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10 Free Marketing Tools

Updated on January 10, 2010

Using free resources to save money online. Could it really help

Considering the amount of companies rising online charging people an arm and a leg to utilize their services, it would be very refreshing to have a free alternative. Luckily there are many services online that offer free tools that are similar to those that many people spend money on. Free resources online can cover anything from advertising to graphic editors. Have a look at these free to use marketing tools.

Free resources are not alien to the paid industry. Using these resources on a regular basis may lead to a better life for many individuals who spend a healthy amount of time and money in internet marketing. View all options carefully. Alternative doesn't mean that it won't meet up to the expectations of the original path you decided to take. Always put your finances in front of selfish judgment. Keeping your eyes open for a better path is the correct way to leading a successful home based business campaign. Choose wisely and you shall receive things you have never imagined.

Article Submission Helper Logo
Article Submission Helper Logo
Article Submission Helper in action
Article Submission Helper in action

1.Article Submission Helper

This has got to be the best free article submission software available online. This software allows you to submit your articles to 150+ article directories automatically. Not only that, but it also submits unique copies of every article you submit, lowering the chances of receiving duplicate penalties. You may also update the software with custom directories, allowing you to dramatically increase your one-way backlinks and build your online presence within the search engines. These sites generate traffic for websites and you have access to hundreds, maybe even thousands of article directories (depending on how many websites you update the software with). The sky's the limit with this software.

This software not only auto-submits, but it also auto-registers. Although you must confirm each registration by clicking the links within your email account, you will save hours, probably days of registration time. The only problem with this software is that some sites listed within may distribute malicious codes but other than that this software is a beautiful product for those who are looking to save money and time on their article submission campaign.



Click Tale is a very useful tool online. It gives you a better understanding on how your visitors interact with your website. This tool allows you to record your visitors browsing sessions and view heat maps that show detailed visitor scrolling behavior, and analyze how visitors interact with links and buttons. Analyze user hesitations, clicks, forms, and what pages they abandon. You record movies of your visitors browsing sessions. You can use this information to make changes to your website based on detailed information that will allow you to make proper changes that are based solely on your visitors interaction with your website.

There are different payment plans for this program. Click Tale has a free edition to their program, not a free trial. Of course with free you get less, but it will allow you to take full advantage of your website, giving you insight from the visitor themselves.

Drawter Beta Tool
Drawter Beta Tool


Website design is hard. Drawter allows you to "literally draw your website". After the site has been drawn, you will be able to print out the HTML and CSS code. Once you are finished drawing your website, just paste the code within your website and enjoy your website. Sign up is free.

The internet is a diverse universe, filled with people who have explored things online that you have yet to come in contact with. Such things may include reviews on programs that you may be thinking about using. There are quite a few websites that mention the great technology of Drawter. How about you take a look and view what these people have to say about this wonderful tool. It should give you insight on how successful you could be if you decide to use this tool to build your webpages. As you may know by now, in the internet world, first impressions are everything.

Notice the little graphic beside some domains within the URL bar such as Google and Hubpages? Those are called favicons. Now you can create a favicon for your website as well. allows you to create your very own favicon online. You may draw, choose the colors and more. Its a very detailed tool that gets to the deep things on creating favicons such as the pixel by pixel design. You can download it to your computer once you are done.


Eudora Pro Email Software
Eudora Pro Email Software

Eudora Pro is a free email software. It is considered to be the best email software of all time, whether being free or a paid product. This free tool is great for anyone marketing their business through email marketing, or for those who happen to have a large mailing list and they want to share some form of information with them. Unlike other free email software out there, this comes with all functionabilities.

Some people may feel that Eudora Pro is difficult to set up. The problem with email software is that its hard for anyone who doesn't know the technical stuff to set it up properly. If for some reason you have trouble finding out how to properly set up your email using Eudora Pro to lead a successful email marketing campaign, you may always search the internet on how to set up Eudora Pro.


Adlandpro logo
Adlandpro logo

This is a free advertising website. It allows you to get your URL's submitted to 9,500+ sites very quickly. This will come in handy for those looking to increase their search engine rankings and backlinks.

While Ad land Pro is a great website to use to build one-way links, it also has the problem with spam. As with any free advertising website program online, you will have to deal with a little bit of a spam problem. Don't worry, its not that serious. Just use a disposable email account to be sure to avoid having a whole bunch of spam mail piling up inside your inbox.

