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5 Tips For Being Productive

Updated on July 5, 2017
Setting the laptop up for the coffee shop.
Setting the laptop up for the coffee shop. | Source


Everyone wants to be more productive. Unfortunately, it's not always clear how to be more productive. In life it seems there is always something that needs to be done, at home and at work. There also never seems to be enough hours in the day to get everything accomplished. Here are some tips to get you started on your path to being a productivity superstar.

1.) Get Rest

While this may seem like a no-brainer, it's arguably the most important item on this list. Getting a full night's rest is imperative if you want to be functional the next day. Resting not only allows the body to have an opportunity to recharge, a Harvard study discovered that it could help prevent a number of chronic illnesses. Go figure! While you're blissfully dreaming about the epic work to be done the next day, you could be staving off conditions like high blood pressure.

2.) Eat Properly

This should be another straightforward tip. Eating food that is nutritious helps to keep your mind focused on solving problems that matter. When you eat food that is devoid of nutrients, your brain focuses on reminding you that you're hungry. Stay energized and focused by eating the right things. Find some healthy recipes and meal prep for the week. That way, you can guarantee your eating habits will be good ones.

Man checks out his whiteboard.
Man checks out his whiteboard. | Source

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3.) Create Objectives

You can't be productive if you don't know what it is you need to accomplish. Identify short term and long term things that you need to do. Get an idea of what items you need to work on and write them down. You can prioritize your list by importance.

4.) Get A Planner

You need a really good calendar and the ability to take notes. It doesn't matter if your preference is digital or plain paper, a planner is a planner. You can use the calendar to set deadlines for items that you need to finish. A nice paper based planner can help you see things at a glance. Or if you prefer digital, you can use a dedicated app on your smartphone. However you decide, you should try to plan a week in advance. Sunday evenings are a great time to plan out your week. Sit down, pull your planner out and start writing dates to complete your projects by.

5.) If I Only Do One Thing

What's the most important thing you need to accomplish? What's that one item that absolutely has to get done, above all else? That's what you do first. Each day, identify that one crucial task. Knock it out in the morning, if possible. By getting your heavy hitter item completed early, you give yourself a major win for that day. The feeling you get from accomplishing an important task will help keep you motivated through the afternoon. Make sure to knock out that one major task. You'll thank yourself later.


That's it! If you have some super star productivity tips, please feel free to share them in the comments! Now go forth, and get it done!


There's a great book titled "Getting Things Done", by David Allen. It's a great book on being productive and it's well worth the read. You can check it out on Amazon.


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    • Niles Benghauser profile image

      Niles Benghauser 

      16 months ago from Prescott, AZ

      I certainly need to focus on getting well rested every night. I often find myself involved in work projects late into the night, instead of going to bed.


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