I was confused and again when I consulted one of my friends he taught me some techniques to cultivate them. The result was outstanding.


I started composting the dried leaves and manure from cattle, worms and used them as fertilizer instead of the costly fertilizers available in the market in Mehdipatnam.


Slowly my farm land grew by 20 acres. Now I use some of the land for composting. This is how I have been facing challenges with courage and determination. The flowers blossom every 3 months and the plants live up to 5yrs. They blossom every alternate day. I have planted them in 2 acres of land so I get 1000 flowers daily. These I separate according to the color and put 400 flowers in each pack and sell them in nearby market. Thus I have become an entrepreneur now and guide other farmers who are in the beginning stages of farming.


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