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The Worst Type of Person (Window Sales!)

Updated on June 8, 2012

Salespeople – ugh! It takes a certain type of person to be a salesperson and like any other industry or venture that people get involved in there are good and bad ones. But a bad salesperson is probably the worst of the bunch, pushy, obnoxious and irritating are just 3 of the better words I can use to describe them (there are many more words that I wouldn’t want to pollute my writing with!)

Of this breed of bad sales people – I know most of you will think that the worst are Used Car Salespeople and while I agree they are bad they just aren’t the worst! – the worst have to be the double glazing salespeople.

What is Double Glazing?

Double Glazing for those of you living in warmer climes is simply a window having two panes of glass separated by a barrier of vapour (generally an inert gas) to increase the insulation properties of the window. Good double glazed windows can save you quite a bit of money from heat loss and are definitely a worthy investment

Why are they so bad??

Now the reason that these salespeople are the worst is that generally they are in your home. Unfortunately they need to be do their measurements and also unfortunately you don’t really know what type of slime ball they are until they’ve started talking and you’ve realized that you’re just getting a spiel from them. So far in my search for a competitive “no obligation” quote I’ve had 4 companies come through my door.

The Second

Not to be put off, I thought let’s try another company and see what they say so I did a search online and found some local companies in my area. Once again we had someone come to our house – this time my wife wasn’t present – and this guy was really bizarre. I honestly don’t even remember the name of the company but he started out by telling me how cheap it is to run his car and that his car runs on water not gas?? I really didn’t have a clue what he was on to be honest and after he did a really cursory look at the windows (measuring them by eye and from outside?) he said he’d email me back a quote and then invited me to join him at the pub to discuss his car. Suffice it to say that I declined and I don’t think I’ve yet told the wife about this one ... it was a very strange and surreal experience!

The first

 The first guy & my first experience of this breed of person started out OK to be honest.  He seemed like a nice enough guy – asked lots of questions but seemed to know his job fairly well and took all the measurements and made some good recommendations to us.  His starting price was £8K which was way too much for us and we said so, thanked him for his time and business and expected him to get up and leave.  This was our obvious naiveté speaking!  Instead of getting up and leaving he made several calls to his manager and amazingly the price ended up being about £4K (1/2 of what he initially quoted to us!).  Getting that sort of price would seem like I’m a great haggler but really I’m not ... he just wouldn’t take NO for an answer and kept on reducing the price till we came to one that we would bite at.  I really didn’t like it but was willing to go with it (at one point my wife actually walked away as she was so frustrated!) if we could get it at that price so I bit the bullet and agreed that he could do a credit check on us to see if we could get it on credit.  Unfortunately I was turned down for credit (being as how I’d just arrived in the country more than anything else and as such didn’t have enough of a history) so this didn’t proceed.  I thought that’s fine – we’ll call back in 6-12 months when I had a bit more of a history and get it done then.  The stupid thing?  His company kept on calling ... sometimes 3-4 times/week to ask us if we wanted another quote ... we asked them nicely (and eventually not so nicely) to remove us of their list as we’d discovered in the interim that the company while they would offer good prices didn’t always deliver great service and tended to damage the houses that they did the installation on!  In case you’re curious about the company their name is A****** and they sound very British!  For obvious reasons I won’t be too specific.  J

The Third

So far the only exception to the rule. A knowledgeable, person that could not only advise us of what was available to us, he was also able to make suggestions to save us some money. He gave us details of his company, some referrals for previous jobs that we could speak to and an actual honest to goodness no obligation quote! There was no pressure, no tactics just honesty. His price while more than the 1st guy - £500 – is not too much. We’re going to keep looking but right now this guy is in the front running. If you’re in South Bedfordshire and interested in finding out who this company is please drop me a personal message and I’d be glad to tell you. While we’ve not yet used them (I’ll update this if and when we do) I’d be glad to recommend them from a quoting point of view!

The Fourth

OK, another strange one.  I don’t know what it is about Window Sales people but they seem weird!  This guy came in offering to save us 50% or more of their price if we “qualified” as one of their show homes.  As we’re on a corner plot with some decent traffic I thought ok, not a biggie to see where this is going and maybe save some money too in the bargain ... that’s when it got really strange.  He proceeded to draw a whole bunch of little pictures showing how their advertising differed from the other companies in the industry and how they could offer to save 50% off by doing this and then started asking about the local schools, pubs, groceries etc... to find out what was in the area (my wife caught him out on this and asked why he’s even asking this ... simply by putting in the postal code into any decent online map tool you can easily see what’s around the neighbourhood ... he didn’t really have a response aside from stating that he’s not from around here and needs to ask these questions) ... eventually (20min or so later) he got around to measuring the windows.  He didn’t mention anything about having a fire escape in my son’s room or anything that the 1st and 2nd guy had said that we needed to get done.  Coming back downstairs he proceeded to write up another list of Low, Medium and High and proceeded to tell me all the things that companies on the Low end do wrong, stating that for our windows this sort of a company would charge us £7K - £8K ... that’s when I threw him out.  Aside from my experience with the 1st guy, I also had a local paper showing that a company would do 5 Windows + 1 Door (I have 8 Windows + 1 Door to get fixed) for £1500 ... understanding that this company is at the lower end but its 1/8th of the price he’s quoted ... especially as he admitted that they were at the high/luxury end and would do our windows for £16K or more!!!!  What a joke.

The Fifth and Final

Tomorrow is the last guy. Again from a National company like the first and not only do they do Windows but they also do Driveways which I need doing also. At this point I think I’ve run the gamut of insane salespeople and as I’ve made sure the wife is out, she won’t get frustrated with them either. Hopefully I get a knowledgeable and useful person that doesn’t try stupid pressure tactics on me, but if that’s what happens I know how to throw them out now too! Wish me luck.


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