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How to Become a Wedding Planner - Career, Certification and Job Training Information

Updated on September 16, 2015

How to Become a Wedding Planner

Would you like to know how to become a wedding planner? Here you will find out what you will need to do for becoming a wedding planner, career information, wedding planner salary information and what types of training or certification is necessary for this unique job. What exactly is a wedding planner? Much like a traditional event planner, a wedding planner specializes in planning events ---- specifically weddings. A wedding planner specializes in weddings as his or her business focus. He or she helps couples create a budget and then puts together the couple’s ideal wedding that their budget allows. The wedding planner’s job can entail he or she to put together the whole wedding or to just help with certain elements to putting together the budget for a fee. It solely depends on what a couple wants, can afford and if the planner is able to fulfill the request.

A Career as a Wedding Planner Means that You Must Be Able to Help Create and Stick to Realistic Budgets for Clients

Becoming a Wedding Planner Also Means You Must Be Able to Work Under Pressure

Wedding Planners Help Clients Put Together Dream Weddings within a Reasonable Budget

Personal Assessment

Assess if becoming a wedding planner is an ideal career for you. Do you work well under pressure? Can you juggle multiple clients at a time? Are you a dependable person? Do you get along with most people in general? Can you budget? Are you good with money? To become a wedding planner, you will need strong leadership and people skills. You will also be able be required to possess accounting skills when dealing with money. Clients will heavily depend on you for insuring that their special day is perfect --- you must be dependable or the wedding will become a disaster. Understand that there will be times where clients or vendors may be difficult to get a hold of or even difficult when it comes to making decisions --- thus, this type of job may have periods where you will have to work under pressure and invest many hours into your projects. You must also be a very organized person. Depending on what the specific job entails from the client, you could responsible to all of the tiny details to a wedding day. Lastly, you will need creative skills. When a client tells you what he or she would like for a wedding, you must be able to envision and help the individual(s) fulfill the request. This also means flexibility. You will have requests that you may disagree with or find odd; however, you must be able to put your judgments aside. If you client requests Christmas colors for a wedding in the summer season, you will have to politely inform them that such colors are not appropriate for the specific time of year. If the client still insists, you have to be flexible enough that you can put together the odd request --- even when it may seem very silly to you.

Start with Your Phone Book to Determine Wedding Planner Job Competition

Determining Your Job Outlook for Becoming a Wedding Planner

Research your local area to determine if competition is low or extremely fierce for a career as a wedding planner. To make a decent salary, it will be extremely difficult to do so in an area where there are many other wedding planners in your area. It will also be very difficult to make a livable wage if you live in an area with a small population. Look under “event planning” or “weddings” in the yellow pages of your telephone book to get a rough idea of what you are up against in terms of competition. Consider visiting event venue or hotel websites online that are in your area to help you determine competition. Some venues and hotels may have their own event planners; thus, more competition for a career in wedding planning.

Follow Around a Wedding Planner to See How the Little Details Are Juggled for Putting Together a Wedding

Shadow a Wedding Planner to Make the Final Decision if This Career is Right for You

Shadow at least one wedding planner outside of your area. Of course a wedding planner in your area will be hesitant to allowing you to shadow him or her --- contact one outside of your area that is a two to three hours away. Although you may have to drive a short distance or stay in a hotel a couple of times, it will help you make that final determination of preparing your career as a wedding planner. Offer to help the wedding planner for free in exchange for allowing you to shadow him or her. Why should you shadow a wedding planner? It will allow you to observe what the career will be like for you before you start investing your money into education or business startup expenses. Wouldn't you rather spend a couple hundred dollars and a few days or your time instead of investing thousands and a vast amount of time to only find out that this type of career is not for you?

A College Education Can Help You Start Off As a Wedding Planner on the Right Foot

Training, Schooling and Courses for a Wedding Planner

Consider obtaining a college degree through a traditional brick and mortar college or via online. You can even attend vocational training through accredited schools to help you further your education. Even though college or vocational training is not required to become a wedding planner, it will help you build your resume, portfolio and train you to properly start your business. In addition, you may also make business connections with caterers and other vendors. Business management, hospitality and hotel management related degrees are ideal for becoming a wedding planner. A degree in public relations may also be helpful. Talk to several nearby schools in your area to determine the right options for you. While you are in schooling, consider taking a few business related classes if you choose hospitality or other similar degree. An accounting class will benefit you when the time comes for keeping good recording keeping.

Clients Will Want to See Your Past Work When Planning Weddings

Becoming a Wedding Planner With the Right Portfolio

Help plan local church or non-profit functions in your area. To become certified, you need to build a portfolio of your work. A portfolio will also be used in the future to show prospective clients that you can handle your job. You can also offer to plan weddings for free or very low cost to friends, relatives and acquaintances. Contact a few other organizations in your area --- VFW, Polish National Alliance Clubs, and even Fire Departments hold benefits or fundraisers frequently. Take photographs of events that you put together and ask for letters of recommendations to put into your portfolio. If you are planning a wedding, ask the photographer to sign a release so that you can include the event in your portfolio if he or she gives the “okay” to use pictures that the individual took. 

Wedding Planner Certification is Necessary for Your Career

Wedding Planner Certification

Become certified as a wedding planner.

Contact the Association of Bridal Consultants ( and Weddings Beautiful Worldwide ( for proper assistance so that you are certified by a recognized agency.



How to Become a Wedding Planner


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