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10 Options To Consider During A Nasty Job Interview

Updated on February 1, 2018
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Ced earned a bachelor's degree in communication studies in 1999. His interests include history, traveling, and mythology.

A nasty job interview. The nightmare NO ONE needs
A nasty job interview. The nightmare NO ONE needs

Picture this job interview scenario.

You are being interviewed for what you thought would be your dream job.

But things aren't going well. To say the least.

The atmosphere is biting. The two interviewers before you make no effort to hide their distaste of you. Even the blind and deaf can tell you have naught a chance of getting the job.

Yet, they refuse to let you leave. The interview drags on and on. Maybe the interviewers had a bad week. Or maybe they are just vengeful over being forced to meet you. Whatever the reason, they show no intention of ending the interview. Their questions get increasing mocking and derisive.

What Should You Do?

What the heck should you do? Should you cut the interview? Tell them off? Or should you do your best to weather the shower of scornful questions, in hope your resilience would earn you the right to that prized appointment?

Options During a Nasty Job Interview

I HATE having to interview you.
I HATE having to interview you.

Here are 10 options to consider during such a terrible situation.

  1. End the interview by declaring the obvious. That you are unsuitable for the position and that you wish to leave. (Professional approach)
  2. Concoct an excuse to leave. Apologise before doing so. (Cordial approach)
  3. Rebuke them. Heck, you're not going to work with them. Why bother continuing being polite? (Retaliatory approach)
  4. Demand to know why they didn't properly review your application before calling you in. And refuse to leave without them apologising for wasting your time. (Confrontational approach)
  5. Blab about all sorts of irrelevant things. You know how to waste someone's time too. (Scheming approach)
  6. Pass derogatory comments about the interviewers' HR skills. Deride everything else about them too. (Vengeful approach)
  7. Express sympathy towards the interviewers' position, whatever that be. A friend gained is always better than an enemy made. (Conniving approach)
  8. Apologise profusely for wasting the interviewers' time. Maybe even bow in shame. The customer is king. So the (potential) employer is emperor. (Self-Deprecatory approach)
  9. Just get up and walk out of the interview room. (Blunt approach)
  10. Get up and walk out of the interview room. Later, post details of the interview, with or without pseudonyms, on all your social media accounts. (Destructive approach)

Which approach would you opt for?

Which is the right way to go when trapped in a nasty job interview?

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