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10 Characteristics of an Effective Leader

Updated on February 15, 2018
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Margaret Minnicks has been an online writer for many years. She researches and shares remedies for using certain products for illnesses.

All leaders are not created equal. Some people are not effective leaders just because they have the title in their companies, schools, churches, or other organizations.

All leaders do not lead the same way, and there is nothing wrong with that as long as they have the same goal in mind while focusing on the company and the people he works with.

Look at the four leadership styles, and then read about the ten characteristics of an effective leader.

Leadership Styles
How He Leads
Is a self-starter but focuses mostly on self rather than the group
Is analytical and pays close attention to detail
Involves entire team in decision making
Serves best by being a leader for a team

1. Invest in Others

It is a very poor leader who doesn't invest in the people he is leading. Effective leaders recognize and value the gifts and talents of the people around him. An effective leader is not intimidated by the people he works with because he is confident with what he has to do.

A leader should be a good example for followers and train them so they can be equipped to take his place and do what he does in his absence.

2. Shares Information

It is a bad leader who withholds information from others for fear that someone else will take his job. An effective leader knows that sharing information makes his team much stronger instead of weaker.

3. Displays Integrity

An effective leader is loyal to his organization and the people he leads. He doesn't lie to them or keep them in the dark about what is going on.

While no one is perfect, a good leader should be one with a good character and lifestyle. After all, people love to follow good leaders.

The above photo shows just some of the qualities of a good leader:

  • intelligent
  • honest
  • creative
  • confident
  • driven
  • courageous

4. Makes a Difference

Effective leaders should make a difference for his organization and the people he oversees. A good leader should have a balance of desiring good things for his organization and wanting good success for the people he works with.

5. Is Dependable

There is nothing worse than a leader who is not dependable. He should be a person who can be counted on. His people should know that he will show up on time and keep his promises.

A good leader follows through on what he is supposed to do and follows up on what he has assigned others to do.

Also, a good leader should be committed to his job in order for others to be committed as well.

6. Helps Others Succeed

Good leaders are not jealous of those he works with. In fact, he should aim for others to succeed instead of trying to hold them back. Some leaders are afraid others will get ahead of them and eventually get their job. Therefore, they keep their employees from advancing.

7. Looks Out for the Good of All

Leaders who are not sure of themselves and their worth do not love and value others who are working along with him. In fact, he takes credit for good things others do and blames them for his mistakes.

An effective leader should share the compliments by realizing that some projects are group efforts.

8. Stays Up to Date

A good leader stays up to date on what affects his company. He stays in the know about new techniques and methods that are available to enhance his organization. He grows by reading, attending conferences and workshops.

Not only should he share the information with his employees, but he should allow them to attend conferences and get training to keep them up to date just as he is kept up to date.

9. Is Available and Approachable

An effective leader has an open door policy. That means he should be able to be available to his employees. He shouldn't isolate himself from those who work for and with him.

Not only should the leader be available and accessible, he should also be approachable. He should be willing to receive input from others.

10. Be a Visionary

An effective leader should be a visionary and sees what's ahead for the organization. He should plan ahead and have an idea about what will happen in the future.

He will not know for certain, but he should have something in mind about the way the organization is headed.

Leadership Skills

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