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10 Essential Habits of Highly Successful People

Updated on April 2, 2018
Elijah Tornaziba profile image

Elijah is an investor, Entrepreneur, Brand Manager and Brand Consultant.

You sometimes wouldn’t know it with how successful some people are, but we all actually operate under the same time limit of 24 hours every day. So there must be certain qualities, habits or traits that separate successful individuals from those that aspire to be like them.

People aren’t really born with the success gene the way a lot of people make it out to be, success is a choice. Success comes from a commitment to certain things as opposed to waiting for our luck to turn. While there are many traits found in the lives of the most successful people in the world, we’ll look at the most basic ones, at least those habits that anyone can start with.

1. They Study Constantly.

Successful people make it a priority to study, they are constantly learning new things from books, videos, audios, from other successful people. Ignorant people will always fail, you can’t truly succeed in any field without making learning and improving your level of understanding of that area a priority. How much knowledge and information you have on any particular area improves your chances of making better decisions when confronted with issues on that subject.

2. They Know How To Discipline Themselves.

Don’t buy into videos and pictures of the rich and famous partying, these people have schedules that they follow, and contracts they have to honor, you cannot succeed without discipline, and cannot make significant progress without self-control, it’s just not possible. There really is a right time for everything, you have to know it and stay committed to it, doing whatever you want when you want rarely produces good results.

3. They Know How To Communicate.

Communication is a skill necessary for everyone, good ideas aren’t enough. The best ideas can be meaningless if they can’t be communicated to others, being able to communicate your feelings , believes and ideas effectively is an extremely important trait to have not just on a business level but also in our personal lives as well, the level of our communication skills both verbal and non-verbal communication will often determine not just how far we go in life but also a lot of the type of problems we encounter and how quickly we can solve them.

4. They Aren’t Controlled By Emotions.

Everyone has feelings, everyone experiences setbacks and disappointments. Not everybody it to affect them or how the handle their business. People who can look at the facts behind every issue or problem and make conscious decisions based on that, are less likely to make mistakes or decisions that negatively affect their business or their lives in general than people who throw tantrums and believe in letting their emotions dictate the agenda for their lives.

5. They Remain Persistent.

How much people allow setbacks and disappointments affect their mind sets heavily affects the level of success that they achieve, winning is what matters. A few loses along the way, or even more than a few failures won’t deter them, they keep trying until they get their desired results. Winners keep pushing until they get what they want, not what life give to them.

6. They Think Things Through.

Being guided by our impulses and first thoughts are a sign of immaturity and a life filled with failures, things are not always what they seem at first. The most successful people take out time to think about things properly and won’t be rushed by anything or anyone into making decisions, until they believe they are ready.

7. They Learn From Their Failures.

Everyone has failed at something, people fail all the time, and it can be really painful, ever time. Some learn from it, some quit because of it. Learning from our failures isn’t a subconscious decision, you have to make up your mind to go back to your past mistakes and learn from them, ask yourself “what could have you done differently, or maybe even better”.

8. They Remove Distractions.

Distraction could be things or even people that affect our level of productivity, successful people know you shouldn’t ignore any type of distraction you can eliminate from your life.

9. They Foster The Right Type Of Relationships.

You don’t learn how to win from failures, don’t learn how to grow from people who are currently stagnated or people who blame everything and everyone for their failures. Successful people aren’t friends by accident they make a conscious decision to be close to certain types of people whether it be in there personal or business lives. Successful identify he right type of people for them and begin to properly nurture that relationship.

10. They Are Grateful.

Nobody gets to the top alone and on their own, nobody stays there alone. For you to succeed you have to work with people. Being grateful to people is a choice that comes from real gratitude and an appreciation for the contributions people have made in your life, showing gratitude to everyone that has helped you get this far will always put you in a better position, not just to receive help for those same people but also from others. Most people like doing favors for people who can show a little gratitude, no matter how small someone’s contribution to your life is, smart and successful people understand that gratitude matters a lot in life.

© 2018 Elijah Tornaziba


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