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10 Reasons to Choose SAP Certification

Updated on April 21, 2015

The biggest thing that one comes across are numerous hurdles that come in way of achieving a certification. Often for this reason entry-level developers are often in a dilemma to go for it or not. However, before you too opt for it, there are things that you should know that will help you decide about choosing it.

SAP Certification
SAP Certification | Source

Employment Prospects

The primary reason to opt for SAP certification is for landing SAP jobs. There are numerous people who have managed to achieve decent position in SAP after obtaining the certification. You should remember that doing so will help you achieve top positions with global companies. The certification will help you move up on the ladder of your career rapidly. There are instances where people who are highly experienced go for certification in order to have a foothold in SAP. You need to remember that to achieve better job prospects, you need to go for the certification.


Enrolling for the certification of SAP might not seem to be a long term investment for many. If you too are thinking on similar lines then you need to know that any kind of initial investment does not immediately fetch results. For others who have an approach that the certification will fetch them an opportunity that will help them land a job with high salary should change their approach. Having a certification ensures that you are eligible for a good position, the money however, varies on the company and the specialization. On another hand, if you acquire the certification then you can be sure of rapid career growth that can eventually translate to earning high salary. You should remember that often when you apply for a job in a company without certification, it is possible that the employer would pay for it and let you learn while you earn.


The best that you get is the reputation that you enjoy after obtaining the certification. You will be able to have a fir share of respect and will be able to rise above your peers. This will motivate you to do better and to make positive changes on your career path. Often your self-growth and your success is credited to the certifications that you obtain on your professional level.


After gaining the certification you will be on a better stepping stone and on a better level with your employer. Additionally, perspective employers will be readily offering you relevant position with great perks based on your achievement. This will help you shine on your resume and you will be able to stand out of the crowd. When you have a closer look at SAP jobs in the market there is a high demand of SAP certification and many employers are making it mandatory. It is all about selecting candidates with relevant knowledge and know-how of technological advancements. For this reason it becomes rewarding to have passed SAP certification. Additionally, even if you have enrolled for the certification, you are still having chances to be recognized by a perspective employer. However, remember you need to pass it and obtain it to be fully eligible for it.

Job Prospects

Getting the certification is best way of increasing your job prospects and even shining through in the current job scenario. As soon as you gain the certification, you will be sought after by employers. Think about a scenario where you are skilled and working on software development along with others. You just seem to be like just another employee, the moment you are able to get through with your certification, you will be immediately increasing your prospects. You will be identified by the certification and you will be approached by many employers who are looking for someone like you. Additionally, even in your current job scenario you will be able to move up the ladder. It is all about getting an opportunity to advance in your career.

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There are many employers who have promoted or have given special leverage to their employees who have the certification. Numerous benefits are awaiting those who are willing to go through and obtain certification. It is a long term investment that leads to promotion. Another thing is that each day there is growing demand for professionals who have the certification. Good quality consultants are lacking in the industry who have relevant experience, skill or the necessary certification.


When you achieve something you are on the path of self-growth and you immediately feel great about yourself. Additional perks would be good reputation and recognition. You will not only feel better about yourself professionally, but on personal level you will feel stronger and ready to face challenges. It is all about the positive feeling that you get after obtaining some significant career achievement or a learning milestone on your path to self-growth.


You might have many times observed that people who own something valuable that is more of a prestige symbol adds up to their social image. For instance, someone owning a BMW care knows that it is all about the prestige symbol and owning it would mean they are on a higher level. Similarly things go with the educational level, your certifications and your skills. The moment you are able to obtain something that is considered as a great achievement on the career front, it immediately becomes a prestige symbol for you. Often your peers and your social circle who are well aware about the work and effort put into achieving it will appreciate it highly. You will be able to achieve a greater level of recognition among them.


If you already have a job and have been working from quite some time chances of your success will not increase unless you have what it takes. Often times it is all about self-worth at the work arena where people who are better or have achieved something extra would be preferred. You might feel that the boss is favoring someone who has done a certain kind of certification or have achieved a level of opportunity that is helping them gain all the perks. It is most likely to be boiled down to an individual like you who is yet to achieve it. It is good for clearing your self-worth on the work arena. Remember that while you are just thinking about obtaining SAP certification, someone has already done it long ago and for this reason is better off than you.


If you have relevant skills then opt for an employer who is ready to help you with the training and necessary certification. Often some employers are ready to sponsor for employee education. It is all about making the work-force stronger and empowering them with the relevant tool to contribute their best towards the company. It is a wonderful motivational factor for an employee to be working with a company that supports career ambitions and help an employee grow.

In conclusion to it all all the benefits that are mentioned above are clearly speaking in favor of obtaining SAP certification. You just need to begin working towards it as it is personally and professionally rewarding experience. It is worth the effort and who knows that you might be able to land relevant SAP jobs for yourself.


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