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10 Deadly Job Interview Mistakes To Know

Updated on April 15, 2013

10 Costly Job interview Mistakes

There are some really silly mistakes job applicants make from time to time at job interviews. The reasons for these could vary from not being prepared for the job interview itself to being irresponsible and possibly even naïve, the fact is a silly job interview mistake can really cause the job applicant some serious embarrassment or worse including being blacklisted by a company or companies. So here are a few silly mistakes to make at a job interview and what to do to avoid making them.

List of some job interview mistakes

1. Talking off Point

This is a mistake that shows the job applicant isn’t paying attention to the question and isn’t experienced enough to handle the job. But apart from this it might also reveal a poor character behind the person. If you are asked a simple question like tell us about yourself? Saying things like, I hate being taking for granted or being taking for a ride (obviously just like everybody else) is talking off point as far as the job interview is concerned. Every question you are asked is directly connected to the job in question, anything outside of that is off point.

2. Staring or looking at the interviewer in a suggestive way

This is probably an automatic disqualification for any job applicant. It is irresponsible, unprofessional and stupid to stare clueless or look at your interviewer in a suggestive manner. Smiling at your interviewer is okay if it is a friendly smile but very bad if it is seductive and disrespectful. Imagine checking out your lady interviewer as if she is a call girl you meet along the street that can be downright troublesome. An extreme case would be to ask your interviewer to get up and turn around so you can inspect her.

3. Feeling edgy/not being composed

If you are not prepared for an interview it is better to stay away than to come around and make a mess of things. If one is not composed emotionally and even mentally but still goes ahead to attend an interview chances are that person will be edgy, fidgety and nervous. Such a person would talk carelessly saying things they shouldn’t or stutter endlessly giving the impression that the applicant may be on drugs.

4. Asking for salary too early

Another silly mistake to make during a job interview is to start asking about salary and other benefits early into the interview even when the interviewer hasn’t brought the topic up. It is wrong to jump the gun with this question because it shows that the job applicant has a bad attitude and is also stupid. Best time to discuss this topic is at the prompting of the interviewer and that should only be after more relevant questions have been asked and answered.

5. Coming to the interview smelling awful

Coming to a job interview smelling of cigarettes or other fowl scents isn’t going to speak well of any potential job seeker. Appearance is almost everything at a job interview and that foul smell is a terrible way to impress the interviewer. Best the foul odors are put where they belong before showing up for the interview.

6. Overdressing

Too much make up, heavy cosmetics, designer clothes, perfumes, expensive jewelry and hair dos aren’t part of looking presentable for a job interview. To say the least, it means overstating one’s importance and is a show of lack of understanding of what a job should be which is professional services and not fashion parade.

7. Laughing at the interviewer

Perhaps the interviewer talks in a funny way with a voice that can make anyone laugh - it is very impolite to make this obvious especially to the interviewer’s face. It may also be that the interviewer in question looks funny but these shouldn’t cause anyone to laugh at the interviewer during the interview.

8. Playing smart

Acting like a know all, answering every question even before it has been asked is a way to tell the interviewer that you are forward and presumptions and would make a lot of mistakes on the job. Playing smart is a good reason to be dumped during a job interview.

9. Overly familiar

Sure the interviewer might want to encourage the candidate to be relaxed but that doesn’t mean becoming too familiar to the point of acting like you know everything about the interviewer. Don’t get too personal with the interviewer.

10. Lying about yourself or your records

It is a big mistake to tell the interviewer lies. Even if you must tell lies, they should be harmless lies that don’t have holes all over them. If you are caught lying, that means a lack of credibility plus an automatic goodbye to the job.


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