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10 Interviewing Tips

Updated on February 1, 2013

In the current job market, you better have your act together, or you will not compare to the competition. It is very hard now a days to land a job, but if you follow these 10 basic tips you will have a better chance.


Researching the company before your interview and learning as much as possible about the company in its entirety can give you an advantage. The more you know, the better chance you can land the job right then and there. Plus, this knowledge will come in handy when the interviewer asks if you have questions for them.


Your appearance is everything when it comes to the interview. Depending on the industry and the position you are going for greatly depend on what you should wear. Regardless, you should have no stains, wrinkles, or holes in any of the clothes. Even if you are interviewing at a company that has a casual dress code, you do not want to look like you rolled out of bed in that very outfit. Therefore, dress for confidence. Feel good about yourself too.

Be Prepared

You should bring a folder that contains copies of your resume, references, and paper to take notes on. You should also have questions prepared to ask when the interviewer asks if you have any questions for them.

Be on Time

Never ever be late for an interview. Always allow extra time, so if you get lost or cannot find a parking spot you will still have time to walk in the building and tell them that you arrived before the set time. Try to be at least 10 to 15 minutes early because it looks good on your part and shows them that you are serious about this job.

Show Enthusiasm

A firm handshake along with eye contact demonstrates confidence. Always speak distinctly in a confident voice. Never doubt yourself, you can do this!


One of the most important things is to listen. Make sure you are always showing that you are understanding what they are saying too. Give them feedback, but never ever try and take control of the interview. You are the one being question not the other way around. Let them say what they have to say and when it is time for your input you can ask all the questions your heart desires.

Answer Questions

Answer any and all questions the interviewer asks about you or your history. A tip to remember never talk negatively about yourself or former employers because that looks bad on your part. Always try and make a bad situation into a learning experience.

Give Examples

Always give examples of your background, so have them prepared. It is best that you give examples that highlight your successes and uniqueness. Little do you know your past behavior is a strong indicator that is how you will act in the future.

Ask Questions

This can either make you or break you. Many interviewees do not ask questions and miss out the opportunity to find out valuable information. The questions can indicate your interest in the job or company, which in return will allow the interviewer see that you are serious about this job.

Follow Up

Whether it is through email or regular mail, the interview follow-up is the last chance to remind the interviewer of you. Do not miss this chance to bring yourself to the top of the list!

It is important to appear and feel confident for the interview and be prepared to the best of your ability. There is no way to predict how the interview will go, but by following these 10 tips you have a better chance to show them how serious you are about getting the job.


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