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10 Reasons You Should Not Get A Job

Updated on February 10, 2013

Why You Shouldn't Get A Job

If there is no other article you read this month or even this year this is the one article by Steve Pavlina that deserves to be read. It is more of a humor piece than anything else but the fundamental wisdom is not. What I say is serious and truthful although many may not agree with my thinking and that's okay but I invite comments and other people's opinions.

I wholeheartedly agree with everything he says in this article. It may seem funny or even stupid to take what he says to heart and many will be defensive of what he has to say but in all honesty it's the truth. That unfortunate truth is something I've known for a long time now and why I left the rat race of job employment. I can't say it's been all uphill because it hasn't and I have a lot of learning to do especially on my new embarkment of a business especially when it comes to writing being a business as opposed to being able to treat it as fun. I do think it can be fun of course but writing as in any business is hard work.

My first endeavor at being out of the job market was selling on ebay and I did that well until about a year ago when I opted to leave it and turn to something else.

If you're in the job market the unfortunate truth is you are a low paid slave and your boss is your master and ruler of your obedience training.

My husband and I have run into those bosses that think they run the entire show and when you work for someone they do run the show. They tell you what you can and can't do and hold the fear of termination over you constantly.

In fact, my husband worked for one such controlling, boorish woman who played little mind games with all the employees, constantly holding the threat of being fired and not being to provide for their families over their heads and for the most part that kept all the people in place until my husband had had enough. Luckily, for him he was able to collect unemployment until he got his sea feet. She would constantly pit employees against each other and the tattle tales got rewarded. Sound familiar? Does this sound like your workplace? Sounds like the first grade to me.

I won't say striking out on your own isn't hard and very scary because it is. If you have a family you know how hard leaving the workplace is especially with all those naysayers prodding you to get back in the rat race. Unfortunately, family can be some of the worst naysayers telling you, you have a family to support so you can't possibly leave your futures to chance all the while prodding you to get back in the game. That fear coupled with fear of failure keeps you in the game, afterall the bills won't pay themselves and you can't let your kids go hungry. That constant threat is what keeps most people from leaving the workforce and starting their own business.

You can tell yourself you'll do it when the kids get older or the kids are grown or you are more financially stable but that day will probably never come. Financial freedom will never come with an employer and even if you do make a handsome salary, what are you giving up and sacrificing for that salary? I bet you can't go to your son's soccer practice when you want to. I bet you can't stay home with your daughter when she is sick. How many employer's threaten to fire if you so much as take a day to take your daughter to the doctor? No, they don't openly say that, they play mind games, the kind of games only a job servant understands. The ones that let you know you'd better get to work or else.

There isn't a law in place that an employer can't get around. And in many states an employer can terminate you for any reason. Remember that! If you walk in the door with a pair of shoes on the boss is jealous of(it could be anything, this is just an example) you could lose your job.

It's no wonder that this kind of control stifles any creativity an employee has. Employers don't want employees(their trained pets) thinking for themselves. They do everything in their power to squash every creative bone you might have and want employees to feel stupid and hold over their heads their families so they stay in line and do whatever their master tells them.

I never quite thought of a boss as being a master but they truly are and I've worked under the thumb of people who are not only tyrants but do all in their power to control and manipulate. I once worked for a woman who didn't like the fact I started dating a man from another department. She came gunning for me immediately and I knew I might as well leave before she had a chance to fire me. Unfortunately, she beat me to the punch. Afterwards, I was not able to get gainful employment because she made sure to give me the worst possible reference she could and I'm sure she lied. This is the power your boss(master) has. He/she can see to it you never work in your chosen field again. In reality, they can see to it you don't find a job period. This is the reason why after months of looking I was forced to find an alternative income stream. Many end up finding their way into self employment when they can't find a job and desperation sets in.

In my personal opinion, I think all colleges should teach students to work for themselves and run their own businesses rather than go out and give up not only their will but their free thinking. Being able to think for oneself is what leads to creative thinking. When that thinking is taken away so does all measure of creativity.

Readers, how many of you are in jobs where your boss is a tyrant and if you so much as step out of some invisible line you're threatened with termination in so many words?


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    • sassygrrl32 profile image

      sassygrrl32 5 years ago from Myrtle Beach, South Carolina

      Alot of people leave the rat race after being forced to. Same thing happened to me. The goal is to get ur own business off the ground before u leave the workforce.

      It's amazing that Steve Pavlina wrote that as a humor piece and it's really a serious, factual piece.

    • CarNoobz profile image

      CarNoobz 5 years ago from USA

      Voted up and awesome! I left that mess last year -- although it wasn't exacty by choice -- but working for yourself is the way to go! The hardest part is getting through that first year and getting to the point where you're making what you were at a regular job (I'm still reaching for that goal).

      Thanks for the good words. I like Steve Pavlina's stuff too!