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10 Business You Probably Didn't Know Existed

Updated on August 26, 2015

Have you ever dreamed of getting married in the back of a fully decked out van, or having a virtual robot hook you up with your future husband? Probably not, but thanks to companies like The Wedding Wagon and Virtual Dating Assistants, now you can. There are a number of odd jobs popping up all over the country: everything from triple sock companies to cheese sculptors. With all of these companies providing their strange services to the public, money can even buy you love--in a way.

1. Random gift shop

Are you the kind of person who likes to get gifts? Or maybe you just like being surprised? With the Something Store, you can give yourself a gift for only $10. But what about the surprise? You can't give yourself a gift and have it be a surprise, right? Wrong. The Something Store will send you a surprise mystery item that is guaranteed to be either brand new or gently used and refurbished for just $10, and shipping is free within the United States. If you do not live in the United States though, there is nothing to worry about. For the additional cost of shipping, you can even receive a "something" from anywhere in the world. But what is a "something" anyway? According to the Something Store website, a "something" is any item worth up to $10 that can legally be sold and traded within U.S. borders. In other words, a "something" might be a shiny new gadget or a party game, a rare book or a pashmina scarf, a box of chocolates or a set of kitchen knives. A "something" can be anything--that's the beauty of it. It's a surprise so, even though you bought it, you have no clue what it could be.

2. Triple sock company

How many times have you done the laundry and come home only to find that your ten pairs of socks have magically be reduced to eight? You check all around the washer and the dryer, but there is no evidence of your missing socks, and now you are left with only one lonely sock. This sock is now useless to you. There is a serious danger in doing the laundry, but Throx has the solution. For just $10 per pair of socks, Throx sells their socks in sets of three, so you have a back up. Prices vary depending on the design, but one size fits all so they are almost guaranteed to have your next favorite pair of socks in stock. Never again will you be faced with a lonely sock leftover with no partner to keep it company, or the sadness that comes with having to part with your favorite pair of socks with the purple butterflies. For just $10, take the danger out of doing your laundry with Throx.

3. Personalized porn--I mean, romance novels

Do you like to read? Do you have a significant other? Have you ever dreamed of reading a book WITH your significant other ABOUT you and your significant other? Thanks to the husband and wife writing team of Kathy Newbern and J.S. Fletcher, you and your "boo" can be the stars of your own romance novel. Your Novel is a writing company that cleverly offers to insert couples into their own personalized love stories. The idea of Your Novel was born from a lunch date with friends and has since expanded to include over a dozen choices for you and your significant other to choose from. Whether you are looking for a beach theme or an erotic detective story, Your Novel offers a wide variety of themes and exotic locations from all around the world. Available in both paperback and hardback versions, for some extra fees, you can even include your own personalized picture as the cover.

4. Weddings that come to you

Are you looking to get married on a budget? Is your budget less than $200? Who needs a fancy wedding chapel with beautiful bouquets of flowers and hundreds of your closest friends and family members when you can get married in the back of a van with a couple complete strangers. For just $129, the Wedding Wagon provides you with a full mobile wedding in the back of one of their vans. Founded in Las Vegas, the Wedding Wagon will meet you at any location of your choice with a minister, a witness, and their decked out wedding van. For just a few extra hundred dollars, you can even arrange to meet at more unique locations, like Red Rock Canyon State Park or the patio of a fancy restaurant. One step up from a court wedding and about a million steps down from a traditional wedding, the Wedding Wagon is your "compromise". She may kill you right after the vows, but at least you got off cheap.

5. Virtual dating assistant to "hook you up"

Dating after college can prove to be a challenging and near impossible endeavor. With all of the restrictions on dating within the office and no real means of meeting new people otherwise, do not leave your future husband or wife up to chance or the pickings of a bar. Instead, let Virtual Dating Assistants pick your next boo-to-be. This team of dating experts takes care of everything from which online dating sites you should use to setting up the first in-person date, both time and location. You don't even have to lift a finger beyond signing up. Cost is determined by your personal dating needs, with a free 20-minute consultation period to figure out what it is you are looking for and how much help you will need. Get work done while your virtual dating assistant conducts interviews with local singles in order to find your perfect match. Virtual Dating Assistants collect information on the person's goals, interests and more, all while building a profile for you to observe at your convenience. Once your assistant has determined your interest, he or she will break the ice FOR you with some introductory e-mails. After all, who needs human interaction when you can just pay someone to be social for you.

