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10 EMT Resources You Should Read

Updated on July 4, 2015

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EMT Blog #1: EMT Spot

EMT Spot is a widely known blog. It is written by Steve Whitehead of San Jose, California. He is a paramedic for South Metro Rescue Authority. He has served in multiple roles including an EMS supervisor, firefighter, and EMT instructor. This blog was born out of his desire to educate other EMTs. This blog offers many great sections:

  • Knowledge Base - offering lesson plans, updated training, and continuing education subjects
  • News - see what is happening new in the EMS world
  • Skills - videos showing new and old skills

I originally ran across this blog researching EMT resources. However, it has quickly gone to the top of my reading list. It is worth your time and attention.


EMT Blog #2: The Lonely EMT

There are only a handful of EMT license types. However, there are many different types of EMTs. Some are paid to work on an ambulance. Some are paid to be firefighters. Some volunteer to give their time to help others. Some work in the city and some in the country. This blog provides the views of a rural, volunteer EMT. Want to know what it is like to work miles from backup? This blog gives a wonderful perspective.


EMT Blog #3: Life Under the Lights

This blog is built of a simple premise, one EMT providing experience to other EMTS. However, the content is nothing but amazing. The first thing that caught my attention was the controversial topics.

Their newest post answers "Do all EMTs deserve more pay?" Of course, anyone working for a government agency, or any company for that matter, thinks they deserve more money. This post talks about being effective as an EMT. It addresses the experiences and skills that make great ambulance workers. It also talks about how not all EMTs are showing these skills. This matter of fact writing is what makes this blog great.


EMT Blog #4: EMS 1

This blog is more technical then the others that I have reviewed. It almost reads like an encyclopedia of everything EMS. This should be read like you would read a reference book on your shelf. This blog offers:

  • EMS News from around the globe
  • Discounts on EMT training courses
  • EMS videos of calls and procedures
  • Products that anyone in EMS would need with explanations
  • Information on EMS jobs available


EMT Blog #5: Flobach Republic

This blog is not written by a professional writer. It is simply written by a Paramedic student. At first glance, you might think this would give low value content. After all, the author is young and new to EMS. However, you would be very wrong.

Each blog allows you to walk with a rookie. You get to see things through his eyes. Some posts are simply his notes on his day in class.

If you are looking to get your EMT certification then this is a great place to find out what your in for.

If you are a veteran then you get to see what is going through a student's mind.


EMT Blog #6: Ambulance Driver Files

This blog comes from the deep south. It is written by Kelly Grayson. Kelly is a paramedic in Louisiana. We are aware that culture plays a large role in EMS. Whether we stand up around a patient or get to their level can convey different things to different people. Reading stories from around the country helps us be familiar with these other cultures. Ever wonder what it is like to work in the bayou? Kelly provides just this insight.


EMT Blog #7: Parapup Blog

The title eludes to the author's identity. He is a "parapup". He is brand new to being a Paramedic. However, we can always learn something from each other. As veterans, it is easy to get set in our ways. We can miss new ways of doing things or a new way of seeing something. After all, "we have seen it all before". I especially enjoyed his latest post, "playing well with others". This is a topic that we all need a refresher in from time to time.


EMT Blog #8: Ambulance Junkie

We all can be accused of being "junkies". After all, the sound of the siren, the view of the lights, the thrill of going into a potentially dangerous situation, it all can be addictive. This is exactly where this author is at.

The reason he writes is what sets him apart. He is not writing this for other EMTs. He is writing this for his newborn child. He realizes that he will miss moments with his child. His posts are written to help his baby understand why. It is a refreshingly open look into the mind of an EMT.


EMT Blog #9: Confessions of a Street Pharmacist

Unlike the last several blogs, this is not written by a newbie. It is written by a veteran in the field. This paramedic has been in the field since 1989. This provides a huge amount of experience to draw from. Through all these years, he has kept his humor. He posts, "today's LOL". He also delves into the politics of working in EMS and provides advice on handling these situations. He also has some posts that are strictly educational. No matter what type of information you are looking for this blog is for you.


EMT Blog #10: EMS Haiku

This is probably the funniest blog on my list. It has a very odd title. It also has some very odd postings. This blog offers information for EMTs. But, it does offer more. It comes from more of a self help perspective. Often, we see ourselves as big and tough. We don't look inside too much. This blogs helps us do just that. And yes, as the title says, some posts are written in Haiku form.



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