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10 Steps to Overcome Inertia and Comfort Zone Blues

Updated on January 13, 2021
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Nitin is a certified executive coach. He has experience in leadership and team building for many years. He likes to see people succeed.

Real life happens outside the comfort zone
Real life happens outside the comfort zone | Source

Most of us have the problem of remaining cozy in our own comfort zones. But if we want to do something great in life, we have to come out of that zone.

Given below are 10 things that will help you to do exactly that. Please know that most people have been in this situation sometime in their lives.

You can come out of this zone no matter how deep you are.

1. Start learning new things

Start learning new things, to begin with. Learning new things will expand your thinking and perspective on life. It will stretch your thinking and imagination.

Because of this, you will start coming out of your own comfort zone.

You can learn a new skill or you can take a new course that will help you in your career or business.

2. Volunteer your services somewhere

Another way to come out of your comfort zone is to start volunteering your services in different places.

You could visit children in an orphanage. You could assist the elderly in an elderly home. You could distribute food to homeless people in your city. You could even take a trip to another nation to provide humanitarian aid.

You can just do something that will stretch you more than you have ever been stretched before.

3. Change your environment

The next thing that you could do is change your environment.

By changing your environment, I mean to say that you must make changes physically in the place where you are staying.

Rearrange the place including the furniture in such a way that it will motivate you to take action. It should inspire you to keep moving forward without remaining complacent.

You could change the lighting in your house. You could change the colors on the wall. You could change the carpet. You could hang good motivating posters on the wall.

There are many creative things that you can do in your house to make it a place of action.


4. Take the first step of faith

If you really want to come out of your comfort zone, you need to take that first step of faith. There is a Chinese saying which goes like this: The journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

Your journey out of your comfort zone will be a long journey. But if you don't take the first step then you will remain where you are. So don't overthink and don't over analyze just go ahead and take that leap of faith.

Maybe you have been planning to start a new venture, but have been unable to muster enough strength to go ahead. Maybe you are thinking of taking a new course that will help you in your career but you have been sitting on it because of the high cost.

Just go ahead and do it. Think about it as an investment in your future. Stop thinking about it as an expense. Whatever it is that is holding you back, let it go in faith.

That's the only way you will come out of your comfort zone.

5. Travel to a distant place

Physically traveling to a different place or even to a different country can catapult you out of your comfort zone.

Try to do this and see how it changes your perspective and your life forever. Traveling abroad to a different nation often stretches you in terms of the way of life and culture there.

It broadens your perspective on life.

6. Learn something difficult

Learn something that you have always found challenging.

Maybe you want to learn a new language but have not been very confident about it. Just go ahead and start learning it. It could be that you want to learn how to drive a car but fear has kept you back.

Go ahead and start learning how to drive a car. Learning something difficult will surely take you out of your comfort zone.


7. Change your daily routine

We, humans, are creatures of habit. We all have some set habits and daily routines.

Sometimes changing your daily routine, will help you to come out of your comfort zone. If you have been used to doing things a certain way, try to do it in a different way.

You will get to experience something new that will challenge your comfort zone.

Social Media Challenge

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8. Keep away all electronics for a few days

Challenge yourself to stay away from all electronics for a few days or maybe for one week or for one month. Nothing can probably pull you out of your comfort zone more than doing this.

We all are so attached to our smartphones, Tablets, iPhones, laptops, iPods, and computers that it's difficult to stay without these things.

It's almost unimaginable. Try to do it at least once and see what happens.

9. Limit your TV and social media time

It would be good if you can limit your television time and also spend less time on social media.

Most of the time spent on social media is just wasted. Usually, you don't do anything productive on social media.

Try to stay away from it for a couple of days and watch what happens in your life.

10. Motivate yourself by reading an inspirational story

To help you come out of your comfort zone, read a story or a book that has an inspirational story about someone who came out of their own comfort zone.

This will motivate you to do likewise. I believe that the above mentioned 10 things will help you to come out of your comfort zone.

It will help you to do something meaningful with your life.


If you give attention to these things and take action, you will find your days more fulfilling.

To learn about more productivity hacks, read this useful article.

This content is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge and is not meant to substitute for formal and individualized advice from a qualified professional.

© 2020 Nitin Khaire


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