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10 Signs You Are Going To Be Rich

Updated on May 23, 2015

Will I Be Rich?

Success comes in many ways, but today, success in life is mostly measured in the amount of financial wealth one has acquired, which can be in raw cash or assets (land, structures, cars, jets, etc).

In this very article, we are going to examine some of the attributes or signs that will tell you if you or someone you know will be very successful in life.

The need for this article is to help the reader spot his or her selling points and channel them to a more productive effort.

Below are the signs that shows that you or someone you know will be rich in life:

1. You are happy with other peoples' success:

You may find it difficult to believe that some people get so angry when they hear that their mate, peer, friend, or even family member is making it big in life. These class of people can grow so angry to the extent of seeking for ways to hurt or harm the other successful person.

They are usually filled with hate and envy when they hear or read about other peoples' success.

If you have this trait in you, or know someone that does, I am sorry to tell you that you or that other person with this trait will most likely not be rich in life because success is like a reverse magnet which attracts likes.

Start now to inculcate the habit of sincere celebration of successful people around you and your story will change for good.

In order words, if you are always excited when you hear or read about other peoples' success story, then be rest assured that you will definitely make it in life; all you need is time and right positioning.

2. You love finding and providing solutions to people's problems:

The easiest and most guaranteed way to make money in life is to offer solution to people's daily problems and life challenges.

The bigger your solution, the richer you will be.

So if you have this inborn passion and trait of always looking for ways to help people solve their life issues and challenges, then you are not far from being rich, all you need is proper channelling of your effort.

Always bear in mind that societal problems = wealth in disguise.

3. You have a special talent or skill:

Talent is wealth waiting to be harnessed, so if you have a special talent like singing, weaving, drawing, painting, cooking, dancing, programming, writing, crafting, etc, then you are a potential rich person waiting to explode.

All you need is proper channelling and monetization of your talent and skill, and you are rich.

4. You spot opportunities easily:

Potential rich people have this unique trait of spotting opportunities ahead of others.

Where others see disaster, they see wealth.

Where others foresee failure, they see success.

Where others see challenges, they spot the way out; that's a key trait of potential rich person waiting to explode.

For instance, some decades ago, many Nigerians saw waste as a doom waiting to take over and probably destroy Nigeria's environment, but the potential wealthy people saw untapped opportunity to amass wealth for themselves, and today, waste recycling is a mega-million business in Nigeria.

Another example is the issue of public toilet system which many criticised and waited for government to do miracle for the masses, but some smart Nigerians took advantage of this problem and initiated the mobile toilet system now trending in major Nigerian cities, and I can assure you that the initiator of that mobile toilet is making millions on weekly basis while others who only see doom and problems keep on criticising government for not providing public toilet for the masses.

Meanwhile, I am not trying to support government for being irresponsible, but all I am saying is that potential rich people always spot opportunity to make money ahead of others.

So if you are one of those who easily spot money making opportunities ahead of others, then be rest assured that you are destined to be rich, all you need is to harness this talent and you will blow.

5. You hate school:

Don't be fooled, going to school isn't a guarantee that you will be rich or financially successful in life.

In fact, recent studies have shown that most wealthy people in the world, who are mostly entrepreneurs detest classroom study; they preferred real life scenario involving practicals to classroom discussion.

The research also showed that most successful people preferred facing real life challenges than sitting in a classroom to write a paper exam.

Meanwhile, this doesn't mean you shouldn't acquire a higher educational qualification if you can. But do note that educational qualification is never a guarantee to becoming rich even though it can assist in some areas.

6. You love business:

If you have this natural zeal to always start up a business from whatever resources you have and business idea around you, then you have a high tendency of becoming rich in life.

Potential rich people find pleasure in doing business; in fact, they turn every little idea they have into a business venture.

This is irrespective of what they do; whether they are working for someone or not, they can't stop the zeal and passion to start up a business to diversify their income source.

On the contrary, those that may never be rich except by the special grace of God and luck, hardly think of starting up a business. They are always afraid of loosing their meagre savings, they are very comfortable receiving salary every month.

These class of people see disaster in anything entrepreneurship or business. To them, doing business is a waste of time and resources because they have this innate belief that business is not for them.