6. Fantasy dating--like fantasy football, but for girls

Have you ever heard of that shady game some guys play where they earn points based on how many girls they can "get with"? Ten points for weaseling your way under her blouse. Fifty points if you do her and ditch her. Well, the Fantasy Dating Game is kind of like that, but for girls. Created by Suzanne Casamento as a solution for girls who complain about their lackluster love lives, this games is the grown-up version of "Truth or Date" for competitive girls who may not be looking for a relationship but "just want to have fun". In this game, girls earn points for flirting, slipping numbers and hooking up with cute guys. Depending on how you use it, this site can be used to empower women by getting them to take the initiative and take charge of their own love lives. Rather than wait for your next boyfriend to come to you, the Fantasy Dating Game helps you learn to find him on your own.

7. Rent-a-chicken

Have you ever thought about raising chickens but were not sure whether or not you would be cut out for the task? Or maybe you are just curious and want to see what it's like to be a farmer for one summer. Rent-A-Chicken is an odd business that was started by a husband and wife team from Traverse City, Michigan. For just $250, this couple will deliver everything you need to care for a brood of hens right to your front door so that you can spend a few months running your own mini-farm. After all, you never know what you are capable of until you have tried. Rent-a-chicken is not the only strange rental company available to the public. In fact, other countries have similar services that allow ordinary citizens to test run their own farms. While such a service may seem strange and unnecessary to one person, the same service may be incredibly useful to another and, believe it or not, there is a sufficient market for test chicken farming.

8. Hangover Helpers

Did you ever have one of those wild nights in college where you threw a HUGE party and then woke up too hung over to function? Or maybe you had this happen to you some time in your thirties--there's no judging here. Two college students from Boulder, Colorado have the solution for you. They call themselves the "Hangover Helpers", and they are completely and totally willing to clean up after your huge party while you focus on coming down from that ear splitting headache of yours. For a price, the Hangover Helpers will fix up your house or apartment while causing you as little pain as possible. Armed with breakfast burritos and Gatorade to help you bring down that hangover, they will take care of everything from recycling your beer bottles to doing the dishes. With the market for this service proving to be quite endless, the Hangover Helpers have been featured in Forbes Magazine and have amassed quite the wealth.

9. Reserve a spot in Heaven

Do you believe in a Heaven? Maybe you are an atheist but you are big into having back-up plans "just in case". After all, what if you are wrong about whether or not there is a God and you just want to make sure that--no matter what--you are assured a space in Heaven? Reserve a Spot in Heaven has the perfect solution to your indecisive religious ways. For just $15, you can make sure that there is a place in Heaven waiting for you. Created as a gag gift, many people feel that this service makes a mockery of religious, but their opinions have not stopped Reserve a Spot in Heaven from raking in the money (Link 3). Featured on top name sites like USA Today and Fox News, this strange service has actually managed to stay in business for a number of years. The company even promises that if you somehow do not make it to Heaven, they will refund your $15. That's a 100% guarantee.

10. Cheese sculptors--for all your cheese sculpting needs

Does anyone really have any cheese sculpting needs? This can't really be a thing, can it? Yes. You read this right. There is a woman who calls herself Sarah "The Cheese Lady" who has actually managed to create a thriving business out of sculpting giant cheese sculptures for--well--people who need giant cheese sculptures. It turns out that this is not an uncommon need, as Sarah "The Cheese Lady" has received requests from state fairs, sporting events, and cheese and wine festivals. Her strange and cheesy skills have earned her national fame as a top cheese sculptor and transformed her weird business idea into a booming success. So next time you need a giant cheese sculpture of Mount Rushmore, you can call Sarah "The Cheese Lady" and she will turn your dream into a reality.


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    • Marisa Lahm profile imageAUTHOR


      3 years ago from Lawrence, KS

      @Amanda108 Haha! The Something Store does sound kind of intriguing. I thought that myself.

      Thanks! :)

    • Amanda108 profile image


      3 years ago from Michigan, United States

      This is a really entertaining list!

      I'm actually intrigued by The Something Store - $10 isn't much to pay for the amusement it would bring me just to try it out once. And hey, maybe I'd actually get something decent!

      I can see how many people (people I know, even) would be amused by the "reserve a spot in heaven" concept. It actually seems like it would be just as commonly used as a fun gag gift from one religious person to another or to an atheist friend rather than as a mockery. As a Christian myself I can see the humor; I'm just pretty cheap when it comes to gag gifts and couldn't see spending $15 on one!

      Fun hub!


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