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10 Great CV tips

Updated on September 8, 2009
cv tips
cv tips

Great CV Tips Introduction

Great CV tips of there are many.

Which are the best CV tips that are going to help you get the job you want?

How do you make sure your employability is raised to a maximum?

10 Tips listed here, no nonsense, hard hitting, and guranteed to give results.

Follow the steps below, and you will be guaranteed a job.

1. The Law of Averages tip.

Using the law of averages, you can be guaranteed to put the chances well into your favour.

First thing to do, is to create a spreadsheet

A spreadsheet will allow you to track & record all the avenues you are looking at.
Don't expect to try 3 job interviews and then receive 2 offers.
The best way to think is to try 100 jobs at a time, and figure out how many interviews you get from that. If your looking at this amount of jobs, then a spreadsheet is the first thing you need to keep organised.
It doesn't have to be fancy, all you need is the

name of the job in the first column.

Second Coloum can contain the contact details.

Third Column Will have the date of application.

Forth Column has follow up call

Fifth job is current outcome

Now your ready for your "military precision" job campaign.

2. As many Jobs / Opportunities as possible

Instead of thinking about the job your looking for, consider thinking of it as an opportunity.

This way it has more value & meaning. It is an opportunity, as once you have it, it will provide you with new income, new relationships, new possibilities.

Maybe you've already been used to job hunting, and looked at maybe 5-10 a week.

Ok, this now changes, you now have to look at 100 a week.

Hard work you say? Well finding a job is your full time job, so expect to work hard.

Collect together as many opportunities as possible, this includes the following:

  • Registering on 15 internet job sites.
  • Collecting togther weekly all the newspaper advertising for jobs.
  • Checking your local Job centre
  • Registering with EVERY recruitment agency in your telephone directory.
  • Figuring out which business in your city have a large people turnover.

This might seem like alot of work but its only 2 days full time work really.
You are now armed with a spreadsheet to track everything you collect.Once you reach the 100 mark, start a new sheet, and work towards your next 100.

3. Multiple CV Templates

Ok, on to your CV.

Most people will create 1 CV. Send it to everyone, and hope it works.

What your going to do, is break down all the types of jobs you will be applying for into 5-6 categories. Then make a CV to fit that category exactly.

If your for example in the business of PC support, and your applying for face to face pc support jobs, then emphasise your face to face communication experiance.

However, if your at the same finding there are some PC support roles which are mostly telephone based, then create a seperate CV to match this.

You might think, this will take me ages!!! But you only need to first create a generic one, and then adjust it with your tweaks in 5 versions.
Keep your generic one to, as if you spot a must have job, you can then make a really personalised attempt for that one especially.

4. Expecting Your Dream Job?

Don't expect to easily find that dream job.

Expect to work through your system thoroughly, and you wont be disappointed with any offers you don't receive. This will keep your self esteem high, as your start to realise how good you are at managing your time, and gaining experience in interviews.

5. First Time Follow ups.

After you've sent your CV's and been to any job Interviews, you will want to keenly follow up to check the progress of your application, so you can remove it from your list.

Keep your spreadsheet updated with quick notes as you work your way through it.

Also, multiple follow ups are perfect for recruitment agency jobs.

Recruitment agency's are always looking for good reliable staff for contracts, their problem is recognising them. So if you call them 3 times a week to check on new opportunities, when 1 does come up, you'll be first to hear about it. If only to shut you up!!


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    • bowlerhat profile image

      bowlerhat 5 years ago from Birmingham, UK

      Number 3 is such good advice. People so often send the same bland CV to all the different roles they apply for.

      If you're not targeting your CV to the job-role, forget it!

    • profile image

      Cv Examples 6 years ago

      This was a very well-written and enjoyable post to read.Thanks for the info sharing with us.The way you have described all the things are superb. Keep it up.