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10 Reasons Why Students Should Invest in Part Time Jobs

Updated on April 21, 2015

Looking for part time jobs will give you valuable experience while you are still at the university. It is the best option, as you do not require to go to a workplace and still earn some money. Additionally, you need not invest any money, but gain something out of it. Another biggest advantage is that of learning something new that can be an additional qualification on your resume. This is not all, there are 10 reasons why being a student you should invest in part time jobs, let us have a look at all of them.

Student Looking for Part Time Job
Student Looking for Part Time Job | Source

Extra Bucks

The best thing that you can ever imagine is having some extra cash on hand. Having your own money is a satisfying feeling than asking for pocket money from your parents. You will be able to spend it the way you want. Having your own cash means that you can plan to use it for funding your education or utilize it by saving it for future use. You can even utilize it to purchase books and additional study material that will help you through your next semester. After all, It is your money and your choice of spending.

Transferable Skills

When you work part time the best that you get is hands-on skills that can be utilized in any work environment. Think about soft skills that include organizational skills, time-management, teamwork and ability to meet deadlines or work under pressure. These skills are invaluable to any job that you might go looking for in the future. For this reason the skills acquired are transferable that can be used at any job environment. These skills are not only timeless, but these skills go a long way into helping you get ahead of your peers.

Developing Soft Skills
Developing Soft Skills | Source

Soft Skill Development

A refreshing change is often welcomed that differs from university, school or home environment. The best part being that you are on break from studies. You will be able to rejuvenate with change in scenery. Additionally, being able to meet new people with experience and skills will enrich your experience. It helps improve your interpersonal skills that come handy for better communication. Other things like on-the-job responsibilities, working under pressure and meeting daily targets are other things that you will learn about.

Business Requirement

The role that you might be assigned during your part time work might be on a junior role, but you will gain a valuable business insight. The operations and the way things work within a given work arena will give you a fair idea about it. Additionally, looking at how the businesses operates and generation of revenue are some of the things that you will be able to learn beforehand. This comes handy when you face a job interview for a specific business, with a foreknowledge about it you will shine throughout your interview.

Workplace Familiarity

Being on-board is full of competition and a lot of pressure. However, when you are in a part time job you have a chance to get familiar with the workplace. It is more like on-the-job training that you are getting and the best part is that you are getting paid without devoting full-time to it.

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Numerous Options

When you are looking for jobs that are different from full time jobs then the best that you get is variety. Even if you are new to a field you will still be able to find something that suits you. The variety of job listings for part time comprise of entry-level to experienced, from executive to assistant level. There are many categories and many positions that you will be able to find. You can work as a writer, a chef, tuition teacher, data-entry, accounts executive, graphic designer and many more such options. These options are good for anyone with knowledge, but with no hands-on experience. Being a student it totally serves your purpose.

Balancing Work and Life
Balancing Work and Life | Source


The best that you get is flexibility or flexible work time. You can schedule to work as per your convenience as part time or another combination like weekends only. It all depends upon what you choose and what works best for you. You can even choose to work multiple jobs as per your desire like a freelance or temporary replacement for someone on the job. You can pick and choose according to whatever suits you best and work with it. You will not be under bonds of a dedicated workplace that is demanding of specific log in hours.

Future Foundation

Often you already have a blue-print in your mind and want to pursue a specific field. For example, you might be already studying graphic designing and looking towards relevant jobs in the future. For this purpose when you start early and look for a part time job of a graphic designer then you are in fact laying foundation for it. Looking for specific part time jobs in a given category can help you begin early. It is more like getting the skills before you land a job and work towards your area of interest beforehand.

Building Network

The best thing that you get is ability to build a professional network. When you are working in close-quarters with professionals, you interact with them on regular basis. This develops a rapport with them and gives you a leverage for future references. Another thing is that no matter wherever you go, you will be able to utilize the professional network to even find new opportunities. Having someone to give you information on relevant job openings and industry news all comes by building network that you forged during your short stay.


Stress Free Job

You know that there is nothing as permanent job in the job scenario. Looking at rapid changing job scenario where often individuals have to go through job cuts and economic uncertainties, you will not need to bother about it. Working part time is not only a supplemental income, but it is about stress free working without bothering about implications that a full-time job offers. You need not worry about the daily targets as you already have something assigned to you according to your skills that is easily achievable.

Part time jobs are all about not working full time. This is not only a great way to begin working, but it also helps you utilize your free time in the best possible manner. When you are done with a given task or have completed your 4 hour shift you can move on to next option or utilize your time out planning other activities. At the end of the day not only will you gain an enriching experience, but you will have a great understanding of how things work in real-work environment. You will be better able to cope up with whatever the job arena demands.

To sum it up all you will be able to have a preview of things that are about to come when you start working full-time. Equipped with necessary insights and work place knowledge you will be better off than any fresher who begins from scratch.


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