If you have this trait explained above, then I am sorry to tell you that you may never be rich except God and luck comes in.

Very few people become rich by working for a monthly salary. Most salary earners you do think are rich aren't rich, they are only comfortable and average.

Being rich comes with freedom and independence. A salary earner isn't free, because he is answerable to his employer who can decide to terminate his or her job anytime he so wishes.

So if you have this natural zeal to turn ideas and information available to you into a business venture, then I am here to announce the good news to you that your chances of becoming rich is very big, and all you need to do to enter into your wealth accumulation is to channel your ideas properly and then make the right friends to guide you to your financial success.

7. You love women:

This is only applicable to men.

As funny as it may sound, this is another sign that shows that a man will be financially successful if he channels his energy properly.

Now, you maybe wondering what's behind this point, sit back and read the next paragraphs.

Do you know that most, if not all rich men womanizes? From rich entertainers (comedians, musicians, actors), to sportsmen, to athletes, to models, to politicians, to businessmen, to pilots, to journalists, presenters, etc

Fortunately or unfortunately, these men didn't just start loving women when they became rich, instead it is their love for super-pretty women that most times inspired them into working extra hard and smart to acquire money knowing fully well that for them to enjoy what they love- pretty women, they need to be rich and famous.

My personal research also showed that majority of men who fancy very pretty women are usually very talented and smart.

Any man that doesn't fancy having super-pretty women around him and at his beck and call will most likely not be rich, except he channels his gift towards Church ministry and evangelism.

So if you are a young man who fancies being with super-pretty women, you have a very high tendency of becoming rich if you channel your energy properly.

And to the ladies reading, don't panick, it is not new; virtually all rich men flirt with pretty women because to them, having pretty ladies surround them is part of the rewards for their hardwork; that is why you see very wealthy and powerful men acting like babies when they are with a pretty female model.

8. You aren't obsessed with your looks:

If you are one of those who are so consumed with how beautiful or handsome you look such that you spend most of your productive time thinking and worrying about what clothe to wear, which cream to rob to make your skin glow and which hair style to do to make you look like someone else, then I am sorry to tell you that your chances of becoming rich in life is very slim unless you channel your freak and obsession for fashion and good looks into modelling, acting and entertainment industry.

Now, in case you don't know, know it now that most successful people (men and women) paid less attention to how beautiful or handsome they looked before they made it big. Most of them started being conscious of what they wear or how they look after they have made money.

Looking good is a costly business on its own, so for you to start off being obsessed with how you look and what you wear, may likely mar your chances of succeeding financially.

That doesn't mean you should start dressing shabby and looking unkempt in order to become rich, please that's not my advice.

All I am saying is: majority of rich people who made it outside entertainment and fashion industry were never obsessed with their physical looks, instead they focused on harnessing their God-given talent and skill to make a name for themselves and thereafter started paying attention to their physical appearance and beauty.

9. You believe in a superior being:

Any man or woman with no spiritual stronghold is like a dust which can be blown away easily by any wind.

If you do not believe in the existence of a superior being; be it God Almighty or whatever god you believe in, then your chances of becoming rich is very slim because no matter how talented you are, you need a spiritual backup to fulfil your physical tasks on this earth.

In one of my yet to be published books, I took time to explain how humans are connected with the spirit rems, which play a pivotal role in determining our performance here on earth.

Most successful people you know or hear about have strong spiritual backup, and they don't play with their spiritual backup; be it in terms of paying tithe, pouring libation, performing rituals and sacrifices, etc.

Don't be deceived, God exist and God is supreme!

10. You have passion and empathy:

Most successful people have passion to help those in need; be it there immediate family members, friends or kinsmen.

It is this passion that inspires most of them to greatness.

Example is Manny Pachio, the great Philipino boxer, and many more that will form a whole book to compile.

I am aware that there are mean and heartless people who are also rich and famous, but get close to them and you will observe that they have passion in them.

Moreover, most mean or heartless people who are rich usually acquired their wealth through heartless and crafty ways.

But if you are destined to be rich without soiling your hands, then you must be passionate about others.

I am going to drop my pen for now, please do check some of my informative books published on Amazon Kindle store and Lulu.

Meet you at the top.

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