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Nail Technician Marketing -11 Habits of a Successful Nail Technician

Updated on September 10, 2017

Nail Technician Marketing Success Tips

Not all nail technicians are created equal. While nail technicians both successful and not so successful all have one goal in mind.... to make a career out of what they love doing... Some nail techs just know exactly what it takes to bring in clients and keep them coming year after year... and others haven't a clue.

However, all hope is not lost for nail techs struggling to make their passion a career. Simply following the footsteps of a successful nail tech will put a struggling nail technician on the road to success.

If you are looking to turn your Nail Tech business into a thriving career this article will help you understand what the successful Nail Tech's are doing to make a full-time living at what they love to do.

You see, all successful nail tech's have one thing in common. They have a good balance of Marketing and Nail Care skills. These 2 together will put any nail tech ahead of the competition. A nail tech that knows how to market her/his business will out grow and crush the nail tech that is only good at nail care!

Take a look at the Habits of successful Nail Techs:

Successful Nail Techs Habits Revealed! Top 11

1. Knows Sales and Marketing - Understands how to market their business both offline and online.

2. Continuing Education -Gets license for other beauty services that compliments nails. Such as eyebrow waxing and lip waxing. Has a library of nail tech books to keep up the latest beauty trends, news and reference.

3. Exceptional Customer Service- Handles customer concerns promptly and respectfully. Gets clients in and out in a reasonable amount of time.

4. Over deliver on Service- Gives the client more than what she/he was expecting.

5. Creative with marketing and nail skills- Creates ways to generate clients with flyer's, brochures, Facebook, Youtube and the like. Works on creating hot new designs or nail application techniques to keep clients excited. Always being a trend setter in the industry.

Nail Technicians Are Awsome!

6. Prompt -Never late for appointments (without good reason).

7. Professional - Always carrying themselves as an authority in their industry, dresses for the job, Has business cards and....

8. Has a Website - Displays work and services on the website . Has a mailing list sign up form on site. Provides web address on business cards , fliers and Brochures.

9. Has a Product - Either their own or one that she/he promotes. (Creates another stream of income).

10.Maximizes her/his time- spends most time between clients focusing on generating new clients. Sending emails to clients. Calling on clients not seen in a while. Aims to talk to at least 3-10 new folks a day about nail care or coming in for service.

11. Attentive to health concerns and sanitation - Files , tubs..etc ...cleaned and sanitized to the highest degree, making the client feel safe.

These are the things Successful Nail Techs do daily! Yes, you have to think beyond acrylic nails when you want to turn your nail business into a career!

I suggest if you are not doing these things, get started doing so. Just making small efforts to promote your business will make a difference in your income. But of course, the more you put in, the more you get out of it.

Want to know more?

Check out my blog and find out about my 6 Figure Nail Technician Beauty Marketing Boot Camp, to learn how to make money as a nail tech and become a Top Nail Technician.

Much Success!

Candace Harrison


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    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 4 years ago from Michigan

      @JBoomer56 thanks for the 10+ rating and you are right the song in video is Stevie Wonder, this song is a classic! :)

    • profile image

      JBoomer56 5 years ago

      The article is a "10+." But, the the music behind the video is by Stevie Wonder, NOT Lionel Ritchie.

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 5 years ago from Michigan

      @ lesa, Discounts have to be used wisely as you can sometimes discount yourself out of business. You should have a strategic plan for offering discounts like as part of a referral program or customer loyalty program or as a way to get first timers in the door.

      For example, if you discount a service to get people in the door. Then your plan of action should be to up-sell them on additional services or up grade them to a higher price service when they come in. Some will end up spending way more money with you than the discounted price that brought them in the door.

      Another example, if you give a client a discount for referring someone. You have gained new business & new income for giving a discount.

      My point is try to use discounts as a way to help you make more money. You don't simply want to give out discounts with nothing in return. That could ultimately hurt your business. I hope this makes sense!

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 5 years ago from Michigan

      @Mrs Fitz Thanks!!!!!!

    • profile image

      lesa 5 years ago

      when is the best time to give discount to a client

    • profile image

      Mrs Fitz 6 years ago

      very informative post..... thanks helped altot

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 6 years ago from Michigan

      @ Laura Anne Good Luck to you!

    • profile image

      laura anne 6 years ago

      Hi I'm starting out in the nail technician world and I'm so excited~ I've been to college and learned gels acrylics pedicure manicure nail art etc so now I need to build clientele then in the future open my own salon I can't wait

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 8 years ago from Michigan

      Hi Akryylikynnet, I agree bad customer service is not good for business! Thanks for stopping by!

    • profile image

      Akryylikynnet 8 years ago

      I just hate nail salongs that have bad customer service. Having an own website is also very important.

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 9 years ago from Michigan

      Yes Customer Service Goes along way! Our best customers are our current customers and we must keep them happy and returning! Thanks for stopping by!

    • nailtechnician profile image

      nailtechnician 9 years ago

      Good advice. I was a mobile nail tech and now have a busy salon in the UK. Customer service is an important point. I always treat my clients like royalty and it brings them back for more!

      It's also good to bring in other services. I rent a chair for hair and also do a little beauty. I may get into Dermal Fillers and Botox early next year.

      I like your article 100ktrainer.

      Best Wishes

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 9 years ago from Michigan

      Thanks Tina!

    • profile image

      Tina 9 years ago

      Great post. As you say, exeptional customer service is very important to retain clients.

      Good advice is to get your business a webiste and promote it like mad.

      Brings in great traffic for nail techs.

    • 100ktrainer profile image

      100ktrainer 9 years ago from Michigan

      Thank You! I hope you found it very helpful!

    • Trsmd profile image

      Trsmd 9 years ago from India

      Welcome to Hubpages... good informative page//