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10 Characteristics Necessary for an Effective Manager

Updated on November 20, 2011

Effective Management

1. Positive Attitude- Management who displays positive attitudes, are more likely to encourage their employees and create a positive and more productive work environment.

2. Customer Service- Providing customer service to clients or customers is extremely important, however, providing to fellow employees and staff members is equally just.

3. Organization- Management, who displays organization, will allow for more productivity and less task related issues.

4. Motivation- Management must be able to motivate both themselves and employees. Without proper motivation, expectations should be much lower.

5. Team Player- By displaying their willingness to take action and work as a team, fellow employees will be more willing to do tasks that they know their management will perform as well.

6. Leadership- As with all management, leadership is extremely important so that direction and task distribution will handed out, as well as disciplinary action when necessary, and problem solving skills.

7. Innovative/Creative- By not being afraid to try new tactics or procedures, both management and employees may find new ways to keep from going “stale” and not losing interest in a job, or even create a more efficient pattern to do a certain task.

8. Ability to Remain Calm- In the event of any type of problem such as an emergency or even an employee conflict, management must be able to remain calm to handle the issue at hand.

9. Dependable- If a manager is not reliable; employees may lose trust or even begin to follow the same negative pattern.

10. Effectively Resolve Conflicts- When a conflict makes itself known, it is imperative that management be able to resolve it immediately with as little time as possible to prevent any type of escalation.


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