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10 Great Examples of Non-Profit Marketing

Updated on July 4, 2017

How you approach your potential donors and with the right campaign can go a long way in establishing a relationship with them.

Here are some examples of great non-profit marketing:-


A software developed by Coleman Group Consulting, Chicago, after having worked with non profits extensively, GiveCentral can effectively raise funds for multiple events for the organizations listed with them. It is essentialy a donation tracker tool that promises to offer all the features of a donor management system at pocket friendly cost. It's embedded donor communication feature, helps business managers, educational institues and churches raise donation and increase donor base by segmenting them, and communicating with them regularly using free pre-set templates. This platform has helped participating parishes with 323 % increase in donations around festive events.


Make a Wish foundation has successfully existed since 1980, when it was first founded by helping a boy become a police officer. The organisation has since then helped many kids have their dreams realized. Whether it is a wish to meet their idol; celebrity or others, or if it is to travel internationally, make a wish foundation has helped kids realize their wishful dreams.

This has not only created an immersive brand value for the organisation but has also help in publicising the story based campaigns strategy which not only helps understanding the nature of the charity but the create an empathy to the cause it supports.

They share their stories on their YouTube channel, Facebook, Twitter and also publish all the wishes that were granted on their website.

Save the Children UK

There are many charitable organisations that are forthcoming when it comes to helping children across the world. While it is struggle for many of these non-profits to appeal to people to donate for their cause, it particularly becomes more difficult when you can’t explain the need of children suffering overseas. While people may empathise with a child’s problems, most disassociate themselves with their plight in other countries.

Save the Children UK came out with a brilliantly touching video in 2014. The video basically chronicles the whole year of change in a little Syrian girl’s life. How her life from a beautiful birthday celebrations at home to surviving war incidents and ending up in a refugee camp birthday.

The video has garnered a lot of views and subsequently raised supporters for the organisation. Save the Children works in several countries across various nations.

SOS Children’s Village Norway

It is often hard to relate the message of children plight to other people. The fact that lots of kids are not living in a suitable living condition with their biological parents is hard to make understandable.

There is a new trend that has been doing circles in terms of video content sharing on social media. The social experiments have resonating effect on the social media. When people see how society in general has been acting in a morally diverse way, they find a place to make a stand.

SOS Children’s Village Norway utilised similar concept for their media campaign. A lonely boy without warm clothes is sitting on a cold seat in a cold weather as people walk past him, a few offer help though. This video has raised a lot of concern for children suffering right now in our own society.

Best Friend

Best Friend Animal Society is a non-profit that aims at providing homes for homeless cats and dogs. The organisation has been active since 1984 and has provided shelter for lots of animals into warm loving homes.

They devised a clever marketing campaign which incorporated the use of user-generated content. Their app MyDogID lets you take a picture of yourself and then the app, with help of facial recognition finds a dog the matches with you. The app also encourages people to share the photos in social media. This has generated a lot of genuine interest in the population about the cause.


Italy’s National Association of People with Down syndrome released a powerful video that highlighted the plight and society’s detachment of people with Down syndrome. The video portrays an expectant mother’s dilemma of having a child with Down syndrome. She wonders what life her child will have. Then the video features 15 children with down syndrome who answer her queries.

CoorDown’s ‘Dear Future Mom’ has impacted people of all generations. Not only does it creates empathy but also helps to understand the social situations in which people with Down syndrome find themselves in. The powerful message resonated with the viewers and propelled support for the organisation.

Charity Water

Upon reaching its five-year anniversary, Charity Water launched a campaign to thank its supporters. Basically they asked their staff to create personal content and publish them online that will enable them to connect with their supporters.

With the freedom to come up with any content they wanted the staff were easily able to connect with their supporters. The charity requested to raise money for buying new drill rigs that will provide clean water to 40,000 people in Northern Ethiopia.

But they instead raised about $1.2M and were able to buy two rigs. This is just an example of how powerful marketing can change the game for a non-profit vastly.


Non-profit organisation Truth teamed up with Vine and Instagram to launch a marketing campaign to raise awareness about social smoking. They effectively used the popular meme ‘#BeLike’ to discredit the attraction related to social smoking.

Big Tobacco BeLike campaign was played on national television and was targeted towards the age demographic of 18 to 24. In a recent poll there was a considerable increase in awareness among teenagers about casual smoking and how it connected to Big Tobacco. This in turn reflects the decrease in smoking habit among teenagers.


The two tools than can be used effectively to raise awareness towards the cause of a charity are effective storytelling and the power to make it into a visually stunning campaign.

KeepAmericaBeautiful did that with powerful visual storytelling with its ‘I want to be recycled’ campaign. It tells the story of how a plastic bottle can become a park bench and how aluminium can potentially become crucial part of a building. Attaching personal story of the objects the campaign put a humane touch to otherwise an all scientific approach to recycling.


CrowdRise came up with a brilliant marketing campaign by using perfectly using augmented reality to their benefit. On their ‘Giving Tuesday’ campaign they introduced a virtual ‘Giving Tower’ on supporter’s mobile phone. Just by placing the camera of the phone on a flat surface the public could view the tower, which grew taller with each donation made.

As the tower grew it unlocked video content for the viewers to get knowledgeable about the different causes they supported across the world. In the end the campaign raised upto $6M.

American Civil Liberties Union

Recently amazon came with an innovative way to make buyers buy more frequently. The marketed their physical buttons which can be placed say over a washing machine so that when the detergent gets over you can simply touch the button to order more detergent.

Designer Nathan Pryor in collaboration with American Civil Liberties Union used this concept at its best. Basically what it allows you to do is that every time a person is dissatisfied with their President they can click or slap this button and $5 will be donated to ACLU from their account.

ACLU promises to use legal means to protect the rights of the citizen. With this brilliant marketing they saw a spike in donations. For example in a single weekend the donations peaked at $24M which was six times the annual average.

We have seen the importance of a great marketing strategy. The importance of visual content has been emphasized in most. Visual content of marketing can go a long way in communicating the brand of the non-profits.

Studying these strategies not only in the way of how they are executed but also in the way how they are promoted can be very educational.


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