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The Easiest Way to Make Money Online for Newbies

Updated on December 19, 2014

The ultimate model that is best suited for newbies is affiliate marketing. First, it eliminates the need to create your own product upfront, to handle payment processors, to handle customer support or even to process refunds.

You only have to send qualified traffic to the merchant page and wait for commissions while the merchant handles all the transactions involved. this allows you time to learn the basics while making an income along the way.

Despite being the easiest way for newbies to make money online, quite a number of people don't get it right and they of course fail. There are 5 steps involved in building a success ful affiliate business.

1.Niche research: -To start with you have to find a niche where there are people willing to spend money. You can get a useful insight by conducting a simple keyword research. Thinking over your hobbies can also help you because some hobbies actually represents profitable markets. For example, there are many people online lloking for ways to train thie dogs or for healthy food for their dogs.

2.Find affiliate products to offer: - Next you need to scout several afiliate products to offer your target market. You can easily unearth affiliate programs by searching the affiliate directories online or searching on your favorite search engine using "your keywords+affiliate+program". For example you can search for "Pet training+affiliate+program"

3.Drive traffic to your website: - It's true you can make affiliate commissions by sending traffic straight to the merchant page. That is quite okay if you only want an extra revenue stream from your affiliate marketing venture. But this is not advisable if you want to make a steady income online and quit your day job. You need to have a website and build a list of subscribers. Many people ,infact most people, are reluctant to buy a product on their first exposure to it. It's how the world has trained us to be. But with your list, you can promote affiliate products over and over again to them.

4.Build a relationship with your list: - Your relationship with your subscribers is not just about selling them affiliate products. There is more involved than just selling to them. this is where most people get it all wrong. you must give your subscribers useful tips, offer them subscriber-only discounts and benefits and maintain a two-way exchange of information in the form of feedbacks and support for their problems

5. Repeat the whole process in other niche markets: -Once you have made a decent monthly income from your affiliate business.Repeat the process in other niches and watch those affiliate commissions increasing.It is that simple.

You may also want to start developing your own products once you have figured out how things work out online.


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    • profile image

      Kris Malena 8 years ago

      Yes affiliate marketing is the way to make money fast then develop your own product line.