Some of the websites associated with this program also have trouble with their security, allowing a threat to privacy. These sites don't ask for any personal information that can't be faked. All you have to do is use some sort of virtual sandbox security to protect your computer from any viruses/malicious codes that you may have the chance of receiving in the process of using this free traffic service.

G-Lock Fast Directory Submitter
G-Lock Fast Directory Submitter

7. G-Lock Fast Directory Submitter

One of my personal favorite tools to use when doing search engine optimization. This free tool allows you to submit your website to hundreds of directories built in the software. You have the "express submission" (automatic submission, capcha required) or "manual submission".

Its a great product for those looking to increase website traffic and search engine optimization, while keeping the money in their pocket. You will have fun with this software. Its quick, easy, and best of all, its free.

Pop Ups. See how annoying that looks?
Pop Ups. See how annoying that looks?

8. Pop-Up and Window Maker

Note that pop-ups are very annoying and could cause you to lose customers. Using this tool properly can generate a lot of sales for your campaign. I never used pop-ups so I wouldn't be able to tell you how to properly use it but I have heard many success stories about people who market their products using pop-ups.

There are many pop-up and window maker tools online. Some of them are extremely expensive, others are free of charge. The following link listed below is a freeware software that I found on the internet that will enable you to build your very own pop-ups for your website.

Freeware Pop-up and Window Maker

E-Board. Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students Online
E-Board. Connecting Teachers, Parents, and Students Online

9. E-Board

This is not free. Its actually a free trial but I found it to be very useful. For those who have information that they want to share to the world but don't want to create a website, they can get their own virtual clipboard to post their information to the internet. This virtual board lets you post information, photos, videos, etc. You can allow a third party to post their belongings too.


Mashon. Comic and Cartoon Creator
Mashon. Comic and Cartoon Creator

Have an interest in comics or cartoons? This application allows you to create comics online. This application comes complete with tools specialized for cartoon and comic book designing. It’s free, but you must pay a small fee to get a printed copy of your work.

Don't expect to create something like The Watchmen or anything with this website. Its kind of like a child friendly website that allows you to create only child friendly comics. Take your time, experiment with the website, and utilize it to the fullest, taking advantage of all the great features that it offers. It will keep you occupied for hours. Its extremely fun and addictive.


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    • Singaporean profile image


      6 years ago from Singapore

      Great post!

      Eudora! Man, I remember Euroda, used to be my email client back then.. but I've sinced moved on to using webbased emails like Gmail, Yahoo.. Great that they are still around :)

    • profile image

      Jon the Marketing Consultant 

      8 years ago

      I also have to put my hand in the air and give my vote for Clicktale here

      It helps to have a decent amount of traffic to make use of the features but, the heat-maps and site overlay features are awesome.

    • warrioRR profile image


      8 years ago from Rawalpindi Pakistan

      Information is great

      Special the G-Lock Fast Directory Submitter

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      I use clicktale to show me my visitors journey through my site. There are heatmaps of all sorts, real time videos and all sorts of aggregate behaviour analysis to keep me busy!

    • mr williams profile imageAUTHOR

      mr williams 

      8 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia


      As far as being penalized, maybe. I have yet to have that problem, but just in case you do, you may want to cut the amount of directories you submit in half or so.

      I have yet to find any software that is free to submit to social bookmarking websites, but you can use Onlywire Bookmarklet to submit your website(s)/blog(s) to 30 social bookmarking websites free, and automatically. The only problem is you have to register for every website on that list, but its well worth it.

    • johnruizborja profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      one more thing sir, do you have any link for a free bookmarking site submitter?

    • johnruizborja profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you for the info sir.. I already figured it out and it;s really cool!

      Just a question, wouldn't I be penalized by Google if I submit my site to 150 directories in one day? I have already submitted one of my sites to about 100+ directories this morning and I'm afraid if I can be penalized?

    • mr williams profile imageAUTHOR

      mr williams 

      8 years ago from Norfolk, Virginia


      There is a free version and there is a paid version. You have to create a campaign first, filling out all of the information that they ask for, then you will be able to freely submit. The upgrade is merely to obtain more directories to submit to, but the software is free and you can submit to 100+ directories using the free version of the software.

    • johnruizborja profile image


      8 years ago from Philippines

      I tried Fast Directory submitter but is it really free? because it is asking for an upgrade and I cannot submit to any directories.

    • eovery profile image


      8 years ago from MIddle of the Boondocks of Iowa

      I appreciate all your website that help like this one.

      Keep on hubbing!


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