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10 Best career fields for the future

Updated on September 15, 2012

Gurus around the world suggest living in the moment and not too thinking too much about the future. However, when it comes to career, have an eye on the future helps. Just consider a case in point- if typewriter experts had predicted the growth of computers, they would have updated their skillset and today, most of them wouldn’t be out of jobs.

While you should always do what you are good at and what you enjoy, it is also important to pick a career that is going to see huge growth in the near future. If you haven’t quite decided on a career yet, here are top 10 career fields for the future you might want to explore.

  • Career counselor- With increasing career choices, students are more confused about their careers than before. In fact, it is not just the students. Professionals too are facing a mid-life crisis and looking to explore other career options. That makes career counseling a really hot field to get into.
  • Medicine- India is starting to get recognized for its quality and cheap medical care. In fact, the government is already promoting medical tourism in India. Health care can never go out of fashion. The field is only expected to grow bigger in the next 5 years.
  • Technology- If you thought the tech field has had its golden run, you are wrong. The field is only expected to get bigger in the near future. With our daily lives increasingly dependent on technology, there are a whole lot of opportunities opening up in the field.
  • Market research- More and more start-ups are opening in India. Foreign companies are also looking to set shop in the country. Market research is an important part of business strategy which start-ups as well as large corporations depend upon. If you have research skills, you could expect a world of opportunities for growth.
  • Fitness trainers- People are increasingly concerned about health and fitness. They are always looking for someone to guide them. With more people vying for that celebrity bod, fitness training is already a hot field.
  • Life coach- If you have the oratory skills, you could make a great career as a life coach. With increasing dissatisfaction among people, they are always looking for direction and support in life.
  • Financial consultant- People have more spending power and they are looking for avenues for quick financial growth. With increasing choices for financial products, the average man on the street is often confused. Most depend on the advice of financial consultants to meet their short term and long term goals.
  • Marketing and PR- From the entertainment industry to the corporate sector and beyond, everybody is relying on marketing to get the word out. If you have the right marketing skills in the increasingly online world, you could make a killing in the field.
  • Education- The field may have experienced little growth in the last few years, but it is expected to boom in the near future. As people lose their jobs, or they look for better opportunities, they are more likely to add to their education and skillset.
  • Online branding- Online branding is a whole lot different than offline branding. Most people still haven’t figured it out, which makes it a lucrative field to get into. If you can get a brand attention in the online world, sky is the limit for you in financial terms.


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