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10 Article Ideas for your Direct Sales Blog

Updated on August 14, 2014

If you haven’t read the article on blogging tips for direct sales representatives, you should do so as this article will establish what content to include on for your article posts.

Google is consistently looking for unique, non duplicated content on blogs and websites. The details you include in your content is a key element for being found in the search engine. An article with 750 words or more will contain more information than someone who writes on the same topic with 400 words. Your blog will be the focal page to driving traffic to your website, which will drive prospects to your business. With additional marketing efforts such as social media marketing you will be able to generate leads quickly. This is not a get rich quick effort. With consistent article creation on your blog you will be able to see some results. It may take 3 to 6 months for consistent traffic from Google, but that is just a rough estimate.

Before getting into telling you suggestions on 10 article posts for you blog, here are some brainstorming ideas you can use to get you on track to creating articles.

How to Topics

If someone is doing research on a home business or have an interest in starting one, more than likely they will want to know how it is done. How to articles should be clear and concise in this niche. Outlining your steps to success will help you become an authority in this subject. Readers will want to learn more from you. Your openness with your success and action plan will help interested prospects to learn from your experiences. They may feel inspired by the steps you have taken to achieve success. Their inspiration could lead to you gaining a representative because they have a clear grasp on what it takes to be successful in the industry.


When you answer the questions in these types of article posts you will be giving the reader a glimpse into your personal story. It answers the questions of why you chose your business or why you chose this type of business model. You could answer the benefits of a home business. Your article titles can include: Why are network marketers so successful? Why did I choose this type of business? Although these are generic examples these ideas can be built upon and expanded in detail.


As you are writing think about what makes your business a cut above the rest What makes your business so different? Answering this type of questions in your posts gives readers an overview of the company. If you are doing a review of the company and the benefits you must also include negative feedback that you may have gotten from a team member or a customer that didn’t like the products. This can be done without bashing or revealing any misgivings you may have about the company. You should always remain positive, honest, yet informative.


Giving away free training will have people coming back to your read more articles or view more videos. Having something for free gives a person a way to see if this style of marketing is easy for them. Also, if a representative from another company is having trouble in their business they can receive invaluable advice from someone with proven success.

Never worry about giving away information for free. You want to be seen as a mentor, someone that can be looked to for information. It is important that you understand there are people looking for help and if you can offer the most help, then they will follow you.

After brainstorming these ideas, it is time to get writing. Here are 10 topics ideas that you can write about in your article posts:

Ideas for article post
Ideas for article post | Source

Note: these are suggestions and not meant to be used as an actual post.

How to succeed in network marketing- Use this as a how to guide to help someone that might be new in the business or someone looking to brush up on their marketing.

Ideas to save money on advertising fees- If you are in a direct sales business then advertising will be key to gaining new customers and building your team. Include advice on the best solutions for free advertising and best paid options and how to implement them. Offer low and high end solutions, then come up with something in the middle. You want to appeal to all of audiences with various budgets

How to training- Free, how to trainings are the best way to sponsor new people in your business. This information is valuable and will be shared across social media. How to trainings can be in article form, through a webinar, or video. It is best to create these trainings yourself so that you will be seen as a trusted source. If you use trainings from others it can be viewed as disingenuous.

Video trainings can be done from an iPhone, a good android phone, or a digital camera. If you have a basic movie editor such as movie maker, then you create professional looking videos.

Success stories from your own business- Being personal and entertaining will help to establish relationships with your readers. Include success stories of what is happening in your business.

Success stories from another’s business- If you find an inspirational success story from someone in the company write an article about it. Write about their success and analyze why they were so successful from a marketing perspective. These types of article posts should give you enough articles to able to link them together, which will create more traffic for your site.

Social media advertising tips – Since just about everyone is on social media these days, you have a better chance of sponsoring your next rep through social media than in person. Why? It is because people like to do research. If they can find information about you, your website, and what is happening in your business through social media you will be able to recruit them. I was personally recruited into a business through social media. It really does work.

Why you chose your company- This post is a personal story. You can be as detailed as you want without giving away too much personal information.

What’s new in network marketing- Often times we may hear about what is working in someone else’s business and decide to try their strategies. This is a great topic to write about because it gives more information on marketing and the various ways you can market. Everyone wants to be a part of something new. Therefore, when you write about it make sure it is new, exciting, and that everyone in the business will get results if they try it.

Creative Marketing Strategies –Thinking outside the box is important when it comes to promoting your business. You will get a new way of thinking about things. It will enhance the way that you do your business. These types of strategies will be interesting to someone that is a bit more creative in their thinking. If you have a creative strategy write about it and tell why it works.

Marketing advice – If you have tons of emails with questions on marketing you can use these questions to create articles. Just be sure to include detailed, step-by-step information to help people use your advice immediately. When you help someone, you are helping yourself gain new reps.


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