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10 Steps to Creating an Online Business

Updated on February 8, 2012

I am often asked, how do you create an online business? That question can be easier said than done, because it does take a lot of hard work to accomplish any business. But, I will try to narrow it down to 10 steps that are essential to any online business.

1. The first step in any business is to identify what type of business you are going to do. It should be a business in which you are passionate about and are easily motivated by its success. Many people turn hobbies into a business or something they have been doing a unusually long time to venture out on their own. But, the idea is to narrow your focus as much as possible. For example, the industry might be gardening. Then you would choose the subcategory of home gardening. Then you would choose planting daises. Narrowing the focus of your business to a specific function will allow you to primarily focus on that business.

2. The next step is to do a little bit of research into the area that you are interested. This is where the Google ad words keyword finder is a lot of help. It can narrow down your focus of “planting daises” and allow you to see who your main competition is. It can even help you model the successful websites with your own. So, always use a keyword tool to find your competition.

3. Next, you need to create the platform you are going to use to provide information or sell your product. This can be done through the use of a website or a blog that you can create. This allows you the ability to reach out to your audience and tell them why your product or service is the best.

4. Do not forget that there are many ways to promote your business, and today one of the best ways is through the use of social networking. So, always use them to your advantage and create a page for your business.

5. One of the best ways people have started getting a decent income is through the use of affiliate marketing. They use websites like click bank or commission junction to find products that they can promote to make an income. These affiliate sites are free to join and have thousands of product listings to get you started.

6. When building your affiliate marketing campaign or are trying to sell a service or product it is always a excellent idea to build a list. A list of names or email addresses can go a long way in helping you to promote your product to a group of people who have already shown an interest. One of the best ways for you to promote your product is through email. One correct way to get a list going is to give something away for free. For example, An e-book, or more information related to the product

7. If, your products require the use of a shopping cart you will learn about them. There are many open source free chopping carts like OScommerce, cube cart as well as many out of the box ready to go carts. How you choose to address your shopping cart, is just as beneficial because it will lead to more sales or frustration because it is too hard to figure out.

8. . Along with a shopping cart you will need to find away to accept payments. By far the most popular is through the use of PayPal. There are also many different types of merchant accounts to research so make sure you get one that does everything you need.

9. Always at the end of a sale thank the customer. I can name tons of websites that I have been on bought a product but never got a thank you. You can bet I never shopped there again.

10. Once you have your store or service up and running it can be a excellent way to automate everything. Make sure you check on it often to make sure things are running smoothly. As, it continues it will become less and less.


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